Sunday, June 21, 2009

All About Best Detox Foot Spa: Free Information

There are many detox foot spas that are available in the market. But it is quintessential to choose the best detox foot spa. However, it can be a highly difficult choice in the making. We tend to choose health products based on their quality, reputation, complimentary benefits and most importantly on the basis of their cost.

When buying from the internet it is necessary to check the reputation and experience of the health product selling website. Additional benefits such as discounts, free or cheap shipping, and fast delivery should also be taken into account. There are few websites which qualify in the above areas and so, it is necessary to do some research on the best health product selling websites and the reasons behind them being the best.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

How to raise a bright child

Well, the parents of a bright child or the gifted child are rarely aware of their child's extraordinary abilities. Parents just like teachers, too, need to recognize the giftedness of a particular child. Giftedness comes in two main categories first is the moderately gifted child whose IQ level is below 180 while those who come under the highly gifted category are those who have IQ above 180.

Moderately gifted children are those are clever at school, they are usually teacher's favourite.
However, highly gifted children are censured by the teachers. The highly gifted students are bright, smart and very creative in nature. These children are much more sensitive than the moderately gifted children. They are very well aware of all kinds of sensitive issues related to environment, nation, terrorism and other similar threats. They have heightened sense of belonging to their surroundings. Children who are highly gifted face trouble at making friends, they are resentful while taking orders from teachers or elders.

This does not equate with those children who are pampered in a more than required amount. Highly gifted children are more than often voracious readers, they understand complicated subjects easily and may dislike too easy to do sums or problems. They understand and learn languages quickly.

Highly gifted children are also good at judging human characters irrespective of their age. They are apt at comprehending non- verbal cues and easily select or reject a person. They also show good decision making abilities due to fast mental processing. At school, they are usually known as highly interrogative students or as withdrawn students. They seek adult company rather than making friends with the children of their own age. Highly gifted children are teased at school for their high level of thinking.

Many times it happens that parents who have mischievous or disobedient average children tend to think that their children are highly gifted. On the other hand, the parents who actually have children who are highly gifted tend to treat their children as mischievous or disobedient.
Non-encouraging treatment from their parents results in lack of confidence and over-sensitiveness in these children. They begin to feel guilty about their own thoughtful, insightful thinking and about their innovative methods of studying. Highly gifted children are usually self- motivated in nature. They move forward in life without getting intermediated by other's opinion of themselves.

But more than usual these children can slip into depression if parents fail to understand them.
They are different than the rest, one among one million children. This gives them alienated feeling at times if they are not properly handled by the parents. Albert Einstein was known as a subnormal child in school. He was exceptionally intelligent in physics and math.

He showed originality of thought and concept by using his own formulas for solving mathematical or physics problems. But he received criticism instead of praise from his teachers for his inventive problem solving methods.

His mother who was an ordinary washerwoman regretted about having such a child. As a four year old child, he threw a chair at his teacher; this spoiled his reputation at school. Highly gifted children have high number of gyri and sulci on their brain. This is what makes them original thinkers, writers, artists, actors, musicians or scientists.

Highly gifted children have an ocean full of knowledge. They are creatively inclined and have a high grasping power. They show unique abilities as children, for e.g. a highly creatively gifted girl might direct and write plays as well as act in them at the age of four. Her vocabulary may by far exceed the others of her age. Highly creatively gifted children tend to study every subject creatively, innovatively and insightfully.

They usually face problems at schools especially with their teachers who teach subjects in square patterns. They lose interest in school and as a result of this they receive low grades. Low grades become a matter of concern to the parents who are ignorant of their special children. Scolding and censuring makes them more withdrawn, sometimes even liars and scattered children who are uncertain about their future.

Parents must understand and enhance such a child's special qualities rather than trying to mould him or her according to their own desire. This will make them Einsteins of their own fields and role models to the world. It is in our hands to shape the future of our children by not disturbing their sensitive and superbly intelligent mind.

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Author: Nikita Gharat ** Market Place Premier Writer

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fanny Price of Mansfield Park and the Prejudices about her

I wrote the comment about Fanny Price given below in response to the blog post written on a blog that was endorsing a course on Jane Austen. The poster apparently wrote some prejudiced comments about the heroine of Mansfield Park. The poster even glorified Henry Crawford and called him quite amiable. The worst part was that Jane Austen was accused of being unfair on his accounts. My response to the poster of that irresponsible and immature post is given below for those who wish to know the character of Fanny Price and Henry Crawford.

"I think there is a reason to disagree with your knowledge of Fanny Price. Fanny is indeed a woman of intelligence, high principles and sweet temper. She is not passive but wise. Henry does not bend towards his negative side but towards his original side. Fanny is aware about his real nature which is non-acceptable to the woman of her caliber, intellect and strength. Edmund is her counterpart because he and Fanny share the same interests. His love for her stems from understanding and deep rooted friendship. Henry's love is a passing affair, changeable in nature and that is what discourages Fanny from choosing him as her future husband. She is not uninteresting, nor is she passive. She is just exceptionally intelligent and headstrong.

Friday, June 12, 2009

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Using Chi Reflexologist Massager

Chi machines have gained both public approval and medical approval. Chi is the good energy that the body needs for balancing it’s bodily functions. These functions are both physical and mental in nature. For example, a balanced body gives high energy, better sleep, youthful appearance, fast mobility, loss of excessive weight, cheerfulness along with other health benefits. Many people around the globe do not understand the proper utilization of “Chi” energy, so, for every one of us, a very amazing invention has been the “Chi Massager”. This Oriental discovery permitted patients to experience their personal chi move through their body, energizing the muscles, curing inner organs, reinforcing their immune system. Other than these, there are many useful health benefits of a good Chi Massager. It has gained popularity and reputation with the doctors, of course, not just any Chi Massager will do it for you. Doctor’s have started recommending advanced Chi Massagers for additional health benefits. Five out of the amazing ten health benefits of using Chi Reflexologist Massager are given in this article.

Below are 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Using Chi Reflexologist Massager.

Relieving Stress, Anxiety and Tension:

The use of Chi Reflexologist Massager on a regular basis gets rid of stress, anxiety and tension related problems. After a tired day at work using Chi Reflexologist Massager can give you a sound and beautiful night’s sleep.

Reducing Pains, Aches and Headaches:

Back pains, aches, joint pains and headaches are a regular complain of all working people. The stressful work life especially of the urban people takes a toll on their health. This results in back aches, joint pains; if such pains are not controlled on time then they can result in serious ailments. Chi Reflexologist Massager cures all the pains and gives you increased energy and improved mobility.

Increase in Blood Circulation:

Chi Massager increases blood circulation. Increased blood circulation heals aches, muscle pain by providing adequate supply of oxygen in those areas. Good blood circulation moves waste faraway from the muscles and inner organs. Increased blood circulation improves bodily functions.

Stimulation of Lymphatic System for Flushing Toxins:

All the harmful toxins, heavy metals, parasites will get flushed out of your body due to a 5- 10 minutes session of Chi Massager making your lymphatic system strong and highly active.

Fastening Metabolism:

Another great health benefit of using a Chi Massager is that it fastens your metabolism. Fastened metabolism gives high energy, youthful appearance and loss of harmful fats. Those who suffer from obesity or obesity related problems will get rid off obesity within a few days is they use Chi Reflexologist Massager on a regular basis.

I will give the remaining five amazing health benefits of using a chi reflexologist massager in the next post, so, keep reading...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

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