Sunday, December 23, 2007

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Monday, December 10, 2007

shahrukh khan: the scorpion man

Born on 2 nd november 1965, shahrukh khan is a true "Scorpio."

His struggle, his surity of purpose, tremendous self confidence that oozes from his mars-pluto personality surely depicts the rare but the unconquerable scorpion that can blow away all impossibilities. Scorpions make friends with whom they find worthy of their friendship and no shallow person can ever be befriended by a Scorpion. They are extremely attached to their family members and can make any sacrifices for them. Shahrukh's loyalty to his wife, the role of a caring and protective father that he plays so well in his real life again reflects his scorpion self.

Although Shahrukh came from a total non -film background, he had the courage to see an unconventional dream and to believe in fulfilling it in the most spectacular way. That's why he proves to be an inspiration for the youth who want to break society's restrictions and chase the Stars that are meant to be theirs. Scorpions have always inspired the youths with their sharp intelligence, crisp intellect and unmatched courage.

Yet with all the courage and ambition, scorpions, are emotional people. They are extremely sensitive, posessive of the people they love. That explains Shahrukh's strong attachment to his parents and every little memory relating to his growing up days, and of his days of struggle. His humility even after conquering the throne of an unsurpassed ruler of bollywood stems from his Scorpio soul that represents the eight house of  rebirth and spirituality.

His spirituality that stems from a strong faith in God is his mantra for success. Scorpions are not religious but they have a deeper understanding of religion and God, of karma and the power of will. They are extremely self respecting and they always know their self worth .  The King has seen, faced and conquered adversities with great courage and determination. He leans towards luxury like a true blooded Scorpio and his beautiful palace "Mannat" is the biggest proof of his this nature.

Scorpions are termed to be egoistical and vain. It is true that scorpions are stubborn as their's is a fixed sign but they are proud not vain. They have a habit of being right always so they have a "my way of highway" policy that doesn't mean that they are egoistical. Scorpions know that they have a superior sense; they know that they are better than the rest and that is why they are proud. They don't have an  inch of vanity as there is nothing to show-off. They have everything what it takes to be a King or Queen. These qualities guide them to otherwise unconquerable destinations; help them rise from the ashes after adversity burns them down. Ready to rise higher than before and emerge stronger than Ever!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

astrology, skeptics & us

twinkle twinkle little star
how i wonder what u are up above the world so high
like a diamond in the sky

this was the poem i learnt as a nursery rhyme. I was always charmed by the glittering silvery stars but as I grew a few yrs older, I learnt about some stars that don't glitter and they were not at all stars but they were "planets". As a early teenager i learnt abt the imp of these planets and the way moon controlled tides. After 18 yrs of age , due to some personal exps my belief in astrology strengthened. these huge heavenly bodies do tie us all together with unseen strings, they make us meet giving births to " co-incindents". They take us apart too but still they give us the liberty to change our fate by the power of "FREE WILL".Belief in astrology doesn't make a person lame, dependent or superstitious but it makes him aware of his assets and weak points, thus, again giving the power to make best use of the prior & to eliminate latter.

several horoscopes that i have examined have only reconfirmed my this belief . So, next time u meet any skeptic remind him of the famous quote , " IGNORANCE IS BLISS BUT SOMETIMES ONE MUST SEEK KNOWLEDGE"