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Buying Beauty Soaps in the Market? Think Again!

Well, Soap does not get much attention in our day to day life. We buy the soaps from the stores and use it for bathing purpose and for other hygienic reasons. But the most striking thing is that the soaps sold in the market are not soaps at all. These conventional soaps are actually detergents made of gasoline and kerosene. This is the reason why our skin feels itchy and dry on using them. Alkali is usually held responsible for the itchiness and dryness of the skin. Other harmful ingredients of the conventional soap that have been proven to be harmful for the skin are DEA, Isopropyl Alcohol, BHT and Triclosan.

Triclosan is a common ingredient of the anti-bacterial soap. The basic component of a conventional bar soap is sodium tallowate. The key reason for using tallow is because it is processed quickly and produces harder bars of soap. It is inexpensive and plenteous making it highly acceptable for the soap manufacturers.

But their convenience and cost efficient production can cause severe damages to our skin. People with sensitive skin as well as those having skin diseases often complain about the harmful effects of the conventional soap. This is also the reason why the general interest is shifting from conventional soap to the natural handmade soap.

Usually handmade soaps are made using beneficial natural vegetable oils such as Olive oil, Palm oil and Coconut oil. This is also the reason why handmade soaps are mild on the skin and retain its natural luster. Another important component that separates conventional soaps from the natural handmade soaps is “Glycerin”. Glycerin is a transparent liquid which aides in keeping the skin soft and healthy.

As we grow older, our skin begins to lose its texture due to the incessant revelation to the impure atmosphere as well as due to the use of harmful chemicals.

Mosaic Art : The Art Of Designing Dreams

Specially manufactured pieces called tesserae were first used in the eight century B.C. These pieces gave extra detail and range of color to the relatively plain mosaic work which was prominent in the earlier centuries. Pompeii famous works of art were done by Greek artists.The mosaic showing the god Neptune with Amphitrite on the right is in Herculaneum, Italy. It is a wall mosaic which uses pieces of glass to give the vivid colors and to reflect light. In this Mosaic the tesserae were mainly small cubes of marble or other stone. Sometimes bits of pottery, such as terra-cotta, brick were used to provide a range of colors.

The expansion of the Roman Empire made mosaic more popular . Roman Mosaic art usually focused on Gods, domestic themes and geometric designs.
With the rise of the Byzantine Empire from the fifth century to near two hundred years the art form focused on the Byzantium. This involved Oriental influences in style and the use of special glass tesserae called smalti, manufactured in northern Italy. These were made from thick sheets of colored glass. Smalti have a rough surface and contain tiny air bubbles.
Mosaic art of Romans is mainly seen on floors while Byzantine art covers Walls and Ceilings. The mystifying ceiling of the baptistery in Florence, Italy. Such other enchanting pieces of art can be found in Ravenna, Venice and Sicily and in Istanbul.The sight of such beautiful Mosaics captivates your senses and you certainly wish to have mosaic masterpiece of your very own.

Kitchen Appliances in Modern Days

Man was introduced to the art of cooking with the discovery of "Fire". The rough cooking tools changed with time and so did the methods of cooking, simple cooking pots changed to cookers, pans; clay ovens to the recent microwaves and in- built ovens; simple washing tools changed to Washing machines and so forth.

Science and industrialization brought a revolution in the process of cooking and eased the hectic domestic chores like washing clothes and utensils. The advent of dishwashers, washing machines and other kitchen appliances made life much comfortable. Today’s ultra modern mom has quality time for herself and the family due to the amazing assistance of these incredible kitchen appliances. The domestic helpers work for approximately seven to eight hours and take huge wages whereas kitchen appliances come at a lesser price as compared to the life long service they provide.

Kitchen Remodeling: Los Angeles

Home to Hollywood's glamour, renowned business institutions and nearly four million residents, Los Angeles is one of the world's most diverse cities. This sprawling metropolis is known as the center of the entertainment industry as well as a capital of education, science and art. Every year, thousands flock to this southern California paradise for its beautiful beaches, fabulous weather and endless possibilities. Famous for fashion, film, and fun, Los Angeles offers visitors a wide array of lodging choices within its diverse metropolitan area.

Los Angeles is best known for Hollywood and the Celebrities but the city is also known for beautifully designed luxurious houses. The most important part of the house for a woman is the kitchen. Aesthetically designed and well tailored kitchens are in vogue. A perfect kitchen combines quintessential kitchen appliances with a neat and clean look flavored with just the right colors.New and innovative Kitchen Designs have entered the market. These new designs are user friendly and simply amazing giving complete satisfaction. Sometimes a user friendly kitchen does not satisfy your aesthetic needs but the latest kitchen styles are designed for pure satisfaction Kitchen design trends now concentrate on the kitchen as the ‘hub‘ of the household; incorporating the functional aspects of a kitchen with the ability to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Gandhi: Movie

The craft of filmmaking is not usually about delivering a beautiful piece of art; not only about entertaining the audience but also about connecting them with the soul of the film. The essence lies in the makers ability to maintain the authenticity of the subject even as he mystifies the story.

Richard attenborough's "Gandhi" is an ideal example of such an artistic excellence. It was written by John Briley . The movie sketches the life of the Mahatma from his days at South Africa where he first laid the foundations of ' Satyagraha' to his unmatched contribution in the freedom struggle of his motherland. The film highlights his various encounters with the British Rulers and efficiently puts forth his non - surfacial but strong will power.Mahatma Gandhi's virtues such as tolerance and honesty are brought to light by emphasizing subtle incidents ; which took place in his life.

Another remarkable aspect of the movie is the accuracy of the time period. Richard Attenborough chases the time from Gandhi’s younger days to his older days by showing gradual changes in the suurroundings and in the gadgets such as cameras. The film is actually a glance through the window of present into the past where the onlooker is introduced to the divine qualities of a ordinary looking extraordinary man. This well tailored masterpiece easily teaches the audience the significance of self reliance and resilience through the voice of the Mahatma. The movie, reflects the thought, that even one man make a huge difference if he shows perseverance and inculcates humility.

Classic Cars

San Diego is the dazzling city of southern California. Undoubtedly, it is full of life and "classy" people. The City of San Diego is known for everything from the “World Famous” zoo to the belligerent, nationally telecasted, Labor Day beach brawl. The Lindo Lake is one of the County’s few natural freshwater lakes; the lake symbolizes the Classic History of the beautiful San Diego County.
The classic history usually depicts the aristocratic gentlemen and ladies with sophisticated mannerisms and Classic Cars. The moment when Kate Winslet gets down from that Classic Car in History's most unforgettable love story "Titanic" captivates us.
The general meaning of a classic car is an old car in a fine condition. Classic cars have a great value. If the car is garaged and well maintained then the Car value will shoot up. Also if the particular car is rare model then it will be worth a large amount. It all depends on the car maker and model. It is also important to purchase your Classic Car from an experienced dealer with a good reputation.
Classic cars usually maintain their value and the value even grows with time. But it is quintessential to choose a Car Dealer wisely. There are many cars around with an history of over Fifty years but can be better known as trash. The reason is these cars are sold under the tag of being classic cars when they are nothing more than a piece of junk. Classic Cars need Classic transportation.

Pride and Prejudice: Movie Review

Just yesterday I watched the new "Pride and Prejudice" on the CD, the movie didn't live up to my expectations it was not all that good. The book gives sharp description of each character. Elizabeth is described as a beautiful intelligent girl but Kiera knightly looked more like Joe from little women than the character she was playing.

Secondly, the movie didn't at all cover the details of the novel which bring out the lucidity of the subject. The dialogues and behavior didn't resemble the Victorian era at all. However, Fitzwilliam Darcy was well played by the actor. Although he seemed not too perfect; but he perfected his looks through his acting skills. The movie should have been made by paying more attention to the book. Another thing to be noted is there was a modification done in the character of reverend Collins. He is described as tall man with glasses and not a short silly looking person.

But the performance delivered by everyone holds you interest in the movie. I think if it would have got a little bit of attention the movie would have been spectacular. I personally feel Anne Hathway would have played the Elizabeth better and Hugh Jackman would have been ideal for the character of Darcy.

The History of making soaps!

Well, with the increased awareness towards personal hygiene and consciousness towards beauty, soaps have gained popularity from the past few centuries. Soaps can be categorized as detergents used for washing utensils or clothes and as beauty soaps used for cleansing the skin. Everyday we see advertisements of movie stars endorsing the beauty soap on television. Soaps are a part of life or a routine thing. But this was not the case a number of centuries ago yet it does not imply that the soap was not invented then.

Archaeological excavations track the invention of soaps back in 2800 B.C. Babylonia. A material similar to that of soap was found in the clay cylinders during the excavations. The inscriptions on the pots read that the ashes were boiled with fats; this is the method of making soaps. However, the purpose of the soap or its use is not specified. This material was later on used for styling hair.

Ancient Egyptians took bath on a regular basis. A 1500 B.C. Medical document describes that animal and vegetable oils were boiled with ashes and alkali salts to make soap like material. This was used for the treatment of skin diseases and for washing.

Moses too, gave laws specifying the importance of personal hygiene to the Israelis. He associated cleanliness with sound health and religious purification. The Israelis possessed the knowledge of making hair gel by mixing oil and ashes have been mentioned in the biblical accounts.

In today’s world where soap is a regular commodity used everyday for personal and household purposes got its name as per the ancient roman legend from “Mount Sapo”, a mountain where animals were sacrificed. The rains washed the melted animal fats and ashes of wood bringing them down in the clay soil aligning Tiber River. The women who came there for washing clothes discovered that the mixture at the river bank cleansed them thoroughly.

The bathing system saw the most flourishing times with the progress of the Roman civilization. The famous huge roman bath that was built in 312 B.C. was supplied with water from the aqueducts. Quite similar to their eastern counterpart “The Great Bath” of the Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro civilization the roman baths were luxurious. Bathing gained popularity and became an integral part of roman lifestyle.

In the second century A.D. bathing with soap was recommended by Galen a Greek physician for both cleansing and medical reasons.

But the situation changed completely after the fall of Rome in 467 A.D. The bathing habits declined and this resulted in the great plagues of the middle centuries. The most remarkable was Black Death of the 14th century. However, in the 17th century Europe began to regain its soap culture.

Soap making in Europe can be traced back to the 7th century. The method of making soaps in Europe was slightly different. Europeans made the use of fragrances along with animal and vegetable oils as well as plant ashes. Italy, France and Spain were early centers of soap making due to their ready supply of raw materials such as oil from olive trees.

Mana Kai Maui: The Lavish and Rich Resort

Maui is one of the breathtaking islands of Hawaii. Maui makes your vacation memorable and incredible. The second largest island of Hawaii to be exact and is also known as the Valley Isle.

Many couples get married or just come to get married at Maui. Majority of them prefer the Hawaiian wedding ceremony with the ocean as your audience and millions of stars showering their blessings on you. It is just like getting married in a Paradise.

Another asset of Hawaii and especially of the Maui Island is that it has a beautiful weather because of the trade winds that blow in soothing but warm tropical air from the ocean and because of the leeward side of the island being in the rain shadow.The Mana Kai is located at 2960 S.

The Mana Kai Maui is a ninety -eight unit building built in 1973 by a group of United Airlines pilots who were in love with Maui. The site lines from the rooms are just accurate. The famous Suite 215 is on the second floor which is high enough to see the ocean but still close enough to maintain the intimacy with the lush tropical vegetation.

The Mana Kai Maui is about fifty feet from the ocean. The view of Haleakala is enchanting and exceptionally beautiful at sunrise. The cool Pacific Ocean is just a step away with no roads and no noise pollution just the melodious sounds of the Ocean.
Mana Kai Maui is the best beach in the world. The beach gently slopes with the softest sand that has a velvet touch. You can stroll down the beach for about one and a half miles. Snorkeling is great right there at the Mana Kai. Multiple championship golf courses as well as multiple shopping centers are just fifteen minutes away by car.

But it is not possible for everybody to enjoy their stay at “Mana Kai Maui Resort” as it has a constant overflow of customers. It is essential that you plan your stay with a good travel service.

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Lindsay Lohan kisses girlfriend Samantha Ronson on the sets of Ugly Betty

Well, here she is once again, the darling of the paparazzi - Lindsay Lohan.

Whether for good or bad reasons Lindsay always manages to get in news. It can be for the hot

Marylyn Monroe semi nude photos or for turning down the playboy offer or due to the latest marriage news with her DJ girlfriend.

Alright, this time she is in news for "kissing her girlfriend Samantha Ronson". Lindsay and Samantha were seen kissing each other on the sets of hit television show "Ugly Betty". Lohan will be doing a guest appearance on the show.

Lohan and Ronson have been spotted several times at parties and clubs together. Lindsay Lohan has also dedicated a song to her love and has also created a My Facebook profile with the name "Lindsay Ronson".

Surely, the little "Parent Trap" star has gone a long way ahead

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Freelance opportunities and Money making tips



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