Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Contest: Win Free Lindsay Beauty Tips

This contest doesn't need fees, it does not promise fake prizes all it does is a genuine attempt to choose the biggest Lindsay Lohan fan! The first 5 winners will get a free e-Book and video beauty tips of Lindsay Lohan. Yes, now even you can look like Lindsay.

What does the prize include?

It includes Lindsay's dressing style, make-up style and hairstyle secrets as well.

Why is it free?

Talk Lindsay Lohan blog is for fun and you'll get cool info on Lindsay Lohan.

How will you maximize your chances of winning?

First, would be through cracking the 20 questions quiz, write 10 small news items of 150 words each send them to this address and third, refer at least 5 friends to this contest.

The best news items, quiz answers and the name of the user giving the most referrals will be posted on this blog everyday. The contest will go on for a week and at the end of the week 5 winners will be declared!

So, hurry up get working!