Sunday, January 6, 2008

zodiac -mates

water attracts water

pisces, scorpio and cancer are watersigns and they all are trined!

They share the 5-9 vibrations and make the best of zodiac mates.

All water sign people are emotional, sensitive, goal- oriented and focussed. Generally they have agood personality and usually are center of attention. They are home loving , family - oriented and artistic in nature and always have tenacity of purpose. When a watersign man gets mrried to a Watersign girl it is generally a "Pair made in Heaven!"

Watersign celebrities:

Shahrukh Khan, Tom cruise, Drew barrymore, Lindsay lohan, Leonardo di caprio.

Watersign Newcomers: Deepti Gharat, Aishwarya Gharat


trendybendy said...

Does water and fire not get along? You said in my natal chart that I should find someone with scorpio and other water signs but I thought as a saggi I should go for air signs?

praneeta said...

and wod about fire and air...?