Thursday, January 31, 2008


ARIES: This week u'll experience increased psychic abilities. Arians will listen to their higher state & prefer to remain passive than active. U'll listen to ur intuitions which will help u to see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. By the end of this week, u'll find that light full of new ideas, innovations that will keep u busy. These new ideas & experiments will bring success & magical transformation of a dull life into a brighter one.

TAURUS: This week brings a pause to ur life. There is a strong need to let go the mundane & accept the spiritual. But u will find it difficult to let go the past & to overcome it's bitterness. But by the end of the week, u'll gather strength to control ur wild emotions. U'll totally control urself as well as others who have been roaring lions for u'll. There will be a feeling of positivity & relief.

GEMINI: Well, Gemini's will ascend the ladder of success, responsiblity this week. U'll have to organise the increased activities & tasks. U'll have to assume the role of a ruler or a boss who is strict but kind with his subjects or employees. This week will demand quick & precise decisions regarding work. These decisions & added responsiblities will help u to reach a bit closer to ur desired goal.

CANCER: This week love is in the air for cancerians. After a tiring phase, lovers will finally meet or atleast the situation will get better than before. U'll be yearning for love from the other side & u may get closer than before. A new project or a good opportunity is on the way. U'll get it by the end of the week. Women will come out as mothering & sensual while men can get bewildered by Women who r mothering, beautiful & sensual in nature. U'll also be helpful towards the special someone or towards those whom u find worthy of ur help. This week there will be a birth of something new & fruitful.

LEO: This week the negative side will take a toll on the positive side for leos. U r looking at someone or at the situation in a negative way. Ur assumptions might be incorrect. There may be frustrating events regarding money, relationships or other crucial issues that bring in worry, stress & agony. Take care of ur health & keep the worries aside. Try to look at the situation in an unbiased manner rather than prejudiced one.

VIRGO: This week virgos will go by the traditions & follow the norms of the society.
You are being asked to take a good look at your motives, to weigh right against wrong.If you are in a position of having to make a choice or decision then choose the traditional way, as this will lead you towards success. There will be kindness and help shown to you from people who may be older. Their advice will be helpful and constructive. Things that have been moving slowly or have been blocked will now start to move. Delays from the past will not be for much longer. Be aware that you could be your own worst enemy by being too timid and too aware of other people's feelings. Do not neglect yourself. Don't be too kind-hearted. Don't continually make excuses for other peoples weaknesses. Sometimes a good dose of firmness and truth is of more benefit in the long run. Stand up for yourself when you are in the right. The final message is to be honest with yourself. By the end of this week all ur wishes & dreams will get fulfilled.

LIBRA: Librans r advised to be cautious about making any decisions. U may be rushing into certains situations without considering the cosequences. Don't take any haphazard steps . Overoptimism is not a healthy thing. Ur decisions may lead u to trouble. This week any kind of celebrations will get cancelled . Any third party involved project may get rejected. This week try to reconsider ur decisions & ur plans.

SCORPIO: This week will start with new projects, new ideas, new popularity & alot of work! Scorpions will be busy with their plans & success but the end of this week will bring increased intuition. U'll relax, even meditate & listen to ur higher self. The end of this week will mark increased psychic abilities & better connection with oneself. Thoughts will fall into place & u'll look forward for a better phase with a wiser smile than before.

SAGGITTARIUS: This week will bring a pause in ur life. Alot has passed but u may not be able to get over it. Something in which u'll invested much or was of much importance to u all has passed out of ur hands. Saggis will have to wait , stay calm as this week refuses to move. The pain will remain and luck will not be supportive. In fact, the end of this week might bring in some bad luck. There may be delays in the matters of concern. U may get blamed or unnecessary reasons. U may also loose money or anything of value. Try to get spiritual rather than mundane & seek answers from the Almighty.

CAPRICORN: Well, Capris this week jealousy, vengeance needs to be controlled. The beginning of this week will be full of misunderstandings in relationships, partnerships & imp matters. Ur negative side will overpower ur positive side. U may completely misunderstand a person or a situation that will frustrate u. U might look at a positive situation in a prejudiced & negative manner. But by the end of the week all problems will get solved. U'll be able to successfully tame the devil within urself and there will be love & harmony in ur heart. U'll also be able to tame others who have been stuffy or roaring lions for u'll.

AQUARIUS: This week u'll will cross the intial level towards the desired goal. After lot of efforts u'll will be successful to finally move to the next step. But by the end of the week ,u'll will experience mental worries regarding money. Health may also cause concern. Money might become ur primary concern,just, see the better side rather than the darker.

PISCES: It is time for fulfillment, success, light, energy & victory. Pisceans will be helping the world towards their desires while recieving respect & adulation in return. They will be the source of energy towards others & also be the center of attention. U will demand attention & command respect. Surely, there is a position of authority gained by u'll & it will also make u'll somewhat proud. By the end of this week u'll will be assuming new increased responsibilities, making decisions . U'll will also re-organise ur plans & schedule . U'll will be strict but loving towards ur employees or clients. There is a promotion possible

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


ARIES : This week will start with mental worries regarding money. U may experience financial problems. Health will give into stress & strain but as the week progresses new ideas will dawn in ur mind & u'll see rapid progress in business or creative ventures. U'll use ur mind extremely well & will come up with innovative ideas. Those who r in the infotech field or in any creative field will be getting great acclaims towards the end of this week.

TAURUS: This week will start with spirituality & meditation. Taureans will remain passive & experience calming & soothing down of the feelings that were burning within themselves. Alot of major issues will get resolved themselves. Finally, u will start breathing in fresh air & wait for the arrival of a new love that has arrived on the periphery. The end of this week will mark a new love affair, proposals for marriage & the meeting of the lovers.

GEMINI: This week is the " calm after the storm" recent weeks have been of bad health, stress & delays, frustrations as well as emotional insecurities for u'll but this week will sing a different tune. U'll temperament will get calmed down & ur health will improve. Patience, ofcourse, will be required as for restless geminis this week progresses slowly but by the end of the week they'll have all the keys which will unlock the tightly locked minds of those u have AUTHORITY of any kind and have been roaring & untamed Lions for u.

CANCER: This week will start with the negative side taking toll on ur positive side. Don't let vengeance overpower ur good side. U may see a situation or a person completely in a negative way while actually there is no such thing at all. If ur r frustrated because someone or something is blocking ur way that block will disappear by the end of this week and u'll be able to cross the intial level towards ur goal.

LEO: This week is the week of money, fortune, fame & lot's of luck for Leos. After year or so of struggle the lions can finally see some signs that their fate is changing for the best. All ur desires regarding everything will get fulfilled by the end of this week & the dark phase will start to vanish.

VIRGO: This week Virgos will want to spend in the arms of their loved ones. But this week can bring delays and problems that won't allow them to completely relax in the arms of their loved ones. Issues that r important to them will be in a hanged position which will become a cause of worry for them. Try to keep such issues on the back burner & give urself completely to ur loved ones as issues can get tackled later.

LIBRA: This week Librans will be full of social gatherings & functions or the admiration in the society. U r advised to take the conventional or the traditional route towards ur projects or marriage. By the end of this week, u r likely to get good marriage proposals from people who have a powerful position in the society.

SCORPIO: This week Scorpions will be celebrating with their friends, family or business partners. It's time for prosperity, abundance, luck & love after long years of struggle & hardwork. By the end of this week scorpions will have all the reasons to smile & to throw parties. U'll steal everyone's heart and everybody will become imprisoned by u. Keep going..

SAGGITARIUS: Love is in the Air. God and angels can never say no to Saggis, so, this week all ur wishes will get fulfilled & all the darkness will get vanquished. As ur love of life will be smiling in ur arms and two of u will drown in the ocean of emotions. After a long tiring phase u'll meet someone who is ur soul-mate but is totally unlike u. Also all good news on the work front as u continue to get fame, name & fortune.

CAPRICORN: This week u r building solid foundations to secure ur future prospects & business transactions but before u leap just take a look underneath. It is good to be optimistic and enthusiastic but not until u know the details & ur feet r firmly on the ground. So, be careful before u sign any deals.

AQUARIUS: This week u'll have luck, fortune with u but u may get worried because of money & health by the end of this week. Don't get stressed out as ur health needs attention. Monetary worries r temperorary as ur luck is changing in this week.

PISCES: This week will be full of creative endeavours, new projects, innovative ideas, lot's & lot of work. These ideas will bring luck, fame & money to u at break neck speed. By the end of this week long term worries will be put to rest new contracts, legal settlements will be done in ur favour. So have a great week ahead!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Water signs:
CANCER- This week will be a bit of worrying sort for cancerians as u try to make new connections & to lay new foundations for future ventures this week can bring worry concerning it. U'll also have to take care of ur health as it might need attention after a stressful week.

SCORPIO- This week u'll have luck after alot of hardships u'll start seeing better times but u'll be quite unable to get over the past problems. Give urself the priority, let go the past. Luck is smiling at u so accept it. This week might bring some pause in ur progress but the angels are still smiling at u and u know it. So take time out for urself , don't struggle but let go past concerns and unnecessary baggages.

PISCES- This week will be full of meetings, new friends, new clients. Pisceans like scorpions will have alot of relief after been tested for patience. U'll get ur matters settled for better but students need to focus on their education. Everything will happen according to ur wish by the end of the week after stressful weeks of arguments, pains, troubles and headaches. So cherish ur good times for the better times ahead!

TAURUS- Taureans u must exercise calm & restraint and not allow frustrations or ur negative side to overpower u. If u do that u'll only increase ur problems being vengeful is not a healthy thing and it will only give u pain in the end. So if u r facing alot of mental and emotional worries it's time to be patient and let the fate decide what is better for u rather than being negatively motivated. If u have lost much it's time to reorganise ur emotions and wait for the wounds to heal by believing in a better tomorrow.

VIRGO- Virgos, this week u'll gain control of urself and will march into the right directions. U'll take bold and daring steps that will prove beneficial for u. But by the end of the week u'll learn to control others thru love rather than force. So u'll be pretty contended with ur self with all the strings being in ur hand and the coming months waiting to be conquered by u!

CAPRICORN- Capris ur central concern this week is ur love life or ur family, or anyone whom u love very dearly. So there is a good news that u'll be able to cross the intial level o closeness meaning if there has been separation this week will bring reconciliation if not in a major way then in a small way but it will surely bring some relief to u. Since , u r waiting for an opportunity to get together with ur beloved this week will increase ur hopes and chances as well.

ARIES- Arians ur central concern this week is also ur love life or ur family, or anyone whom u love very dearly. So there is a good news that u'll be able to cross the intial level o closeness meaning if there has been separation this week will bring reconciliation if not in a major way then in a small way but it will surely bring some relief to u. Since , u r waiting for an opportunity to get together with ur beloved this week will increase ur hopes and chances as well.

LEO- Leos u'll be successful in controlling ur fiery emotions, rage and passion this week. This week will bring peace and calm after much agony. It will invite ur best qualities, nature and better side of u than that is usually seen by the world.U'll be much happier with urself now and will practice yoga or zen.

SAGGITARIUS- Saggis this week is ur road to EL DORADO meaning ur way to the golden days that will make this year a very memorable one for u. U'll build solid foundations and will also get some mega Offers or projects that will give u fame , name , fortune and everything u ever wanted. So don't forget me while u take a bite of that dream cake of success in reality!

GEMINI- Geminis, luck, money and everything r on the way and u know u r making quite a bit of attempts for it too. After pitfalls and struggle u r emerging out of the dark cave with the help of luck and efforts but too many efforts can lead to stress & bad health leading to disappointments. So, u may not be able to taste the success u want for this week as stress and worry might take toll on u but worry is temporary and the luck is for a stay. So, take some time out & trust urself.

LIBRA- Librans, past worries, concerns , disappointments and delays have left u in uncertainity & u definitely want to hug tightly someone who is very close to ur heart. U want to find relief in that person's arms and forget about the world. This week will present u with those comforting moments in which u can bring urself together.

AQUARIUS- This week for aquarians is to initiate a project, or to cross the first level towards their goal this week will bring rewards to the aquarians. u'll will gain contol of others thru love and others will be more than happy to give u their control. U can expect a slight increment in ur income or a better position.This week will pave way for ur progress that can be seen coming this year because ur intelligence & sweet harmless manipulation

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

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zodiac -mates

water attracts water

pisces, scorpio and cancer are watersigns and they all are trined!

They share the 5-9 vibrations and make the best of zodiac mates.

All water sign people are emotional, sensitive, goal- oriented and focussed. Generally they have agood personality and usually are center of attention. They are home loving , family - oriented and artistic in nature and always have tenacity of purpose. When a watersign man gets mrried to a Watersign girl it is generally a "Pair made in Heaven!"

Watersign celebrities:

Shahrukh Khan, Tom cruise, Drew barrymore, Lindsay lohan, Leonardo di caprio.

Watersign Newcomers: Deepti Gharat, Aishwarya Gharat

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marathi actors, actresses, directors and films



very soon tumhala tumchya aavadtya marathi nat aani natyanchi maahiti aani photos yethe miltil. Fakta tevdhach naahi tar tumchya aavdtya marathi directors baddalchi maahiti suddha yethe milel. AANKHIN 2-3 DIVSAAN MADHYECH!
The abv stills are taken from the movies: 1) naamdar mukhya mantri ganpya gawde . 2) Khabardar
The ACTORS in the stills are: 1) from right to left are Deepti Gharat, Aishwarya Gharat and Bhavna Cheulkar. 2) BHARAT JADHAV and seen behind is Pandharinath Kamble.
Meet the New Marathi Superstarni "Deepti Gharat" on the Diwali Day. Navin Sunder, Sushil aani Damdar Abhinetri Deepti Gharat yet aahe aaplyasaathi fakta "" Var! Tevhaa visit karayala visroo naka. For more info on "Deepti Gharat" log on to
Video courtesy: video palace (khabardar)