Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tattoo Business is gaining Popularity

Economic recession has taken a toll on the large scale population of the United States. At this time, people are looking out for ways to make a decent living.

There is a growing interest for work from home opportunities. People are showing an eager appetite for starting a home business as well.

However, the home business idea that is gaining immense popularity is that of the body art or tattoo business.
Tattoo is an art that is largely popular among the teenagers. Rock stars, local bands have increased the fame of tattoo art in the last two decades. Therefore, starting a tattoo business seems to be an excellent way of making money.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Start a Body Art Business with a Tattoo Starter Kit

Start a Body Art Business with a Tattoo Starter Kit

Starting a home business using a tattoo starter kit is as easy as making french toast. A cheap tattoo kit that has two amazing tattoo guns and advanced tattoo kit can do the work for you. You don't need tobe an expert tattoo artist for starting a body art business, a portable tattoo starter kit can do the work for you.

Body art business is a very profitable one and the fame and popularity of tattoo is not hidden from anyone. A very good way to earn from home is by selling an art or talent that is in vogue. If you have a tattoo starter kit that comes with an instructional CD then even you can become an expert tattoo artist.

Tattoo or body art is definitely one of the most popular trends today and hence, it is less possible to suffer any losses in this business.

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Start a Body Art Business with a Tattoo Starter Kit

Start a Body Art Business with a Tattoo Starter Kit

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marathi New Comers: Six Point Star is Now Casting


Marathi Youngsters, I am sure you are looking forward to your big break in the Marathi Film World. Well, now it is not impossible, Six Point Star is casting for four short films and one mainstream film.

Writers, actors, directors are requested to forward their query letters and short bio- data to ruchigharat[at]yahoo.co.in

Mainstream film will be shot with Marathi Superstars, this is your chance to claim fame.

Do not hesitate, this is a fair and square opportunity to those who are tired of the ceaseless struggle.

Producers and Financiers:

If you are interested in becoming a part of a fresh, intelligent,fun, dignified and creative attempt to rejuvenate marathi cinema, then this is the right opportunity.

Six Point Star is a new but experienced production house, we have done short films, commercials for international brands, we will be sending our new short films to various international film festivals. Our work has been greatly appreciated and we take pride in making meaningful, entertaining and creative films. Our team members are hardworking, intelligent and highly skilled. Our work reel and resume will be forwarded if needed. We can cast the best marathi stars in the best concept ever. You can help us enhance our attempt and reap rewards of unbelievable success. If interested in our project, mail to ruchigharat[at]yahoo.co.in

In the subject line write "P&F", we are waiting for your response. Do not hesitate to shoot your "Queries", we can answer them all!

Six Point Star
...commercial success guaranteed!