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Transiting Pluto Conjunct Descendant Part-2

Last post on the same topic was about who will enter your life and how it will be. This one will be about how your life will be once this person is in your life. Also, about what if you have "Plutonians" coming and going out of life? Will it be good or bad or ugly or a mix of all? Pluto is in Capricorn and I must say it is the most brutal Pluto. It is also the most rewarding for those who want to do that "big transformation". When it hits your descendant, he will bring those opportunities. However, what most of the time, we don't note is Pluto is a name of god. He may be evil as per some. But god is not evil. Evil is not god. Transformation is the ultimate truth. It is a law of the universe. Change is constant and only "change is permanent".

While some of you, may suffer an intense heartbreak. Others will use this power to climb up the ladder. Pluto will bring only plutonic partners and only these partners will help you.

Whether positively or negati…
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