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Scorpio- Pisces December Love Prediction

Lovers For Eternity!
Well, for all the Scorpio-Pisces lovers who would like to know if the stars hold any future to their relationships. I would like tell them that the process is beginning. The Upcoming Winter Solstice may bring some good news to Pisces women, who are requested to pray for the return of their Scorpio lover especially by discovering their "Animal Totem".

Scorpio men will be thinking of going back to their pisces females and the year 2013 might become the  binding year for two of the most spectacular of all zodiac signs. Scorpio-Pisces are usual soul-mates or twin-flames so as god blesses them. Look for the Wheel of Fortune, Sun and Strength card along with two of cups in your Tarot readings! Get Analysis of the First Meeting Chart of a Pisces Woman- Scorpio Man 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How You May Lose Weight and Get Healthy by HCG Diet Plan

Discover How You May Lose Weight and Get Healthy by HCG Diet Plan

Obesity has become a major issue in today’s times. It is likely that obesity just not cause health issues but it also deteriorates our emotional health. It easy to shed a few pounds. However, to  lose weight and get healthy you need to take sincere efforts and follow the right method.

The hectic schedule makes it  strenuous to maintain health and losing weight, even difficult.  To increase our confusion there are numerous diet plans  that  entice us, and eventually yield no results. If you’ve tested and become unsuccessful earlier, you might think that it’s not possible to lose weight.  It is quite true that it you may probably be right.

A good way to lose weight is by taking a balanced diet and a suitable  exercise routine. The key to success is  to take one step at a time and not rush into things.

Most of the times people follow a low calorie diet.

HCG diet can give you increased energy that will keep you energized even as you follow a low calorie diet. Thus, HCG drops can stimulate weight loss. Also, giving you more energy and better health. The HCG weight loss plan comprises  of Homeopathic HCG Drops & 500 calorie-diet.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone has the distinctive capacity to cause the break down of  abnormal fat that subsequently releases energy and boosts metabolism. This helps to  burn down excess fat in a healthy way.

Homeopathic HCG diet drops are thought  to be  quite useful. Homeopathic Hormone drops are made after rigid dilution process that makes their consumption less prone to side effects. 

However, Homeopathic HCG diet drops  also assist in reducing  the  strong desire for carbs during the low calorie diet and play a role of a healthy appetite suppressant. These drops in addition deter  mood irritability, excessive  hunger pangs and lack of energy.

Gracy’s Success Story

According to my friend Gracy, she gained extra energy and good health due to HCG diet plan.  HCG weight loss plan also helped her to lose  weight. She came to know about the HCG diet plan from her friend Linda. She told her that HCG treatment is completely  based on  the book Pounds and Inches by the reputed Dr. Simeon. 

Gracy told me that Linda was suffering from emotional and physical troubles due to constantly increasing weight. She was also feeling less energetic due to her weight.

However, she was referred to Homeopathic HCG by someone and this changed her life for better. After listening to this, Gracy  ordered the drops and has lost about 50 pounds in a healthy manner.

So, that is about Gracy’s success story. Nevertheless, it is not necessary that the response of HCG diet program would be the same in your case. To speak precisely, it may differ from person to person.

Yet, you can be sure that HCG diet program will give you increased energy and may be even a fitter body!

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When will a dependence racket the young cathedral?

Winter Fashion for Curvy Girls

Fashion is just not for those with a size zero . Fashion is all about confidence and attitude. So, all you curvy girls get set to rock this winter with these fabulous fashion tips:

Model: Nikita Gharat Wearing a Printed Blue Scarf . Courtesy: Akshaye Khanna Alibaug Farmhouse

A nice trendy printed  or plain scarf is the best  way to hit the streets in this awesomely cold weather. You can either opt for printed scarves in a neutral tone or simply plain white or beige colors to make a style statement without any effort.  You can get it anywhere in a shop or on Fashion Street, Churchgate.


You don’t need to go from flab to flat overnight to become a stylista. You can easily catch a lot of attention just by carrying a printed clutch in sync with your attire.Printed florals on your clutch can really add an oomph to your look.  Pretty  and chic clutches in different designs are easily available on Hill Road, Bandra west.

3.  Pull Over

This ones  a  definite must have   in your wardrobe this season . To heat up your glam factor without shedding any fat ,you can go for a cool pullover in colors like blue , red  with matching hair accesories . The accesories can  add a dramatic effect to your look. You can get a variety of Pullovers at Hill Road, Bandra west.

4. Skirts

You can  accentuate those curves with nice printed skirts.You can opt for floral mini, an ethnic inspired print or  a midi-length skirt.Just keep in mind to keep the rest of look a little simple to draw attention  only to your skirt. You can get  them easily at Linking Road, Bandra west and that too at reasonable rates.

5. A Good Pair of Shoes

Go for a pair of flirty shoes to look like an ultra modern  Style Diva.  Yet , remember when it comes to style , comfort  should be the top most priority. Comfort,and convenience should not be overlooked.Nice and flirtatious pair of shoes can be  easily purchased at reasonable rates from Fashion street, Churchgate or Linking Road , Bandra West.

WII Sports Resort Review

The best part about vacations is to get a sale on wii games. I am glad that I got that. I was thinking of purchasing one of the latest wii games. However, I was confused about the one to select. There is no doubt that most wii games are fantastic. You cannot make a choice. Nevertheless, I decided to buy wii sports resort.

It is needless to say, that when you are vacationing, you love sports. All my friends were coming down at my place and so I wanted to have some great fun. Almost all of wii sports resort  mini games are meant for 4 players. It's not that you cannot play them alone. But you can have a blast when you have all your friends playing with you. Overall there are about 5 mini games in the pack.

This includes bowling, tennis, golf, baseball and boxing.

I enjoyed bowling and tennis the most. Speaking about tennis, you just have to swing and the mii follows you perfectly.  Well, honestly, I am not a gaming expert. This is why I love to buy wii games. Even if you have less or no expertise, yet, you win and have fun as well! You cannot play with one remote when you have friends. At such a time it becomes necessary to have more remotes. The only reason to hesitate is the price. That is why I am always looking for a sale on wii games and accessories.

After all, vacations need to be worthwhile and full of fun. I believe that nothing can be more fun than gaming. I had to select from the top wii games. It was really wise to select wii sports resort. Since, it brings the entire outdoor experience indoors! 

Where can I buy HCG?

Learn Where you can buy HCG Diet Plan

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotripin. It is a kind of glycoprotein hormone which is produced during pregnancy. In pregnant woman’s urine, HCG can be found. HCG can be made synthetically or also can be extracted from the urine of pregnant women. Then it is processed for human use.

HCG Diet Plan: Get Extra Energy
HCG is a natural hormone. Pregnant women produce upwards 200,000 IU (international unit) a day. It is very useful when you want to get extra energy while maintaining a healthy body. It is a new beginning for a healthy life.

Where can you buy HCG?

You can buy HCG products from an online HCG store . You can find it here, on HCG healthyconcepts.

We get almost daily feedback from our clients that HCG diet plan works for them in a much better way than any other method available in the market. HCG diet program is based on the book PoundsInches written by the renowned Dr. Simeon. We provide the best HCG support to help you attain your goals. Also we have a reputation to maintain and are here to stay. Therefore, we provide hiqh quality HCG products to our clients.

Another thing that you might need to know before you buy HCG drops or pellets, is the authenticity of the product.  Here, are some ways to check the authenticity of HCG products.

  1.  Real HCG drops will test positive in any HCG pregnancy test.
  2.  It must keep in refrigerator.
  3.  You don’t feel the need to take in alcohol when using real HCG products.
  4.  It prevents hunger and muscle wasting.
  5.  It resets your hypothalamus.

You can take a look at the success story of my cousin Mike who is building his muscles since he plans to get into “kick boxing” professionally.

Mike’s Success Story

My friend Mike is extremely skeptical and almost crazy when it comes about choosing any dieting/weight loss product of any kind. He trusts only himself and nobody else. Mike believes in doing his own research on health and nutrition before coming to any conclusion.

But his over-skepticism was keeping him from reaching his goal of getting extra energy and a good built simultaneously. He wanted to get to a certain weight in order to build muscle mass. So, I suggested HCG diet plan to him. I explained the functionality of HCG homeopathic drops to him. After a long research and some amount of argument he decided to try it out.

He called me up some days back sounded very excited about the results of HCG diet program. Upon meeting him, even I was bit more surprised to see him. Mike told me that he had lost 28 pounds in 26 days.  But he had not lost muscle mass. He also said that he feels more energetic and didn’t feel hungry even when he was on a 500 calorie diet.

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Team India, Drama and the Uneasy Head of MS Dhoni

Recently the Indian Cricket team (male) got knocked out of the t20 world cup happening in Sri Lanka. This disappointed the 121 billion population but not equally. Some blamed the system, some blamed the captain, some blamed the seniors while rest of us just praised the efforts. The drama and disappointment reached a tremendous height because although India won against the arch-rivals it didn’t qualify for the semi-finals.
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ganpati Bappa- The Aquarian God

This is a new series that I have decided to start on my blog. Well, it deals with the zodiac signs of the Gods. Hinduism allows me to verify and analyze if our gods belong to a particular zodiac sign or not. Therefore, as a learned person and astrologer I would take advantage of this flexibility. Just as everything first starts from lord Ganesha, this series will start from him as well. Today, Ganesh festival is in full swing. Actually, it is bappa visarjan day for us. However, I had to pen down this experience. Some-days ago I read in a Newspaper that you must not ask bappa about marriage or love partner. Bappa is passive in these cases. As per my own experience, I tend to agree with the news article.  I asked bappa about the boy I like and he said through tarot readings that this guy is not good for me.

I probed to know why and the answer that I got was that he is very active (yes!!) and will tend towards infidelity. I do agree with Bappa in these matters. On the other hand, he gave clear indications to my sister that her choice was approved. They were shockingly real indications to shatter our skeptical minds. So, why is that for the first time my sister's choice got approved and mine got rejected?

A few years ago my elder cousin sister faced a bitter break-off. This happened a year after she left the family Ganesh festival to wash utensils and floors at her to-be husband's house who was hosting the same.  She said that it happened because our family bappa felt angry with her. I would put it this way that he didn't like her prioritizing the shallow so-called love affair over a family function. Bappa likes to be a part of a family, larger the better and he enjoys his stay as member of the family.

However, he certainly wants family members to observe veganism and celibacy during his stay. So, this certainly makes him an "Aquarius".  Hindus celebrate Ganpati bappa's birthday in early February. This is when the sun is in Aquarius. The people of this zodiac sign are known as atheists, scientific in nature.

They have knack of gathering knowledge and have never prioritize love-making above other tasks. An aquarius man is never hungry or starved for physical cravings. In fact, at a certain point and in most cases they find it repulsive and shallow. Aquarians look down at those who are crazy behind such pleasures and those who give in to adultery.  If you look at the Lord Ganesha, you will find him loaded with all these qualities. He is a god who is known for having scientific brain, command over languages and varied subjects. He manages vast regiments of the army with wit and intelligence. He is sharp and innovative.

The most important thing is that he appreciates anyone who seeks knowledge and wisdom. But he nags when you ask to make love and marriage to be your ultimate goal.

Now, coming to the question why did he select my sister's crush and not mine?

Aquarians are safe or gentlemen in the real sense. They can restrain themselves and you can go anywhere safely with an Aquarius. Among the few men whom Pisces women trust, this zodiac sign tops the pyramid.  I am a Pisces but my love is a Scorpio. The eight sign of the zodiac, the sign of pleasures and eroticism. Although the Scorpio love-making is emotional it leans towards excess. There is no limit to a smitten Scorpio and this is something Aquarians detest. They prefer the more romantic but restrained Libras who know where to draw a line.

Libras will behave in the utmost gentle and sophisticated manner when the occasion demands.  Their behavior will never cross the line of control. Imagine a household Ganpati festival where a Scorpio man will crave for lovemaking 24/7; especially if he is paired with a Pisces or a Taurus.  This certainly won't go well with the Aquarius God who finds it to be shallow to divulge in such pleasures all the time. He would prefer a Libra who would concentrate on the festival and piousness of the occasion.  My sister's crush is a Libra and so he got approved.

But today bappa approved my love as well maybe as a farewell gift. His, Pisces father, Lord Shiva usually comes in my dreams and presses me to approve him (my scorp). Well, it is all about astrology you know!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

How To Wash Your Hair

Most of the time women believe that they know the technique of washing the hair. Some women even believe that washing hair for just 5 minutes in 2-3 days is enough. However, you must know that the technique of washing your hair is directly proportional to the life of your hair. Therefore, you must be aware of the right techniques to wash your hair if you want them to be thick, strong and silky. The tips given below are simple to follow and are very less time consuming.

1. Comb your hair correctly: Before you get your hair under the shower; untangle all the possible knots present in your hair to avoid any breaking of hair in the bathroom. Wet hair is more susceptible to breakage therefore it is essential that the hair is combed properly before you get it washed.

2. Wet your hair correctly: Make your hair totally wet. Then take a good amount of shampoo on palms, lather it and starting with your roots go down towards the tips of your hair. In case, you have long hair then use more shampoo for the lower ends.

3. Lather and Massage: Once your hair is properly lathered, then give your scalp a gentle massage for about 1-2 minutes. Don’t get harsh on your head and scrub it as if you are washerwoman with piles of clothes to be cleaned.

4. Rinsing the Hair: Rinse your hair partially. Shampoo residues will get accumulated in some areas of your hair. Therefore, rinse your hair section by section.

5. Natural Drying: Don’t use blow dryer on your wet hair. Use the old technique of gently drying it using a soft towel.

Following the above tips assures lesser hair fall and breakage. They are hassle free and suit the busy lifestyle of today’s times.

3 Vital Steps Essential for an Affiliate Marketer

There are certain amazingly crucial points about affiliate marketing in the following paragraphs. 

Essential Step #1: Your Own Website

The most vital step of affiliate marketing is your personal website. For having a highly profitable affiliate marketing business; it is necessary to have a compelling, good quality, professional website. You must own a website that looks user friendly and captivates the readers enough making them click your anchor links. Your content must deliver accuracy, information and authenticity in order to make sales of your products or services. Therefore, put in your entire force for building your website.

People trust the websites who have a top page rank on popular search engines more over others. So, how to get that page rank? Link popularity is an essential answer to the affiliate marketing strategy. Therefore, for popularizing your website, you must post relevant articles on the website.

This will boost the authenticity of your website and encourage the readers to buy your products by clicking through the links. Hence, it can be said that link popularity plays an extremely essential role in deciding the fate of your affiliate marketing strategy.

The articles must be frequently changed and new good articles should be posted on your website.

Essential Step #2: Incentives

Undoubtedly, there is a stiff competition on the internet. Therefore, in order to remain ahead of your competitors you must captivate a prominent part of your target audience. This can be done by building an opt-in email list. This is one of the most popular methods for encouraging product sales. The chances will further boost if you offer an e-zine, newsletter, by offering incentives to the visitors for subscribing to the newsletters. Another good way to boost your product sales is by giving an access to exclusive services, free softwares, and other such free goodies.  

Essential Step #3: Link Popularity

Link popularity is something that cannot be neglected at all if you intend to be highly successful in affiliate marketing business. Therefore, put in all the possible efforts for gaining link popularity. Driving the massive web traffic to your website through the popular links is a highly important step. An enormous number of visitors to the website has the potential to generate enormous consumers to your affiliate products or services. Thus, it should be kept in mind that the key to affiliate marketing success is by increasing link popularity. A top page rank on Google will create a high yielding base for your affiliate marketing efforts.  

How to Take Flawless Skin Care Naturally

All of us crave to have a glowing skin and flawless complexion. The unblemished skin tone and the radiance on the face of our beloved stars make us vulnerable for instant results. To achieve this many a times we fall prey to the marketing tactics of skin care products companies. As a result, we end up purchasing expensive and ineffective skin creams and lotions. Instead of looking inside our own kitchen for several natural yet effective beauty care remedies. These naturally beneficial and economical as well as simple to prepare skin care tips, ensure skin rejuvenation in a hassle free way.

Regular usages of natural beauty care routine definitely gives that sensational skin which all of us only dream of. So, get geared up for skin treatments with these organic body care recipes.

  1. Gentle Carrot Mask: Prepare this radiating face care mask with just one carrot and a spoon of honey. Grate a carrot and blend it well with one spoon of honey. Apply this mask over the entire facial skin and leave it for fifteen minutes. After, it is completely dry wash it off with cold water and experience natural radiance in the facial skin on regular usage.

  1. Strike of a Pineapple: Prepare this skin rejuvenation mask with a slice of pineapple, orange or lemon juice and little wheat flour. Mash up the pineapple slice and blend it with orange or lemon juice and to all this add wheat flour. Apply this combination on the face and neck. Rub it off after it dries. Regular usage of this pineapple mask will give a soft and clear skin.

  1. Egg –Lemon Skin Cleanser: Prepare this skin cleanser with the help of an egg white, lemon juice and one tomato. Beat an egg white and refrigerate it for about fifteen minutes. To, these add lemon juice and a grated tomato paste. Apply this mixture on the skin. Follow this procedure for least a month to get a healthy skin.

  1. Guava Elegance: Prepare this skin treatment mask with the help of a guava. Smash one guava and blend it well with the combination of oatmeal and lemon juice. Immediately, apply this mask on the face and keep it for approximately twenty minutes. Scrub it off well to avail a beautiful and glowing skin.

  1. Spinach Polish: Prepare this facial care mask with a green leafy vegetable like spinach which is readily available in every kitchen. This beauty care treatment is made with a cup of raw spinach puree and a spoon of fresh cream. Blend this mixture well and apply it on the facial skin. Wash this mixture after half an hour and get a beautiful skin to compliment your great looks.

  1. Stunning Radish Grace: Prepare this oily skin treatment with the help of half grated clean radish, a spoon of vinegar, a spoon of lemon juice and a spoon of honey. Combine all these elements in a glass of purified water and store up in a bottle. Wash your oily skin with this, on a regular basis to condense open pores and decrease greasiness.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The significance of copywriting

Copywriting is rapidly gaining significance as the world moves towards online media as the most reliable source of information. Earlier, people preferred electronic or print media for information.  Therefore, selling products using them was the only way to reach maximum audience. As the world is turning faster, online media offers a better source of information than the prior two.

Along with writing a good copy, the electronic and print media requires other elements for making the product saleable. However, that is not the case with the online media. Writing a perfect sales copy can do the job for any online seller. Online copywriting is thus, emerging as a good career for those who have flair in writing. Small business owners who are setting up online stores need to do proper marketing of their products. Therefore, for this purpose they need to have a good and engaging copy to make their website and products attractive to the readers.

Many times online sellers forget to understand the significance of copywriting. They usually concentrate on writing only good product descriptions or for that matter just precise product descriptions. However, they forget that the internet is the widest source of information. The consumers of today are smarter and information hungry; if you supply less information and ask for direct purchase then the buyer might just ignore your website and move to another one. People tend to stay longer at those online shops that offer more information.

Therefore, having a copy that contains both product and service description along with the necessary information can generate more sales. A product or service description cannot be called as a copy. A copy is something that can connect the seller to the buyer with a bond of “trust”. It is essential to know that a reader will get converted into a buyer only if he or she is able to trust the seller.  Unless he or she is convinced, a reader will not get converted into a buyer.

In order to convert your readers into buyers, you must have good copy. A good copy must contain precise information, engaging content and informal writing style.

Importance of precise information:

Your copy must describe the product or service in a precise manner. If you are selling a digital camcorder then the essential features such as the LCD screen size, Image and Video quality, shooting frames per second, video modes and format should be specified. A visitor is able to choose whether to purchase or not to purchase that product based on the description. If you offer additional features at a lower price then this can convert the reader into a buyer. You should highlight the best features of your product or service in an easy to comprehend manner for generating sales. Internet readers have too many options and very less time, therefore, providing precise information is your key to sales.

Importance of Engaging content:

You may write appropriate or apt product/service description. However, you may not write an engaging copy. When you are describing a product or service for creating sales, just providing the readers with the details is not enough. Your content shouldn’t sound monotonous or boring. It must instill more enthusiasm in the reader about the product or service. Anything that appears to be a direct “sales copy” can be considered as spam. If this happens with you, then you lose both customers and authenticity. This is one reason why most successful netpreneurs spend months for building online reputation. Online reputation cannot be built overnight and anyone who promises such quick success has no experience of copywriting or is just another internet conman. Until unless you are a popular brand in the regular or offline market and have used print or electronic media for sales promotions previously; huge online success on an immediate basis can just be a dream.

In case, you are starting your business using the internet then it is crucial that you follow effective marketing strategy and comprehend the importance of copywriting. 

Your content must generate curiosity and interest about your product or service. I t must establish an immediate connection with the reader so that he/she is converted into a recurring visitor and eventually into a buyer. There should be a touch of creativity and humor even to your regular copy. This makes a copy enticing even to a layman. Don’t make use of too much technical terms and highly polished English as a regular reader will find it difficult to comprehend. A clean and easy to read informative copy is more than likely to generate huge sales.

The importance of informative writing style:

Writing style is also an important factor of copywriting. The way you present your copy can tremendously influence your sales. Sometimes there is too much of sales content in a copy. This should be avoided if you intend to actually make “sales”.  Your copy should concentrate on the best qualifications of your products or services. While doing so, it should be kept in mind that you are not being too “pushy”. A good sales copy must be friendly and informative rather than being pushy and formal.  A friendly, informal style of writing is easily acceptable to the readers. Such a copy that is quickly comprehensible, informative and fun to read and will generate sales faster.

When the above tips are kept in mind, you are likely to get higher search engine rankings and quality traffic.

An effective copy is very crucial for generating higher sales. Therefore, it should not be ignored. Copywriting has become a vital part of having a flourishing online business. Ignoring the principles of copywriting can leave you with a stagnated business, no traffic or no quality traffic and hopelessness.

A lot of times people make mistake of ignoring search engine friendly words. They also don’t use an informal and creative writing style while publishing their sales copy. Copywriting is an art and it should be mastered to get the best results. However, mastering it is not difficult at all. Anyone who understands the three principles of copywriting can easily use this art for reaping high benefits. Copywriting is very important since, there is cut throat competition on the web. When it comes to electronic or print media, the significance of copywriting cannot be ignored. There too, the copy of an advertisement needs to be “perfect” to generate sales and to establish a brand name. Nevertheless, copywriting is far too significant when it comes to selling your products or services online.

A Lovely Woman’s Guide to Purchasing Lingerie

With regards to the ever rising popularity of Lingerie boutiques in shopping malls across America the disgrace of purchasing and sporting lingerie is nowadays a fad of the past.

Nevertheless for women who’ve by no means have purchased lingerie prior to or are still a little timid about going to a shop, below are listed some tips

Baby Doll Set

A baby doll set includes an immense category of lingerie things. Mainly, it’s a two piece set, comprising of a robe or loose-fitting billowy top and corresponding bottom. The top is mostly loose fitting and falls just below the bust line, resembling an empire bodice. The top is particularly loose fitting and small, at or just below your rear. Baby doll sets are accessible in extensive range of materials from silk and satin to pure lace.


A camisole is a woman’s undershirt. It is loose and has slim spaghetti straps that go above the shoulder. It’s generally paired with a parallel bottom. Camisoles are nowadays in addition obtainable as outwear. Whilst they are not generally donned as proper office outfit, they can be sported for sporty events.


A corset is the converse of a camisole. It’s an ordered outfit that has bones or ribs to force your body into definite size. The look of a corset can be extremely striking, and can produce an exceptionally attractive curved figure. Some corsets are more intricate to sport than others, relying on how much shaping they are doing.

If you’ve have not at all sported a corset earlier then select something that’s not so complex to wear. Corsets are also nowadays being made as outwear. Although not a dress that you would sport to office, they are ideal for a dinner party, club or night on the town.

How to Choose the Right Chess Set

There are no shortages of chess sets for you to choose from out there. As a result BraRoe Chess would like to provide you this service to help make you experience the best that it can be.

When you look to purchase a chess set, you two different options in front of you:
Choose a combination of pieces and a board that has been pre-selected for you
Individually choose the chess pieces and the chess board for you own chess set

With both options, there are a couple of things that you want to keep in mind. The first is price. Choose a chess set that is built to last. You are going to have many memories attached to your set, and one of the best things that you can do is to keep the set around for generation to enjoy. Always buy the highest quality set that you can afford.

Second is quality. The quality is something that you will be able to both see and feel. The pieces should have a good solid feel to them every time you pick one up. Next, pay attention to the crown of the King, the finer the details, then the higher the quality. Lastly, the knight is the most noticeable piece that you will have on your board. Study it curves and details. True quality sets will have a finely, hand-carved knight.

Now keeping this in mind, choosing an existing Chess Set is much simpler. You take the time to choose between the Classic Staunton Chess Set or a theme that you like (i.e. Civil War, Mythology, etc.); purchase the set, and wait for it to arrive.

The second option, takes a little more thought.

Matching wood types:

Wood Chess Sets:
Ebony pieces match well with basic Black and White boards or with Ebony/Madrona  Board
Rosewood pieces look great with boards that are also rosewood or those made from Mahogany
Sheesham woods fit best with Walnut boards as well as with Bubinga or Hazelnut Boards

Metal Chess Sets: 
Metal Sets match with wood boards, but also go well with brass boards as well as leatherette boards

Matching Size
The size of the chess board square is determined from the diameter of the chess pieces’ King. Take the diameter and multiply it by 1.33 (4/3). If need be, you can go a little bigger, but you really don’t want to go smaller. Example a 1.25 diameter base x 1.33 is 1.66 inch board. Boards with 1.75-inch boards would be perfect.

After that, all you need is to order the chess pieces and board and start creating you own chess memories.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to get your ex-girlfriend back

Getting back someone whom you love so dearly is definitely a dream come true. So, How to get your ex-girlfriend back ? Maybe it was a mere misunderstanding or something else that caused the separation. However, you can always try once to win her back. Let's take a look at what can get your ex-girlfriend back in your arms

Tip # 1

The 1st thing you can do is go back and give her a hug. Maybe she has been waiting for this since very long. It may melt her.  

Tip # 2
If not possible you can send her emails with beautiful pictures, or even a simple note. It will make her understand you really care for her though you are not in a relationship now. 

Tip # 3
Girls have a firm believe in the word integrity, so don’t start frequenting other girls as soon as you break up. She may have a bad impression on you and assume that you are a flirt. 

Tip # 4
Another point to remember is never forget her birthday. Every girl wants to be the centre of attraction and treated as a princess on their birthdays. 

Tip # 5
Uncertainity is another thing that should be avoided. Instead of assuming you with another woman when you are unavailable let her know what you were actually up to. 

Tip # 6
Call her now and then, if not possible keep in touch with her by texts and emails. You may also analyze her by listening attentively to what she says. 

Tip # 7
Do keep an eye on how she acts with other guys, if she stands up for you when they make fun of you, do understand that she has a feeling for you. 

Tip # 8
Be careful of not playing any sort of games with her, whatever it is you don’t want to mess her life at all. 

Remember despite of whoever has done the break up, try to take care of the things she complained. In the long run you may win her back or at least improve yourself for your own good.

How to do shrimp farming?

Shrimp farming is a vital part of the coastal farmers. This can earn you profit as shrimp has quite a great value in the market. It suits well in all kinds of cuisine and is a real delicacy. You will find that most coastal countries have a special place for “Shrimps” for almost all of their menus. So, if you are about to start a sea-food restaurant or are just interested in making money then these tips will come in as handy. Let’s see to how to do shrimp farming

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How to Raise a Girl Child to Get the Right Groom

Well, while this article may sound to be too weird for some readers. It is actually something that can put the first step in raising your girls in the right manner. A lot of times I've come across women who have a certain rules about how a real man should behave. It starts right from my home. My mom has this rule book as well. For her and many women or even girls come across with these common ideologies about "real men". I have listed some of these common points below. Let's take a look at them.

1. He should never carry the weight of his woman's belongings. To make it precise that includes, her shopping bags, purse, suitcases and even children!

2. He must never go for shopping alone in the market to buy fruits or vegetables.

3. He must never help his wife in house hold chores. A man who doesn't know how to cook is apparently "cute". Rather, the man who says he can never learn to cook is the cutest on the planet.

4. If he abuses or beats up his wife then that is "adjustable".

5. If he speaks about the beauty of other women then it is harmless but a wife not supposed to do the same.

6. He is not expected to prioritze her over work, his friends and his family or anything that interests him.

7. He must never cry. A man whose eyes turn moist over death of his beloved is "weak or not a real man".

8. He must never confide in a woman. He must confide in to his friends.

9. He always needs his own space.

10. He will never change baby's diapers.

11. He will never bother even if you are asleep to continue his work. For example, he can open the curtains even when you are sleeping after a long tired day.

12. His needs should be always prioritized.

13. He can feel insecure if his woman starts moving ahead in her career.

14. He is the man in the house even if you are the bread winner.

15. A man always lacks emotions.

16. The list is on...

17. You are not supposed to look like an "item" but he can look at others. This is because a man is always protective about his own "property".

18. The list is too big to be listed here

Phew, so this is something that most of you must have agreed with.

I grew up listening to this all my life uptill now and I guess will continue in the future as well. Most women I know, I come across and even those whom I don't know in person follow these rules. It is not their entire fault. They all, globally, are brought to believe these rules. Their only major fault is that they never question or learn with experience. This is where I differ from most women. It is innate in me to question, I cannot curb my curiosity or accept contradictions as if they never existed.

So, what is the big deal about these rules? As far as you get laid, (yeah!), you get a guy (yeah!!) and get married (a bigger Yeah!). But is getting a guy and getting married the end of it?

I know fairytales end on that note with a line "...and they lived happily everafter". But "happily everafter" is a very important line. Are you happy with your life? Well, not really since you are reading this article. Don't get me wrong, but happiness of the heroine of the fairytale and prince is because both value each other. The man respects the woman. He totally adores her and so they live happily everafter. It is not one-sided affair. Cinderella didn't go back to her dishwashing days at the Castle. She was the princess and later became the queen. She was treated like a royalty and loved wholeheartedly. Don't discard this as there are no fairytales in real life.

They can become heroines of fairytales and live happily everafter if you raise them to be one.
It doesn't just mean that you have to buy fairy costumes or doll houses (only). All fairytale heroines know one secret that most women don't know in real life. They know "the right guy" who will take care of them, a very good care! They pledge with love to give their beloved ones all the happiness in the world. That is why live happily ever after.  So, how do you bring this to your daughters?

These heroines are intuitive and know what they need to be happy in life. They don't have rules for "real or macho men". They just take the vibes.  They just feel it. There is no need for them to actually carry a checklist.

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Top 4 Indian Online Shopping Sites

So, friends you are looking to do online shopping, right? You might find good number of top US or UK online shopping websites but to find top 4 Indian Online Shopping sites can be quite a task. Believe me, it was the same for me. I have spent months searching for genuine Indian shopping sites online. I have been conned on several occasions as well. But I have posted a real and absolutely, 100 % unbiased review of top 4 Indian Online Shopping Websites. You will find many reviews online but unfortunately most of them are paid and hence, are dishonest. This review will definitely help you in making the right decision. Let's take a look at the websites that have achieved the top spot in my honest list of Indian shopping websites.


I was introduced to this site after I was conned by several others. It all happened through an accident. I was looking for "Olivepad" and I was searching for some genuine online websites after having a bad experience with Homeshop 18. Among those websites, that had this product was Thus, I decided to do a profound research on the reliability of this website. After doing a week old, thorough research I decided to order a book from them at first. The book was on astrology. You can find it below. The book came on time and it was sealed perfectly. The customer service sent me several messages on my email id and on my phone to keep the shipment in track. Then I ordered another book, the same story got repeated.  Then I decided to place a higher order that was of a digicam. I order fuji's 14 megapixel digital camera and the good part was that flipkart gave a discount of Rs.1000. I got a very useful and durable digicam for just Rs.4000. After this, I bought Olivepad that was worth Rs.15000, here, too, I got a discount of Rs.1000. Since then, I have been shopping from I also recently purchased my spice touchscreen mobile from their store. It works much better than my previous Samsung mobile that was bought from another site. Flipkart is no.1 in terms of trust, delivery, cost and durability.The best part of flipkart among other best parts is that it has a "Cash on Delivery" option. So, no fuss of credit cards. You can buy anything from healthcare, software, beauty, gadgets, cameras, books, computers, toys to games from For any Indian shopper, this website is highly recommended. So, just go for it!

2. Rediff Shopping: 

I love rediff shopping because it was my first online shopping website. I had purchased a small handycam of  Digigr8 company from this website. The best part of rediff shopping was that they had "cash on delivery" facility available at that time. So, we could first take the product and then pay. Their customer service was not as great as that of but it was good. I got my item in 7 days. It was worth it's price. I used it mainly to cover our family's ganpati festival. The shooting mode was VGA and the pics were decently clear for 3 megapixel camera. The cost was the highlighting point, it was worth just Rs.3000. How good is that? In those days when handycams didn't cost less than Rs.18000, it was a miracle to find such a cheap one. 

So, I never thought of searching for another online shopping site after visiting Rediff Shopping but things changed for me after when stopped the cash on delivery option. I don't believe in handing over the credit card details online. Unfortunately, that became the end of my relationship with Rediff shopping. However, I would still recommend the site as it is reliable and the products are genuine.


I shop from amazon to buy books and DVDs. E-books especially are my favorite so if you are lover of any these then you will find the best deals on amazon. The latest book that everyone is raving about is Fifty shades of grey by E L James so if you are book fan like me then you can do shopping from One more thing for book lovers is Kindle, you can get this amazing e-book reader to get all of your favorite books at almost half of their print price. So, getting Kindle from amazon is one time investment that is extremely beneficial for authors, or just crazy book lovers. 

4. Homeshop 18

Well, if you honestly ask me, I wouldn't recommend buying any product from this website. I had a very bad experience of buying a handycam of a company called indigo (i guess). In some months it suffered from a battery leakage and I got response from them only when I complained on a forum. That response too, was not very useful and the handycam still lies in my cupboard. But if you want to buy products of renowned companies then you can choose homeshop 18. They have the cash on delivery option. You also get the product on time. My personal rating would be 2/5. You can post your opinion below in the comments.

I hope you will find my list of top 4 Indian Online Shopping Sites to be very highly useful! So, long, enjoy shopping!

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June-July Astro Predictions: Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman

The current phase of the planets suggests a love affair between the legendary cosmic lovers - Scorpio Men and Pisces Women. It might have been so that you two met few months or more than a year ago but have had an on and off relationship. The pull is from Pisces woman towards the Scorpio man. At present, Pisces are worried if their love will be reciprocated in the similar manner. My advice is to hold on, as the planets change the Scorpio will start to experience the same tug. In fact at this transitional phase, the movement has begun. This prediction is for the month of June. In the coming months, there seems to be a possibility of taking your relationship to the next level. So, good news for all Scorpio-Pisces lovers!


June is coming to an end. July scorpio-pisces lovers gear up for the exciting month. Both lovers will be busy in their work. Scorpio especially will be busy in showbiz or showcasing their talent. A month of fun, publicity and excitement for the Scorpio while pisces women wait on the edge to see their love life going to the next level. But never say die, get the complete individual  most accurate astrology report now!Click Here!


Here is December- Jan Love Prediction
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Read Scorpio Male and Pisces Female Compatibility

New!! -  Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman First Meeting Chart Analysis

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What is Paranoia: Common signs and symptoms

by Dr. Jerry Kennard 

Paranoid thinking is more common, and more normal, than most people realize. In fact paranoia is as common as the everyday worries and anxieties that most people experience. Some estimates suggest that at any one time up to 25 percent of the population is experiencing paranoid thinking. Unlike anxiety however, our society tends to frown upon open declarations of suspicion. This helps to mask the fact that most of us, at some points in our lives, will have a sense that someone is deliberately trying to upset, harm or irritate us. In fact these are some of the most common examples of paranoid thinking. They tend to be fleeting however and, for the most part, don’t cause undue distress.
The strongest form of suspicion is often referred to as the persecutory delusion. This tends to be associated with mental health problems. Persecutory delusions can take a whole variety of forms. For example, that food is being poisoned, money stolen, malicious rumors spread. Such examples highlight two of the central features of paranoid thinking. The first is that some form of harm is occurring or is about to and the second is that a persecutor is deliberately out to cause harm and distress.
People with more extreme forms of paranoid thinking tend to be more preoccupied with their delusions. When discussing their suspicions they typically use quite assertive and forthright phrases such as, ‘I know she’s out to get me’, or ‘he’s always causing trouble for me’. It’s no surprise perhaps that people who experience high levels of anxiety also tend to have more suspicious natures. Although this may appear an entirely negative situation, there is also a case for such characteristics to be considered adaptive. In times of potential danger or conflict, the increased vigilance and sensitivity of such individuals can act as a protective mechanism. Suspicions may make them less inclined to take risks and to avoid situations that appear potentially harmful.
Persecutory delusions are fixed false beliefs, so-called because even in the face of evidence to the contrary, they remain unshakable. Certain characteristics underpin such delusions. For example, the belief tends not to be shared by other people and seems to lack credibility. Persecutory delusions are nearly always self-referencing in the sense that an impending disaster or harmful situation is about to happen only to that person. The delusion itself becomes a major preoccupation and to the outside observer, is completely embedded with no attempt made to resist it.
Paranoia tends to occur within a context of emotional upset. Stressful events or life circumstances are known to trigger and help maintain paranoid thinking. As people begin to feel isolated they also feel more vulnerable and threatened. It is often the case that paranoia has at least some basis in reality. For example, being bullied, or living on the street and under constant threat of assault.
Paranoia can be treated. The process is broadly similar to that used for negative thinking that reinforces depression. The therapist offers alternatives to paranoid thoughts and in turn encourages the person to do likewise rather than automatically assuming every scenario is negative. Therapy is unlikely to stop the thoughts occurring but it may help to offer some insights into where they come from. Such insights are thought to help make thoughts less threatening and give the person some mastery over their environment.


How to deal with perfectionist tendencies-1

by A. Saafir 

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a perfectionist is someone that has a propensity for setting extremely high standards and being displeased with anything less. Many of us know people like this who may seem to be driven beyond reason. You yourself may very well be someone like this! When perfectionism gets out of hand, stress can result. This article offers tips for dealing with perfectionist tendencies in self and others.

The Perfectionist Child

Have you ever met a child who cannot seem to enjoy himself unless whatever he is doing is just so. Some children are so hard on themselves that if their drawing doesn't look exactly the way that they want each and every time they throw it away and get upset. Some older children feel miserable if they get anything less than an A in school. These types of children can create great stress for themselves as well as for those who care about them.

If you have a perfectionist child, you should gently remind them that the end product is not as important as what they did to get there. Let them know that what matters the most is that they do their best. Let them know that everyone makes mistakes and that mistakes exist to teach us lessons. Praise them for their efforts rather than simply for getting good grades. Let them know that your love for them is unconditional and that even if they fail at something you will always love them. Striving for perfection is not a bad thing in and of itself. It only becomes a problem when things get out of balance.

The Perfectionist Parent

Sometimes the reverse situation can occur. Parents can have such high expectations for their children that they stress their children out. Even parents of adult children can negatively impact the lives of their family members when they send a message that nothing is good enough if it is not absolutely perfect. They may be highly critical of everything that the child does and push them to excel in areas that they themselves (rather than the child) are passionate about. Although they may very well love you, having a perfectionist parent who goes to the extreme can be quite stressful experience for almost anyone.

If you have a perfectionist parent, try not to take their criticisms personally. Realize that they are probably just as hard on themselves (if not more) as they are on those around them. NEXT>

How to deal with perfectionist tendencies

If you are happy with your life the way that it is then don't worry about trying to live up to any unrealistic expectations of anyone else. Love yourparent for who they are and try to focus on the positive parts of the relationship. If you have a friend who shows signs of being an out of balance perfectionist parent, pull them to the side and let them know your concerns in a gentle manner. Maybe your words of caution can help them to alter how they have been relating to their own child.

The Perfectionist Boss or Co-Worker

Have you ever worked for or with someone who never seemed pleased with your efforts or their own? Have you turned in reports and projects only to have them rejected for what seem like insignificant reasons? This can be very frustrating and create a stressful environment at work. There are some things that you can do to deal with perfectionist tendencies in your boss or co-workers.

The first and most important thing that you can do in this type of situation is to set clear boundaries for what you will and will not do. Set limits for yourself and the next time that your boss unjustifiably asks you to re-do something that you have been working on for weeks you will be more likely to stand up for yourself. A perfectionist boss or co-worker may be difficult to be around at times, but if you set your own personal goals then you will be better prepared to resist any unrealistic expectations that they have for you.

Yourself as the Perfectionist

What if you are the perfectionist that is driving everyone around you crazy with all your high expectations and refusal to accept anything less than the absolute best! Try to remember that the whole world does not operate on your particular principles and sometimes it is okay to relax. Being a perfectionist can serve to keep you in a highly stressed state because nothing you do or anyone else does ever seems to be good enough. Give yourself permission to be a little less than the best sometimes. Take a vacation from the difficult task of re-doing things over and over again until they finally arrive at a state that is acceptable to you. Try not to be overly critical of the people around you. Be willing to learn from others. There is nothing wrong with having a love of excellence. It is however, important to remain humble and realize that no one is perfect at everything. We all have our individual strengths and weaknesses and it really is okay! <PREV

American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition, Houghton Mifflin, 1985

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Editorial: Love a Divine Gift or a Devil's Curse? -2

My first feeling after looking at him was that he seems to be very "gullible". Second feeling was that he is very emotional and third one was that he is "hot". This guy can die for his love. How many women see such a specimen in real life? I saw one! I was overjoyed and overwhelmed. Why is he so non-famous? He can move mountains with his one hand. For everyone who is wondering about the profession of this guy; all I can reveal is that he is a public figure. This cute guy has puppy looks and most determined face. I was already flipped the time I saw him. But I was not in love, I know that well, because I am in it at present. He made me fall in love. All the while when my thoughts ran across my mind, as I blushed. He was looking at me. There was confidence, courage, ambition, passion, determination packed with sexiness in his looks.

I was in a cab as he drove his car close to my cab. Moving from one side to another on one of the main roads of my city. He drove closer trying to cut my cab off at regular intervals looking at me. Driving the car by fixing your eyes on the girl in the next cab was a amazing thing to watch. He meant to do no stunts. He only meant that he would miss an opportunity to look at me. When I looked at him in the beginning with a smile, he looked shell shocked. Then again when our cars met, I looked at him once again the reaction stayed the same. Then he matched his car's pace with my cab. It was a roller coaster ride.

This fun game turned into a crazy chase that freaked me out or would say gave me a wake up call. He tried to stop my cab. He gave me insane looks. Sort of hunted me down till (I guess) I disappeared in my lane. "What a freak" I said to myself. He chased me as if I was a hunt and that he would die out of hunger if didn't get his prey. Sounds YUCKY!! YES and also like a teenager's dream man (delusional teenager actually)

But then I remembered the only time he had taken-off his sunglasses to look into the rare view mirror. I saw his eyes, they were deep, placid but pure. During my acting classes, whenever I was asked to enact romantic scenes the biggest turn-off for me were the eyes of my co-actors. They were usually desperate, full of greed and never pure. They were and were going to remain clueless about the pious feeling of "love".

Nevertheless, his eyes were different. They were oceanic and peaceful covering deep emotions that refused to show on the surface. A secretive heart that was afraid of getting exposed and being vulnerable. Through his silence he spoke a million words. Through his astonishment I learnt that there were not many pleasant love encounters that he had in his past. He was aware that a brattish boy like himself would be of no use to a  intellectually inclined girl like me.  At the same time, he was willing to accept my interest if I was willing to take the "risk". Risk he was, risk he is but it is worth the gamble.

So, on getting back home and narrating the story to my sister. She seemed bewildered and amazed to learn that a non-entity like him has a great caliber to make it big. In a short period of time, she learnt that I was right. He rose like a phoenix from ashes to great heights.

To my surprise, I saw him again some months back. I thought that I was imagining. Then my sister saw him the next day near my lane. What purpose did he have? That was a question that came to my mind. It has happened several times from then. I know he comes here for work but there is nothing in my lane that "works" for him.

While the original affair has been more than a year old now, these pacifying incidents don't really lead to any concrete conclusions. So, the thought of breaking "the chain" that the devil seems to have tied me with comes very often in my mind. I feel the pull, the need to forgive him for not noticing me twice. Although the distance was too much between us the wait has taken a toll on my emotional health.

The beauty and sheer joy that the lovers card offered no longer seems to be working for me. I think of excuses of cutting him off from my life still the thoughts stay. I wish, I pray that he doesn't meet anyone else or not even look at anyone other than me. But is this actually possible? Why not, if it works for me then why not for him? Then I rethink about the definition of "love". The ace of cups comes to my mind.

If you give love freely then the love comes back 3 times to you. But when you give, do so selflessly. There is a pure joy in loving someone. Feeling happy for someone comes with its own benefits. First, it flushes out negativity from your body. Second, it fills your heart with happiness and third makes your approach positive towards life. The last being the most wonderful, it invites success as a reward to your kindness.

So, loving someone who  may not be conventionally my dream boy. He might be a mix of the knight of swords with wands and water. Blazing air with blazing emotions, however, he is somebody worthy of my love. I am grateful to god that I have the capacity to love someone by breaking the devils chains of obsession and inviting the positive qualities of the angel from the lovers card.

Therefore, love is actually a divine gift not a devil's curse!

Editorial: Love a Divine Gift or a Devil's Curse?

It makes me wonder whether Love is a Divine Gift or a Devil's Curse? Tarot has two cards to define love in the major arcana first being the "Lovers" while the second being the "Devil". In the prior, you will see an angel blessing the couple in love. While the latter has two lovers tied by chains and the devil sitting between them.

The first one shows that love is a divine gift of god where there is sunshine and beauty. While, the other shows that love when turned to negativity is a chain or burden that ties two people. This makes the life of the two a hell. 

Today, I think about the cards and now I thought that the best way to analyze them would be by writing this article. Being a career-oriented person never made me delve into these two cards too seriously. They were almost non-existent and useless for me. I preferred a reading where the Emperor, The Empress or The Chariot, The Judgement and The World card would feature.  But lately, my readings have these two cards along with my other favorites as frequent visitors.  Well, I have the answer, it is because of love. Although, I feel it awkward to accept that I am in love. Suddenly, you feel the shift. Something that was so important to you has a another shareholder. You get caught between the duty and the voice of your heart. My dream of getting into the  media industry and starting my own firm was once that made me move mountains.

I love my career and never loved anything more than it. I left my childhood early and started with my writing chasing my dreams. Then came a moment in my life just a year back when I felt the "heat". A gap in my stomach an experience that was never felt before. It was like an earthquake, shaking me off from my usual self and exposing be to a unknown world. I had experienced a massive earthquake in 2001 on republic day. But that was a real one yet less effective. However, this one was huge something that hit my heart straight and pierced my soul out of my body. It was love and suddenly all Bollywood songs of romance became a reality for me.

Love does give one a lifted feeling. It drifts one away from the routines into a world of drunken emotions and happiness. The feeling of melting with the another like the Lovers card shows is indeed the most ecstatic and truthful. There is nothing more rewarding than loving that person, being there for the person and caring for the significant other. It is eternal bliss.

But what if one loves for one whole big moment and then both parties return to their lives? Hmmm... sounds unusual. Also, sounds a bit crazy. Yet, this elongated moment of about 15 minutes had a deep impact on my soul. He hit me like a comet and then disappeared in the big cosmic universe.

For,  almost a year, I sent him love through my heart and made predictions for him. Surprisingly, he acted, reacted and behaved on my lines. It seemed he was listening to my cosmic advise. His rise to success from a person of no identity made me feel much better about myself. After all, I had put my money on him.

I felt the need to be connected to him. Almost like a twin soul attached feeling of being chained "The Devil" card impact. There is no escape. Although, I am seeing the finest days of my existence with my writing company rising everyday. I still feel that I need him by my side. I cannot imagine letting him go of my mind.

I think for some people this might be an experience of crazy rather foolish unrequited love incidence. I cannot or do not wish to change their willful thoughts. Having said that, for those who wish to know the truth; everyone gets admirers in life. Some of them admire you for a longer time than the rest. Yet, their duration doesn't impress you. They want your love, other's forget about you or give up on you. My life is full of such people. Lately, had a tsunami of frustrated admirers who refuse to give up and so perhaps, find the grapes to be "sour". Again believers can believe rest can leave it. I am above average in looks and hence, have the option of being "choosy". I exercise it, honestly, to a huge extent. I go to the extent of being extremely critical and thus, get a lot of frustration in return. Despite of my visible pride and extreme prejudice (unknown was it to me) I feel for a guy who is neither the conventional good boy (of my dreams) nor the business oriented gentleman (repeat: of my dreams). All the more, he is not conventionally good looking (doesn't have Tom Cruise's chiseled features).

Still, he makes women weak in their knees. Even a slight news of him having a GF freaks them out. Perhaps, the answer is that he has a powerful magnetic personality and visible go-getter attitude. He looks like Hercules no exaggeration meant- PERIOD!

But before this Hercules had any idea that he would be termed as one and before the other girls became as crazy as they are today; I judged him. Yes, I am bragging! I can shout from the roof tops that I made a "excellent choice" by liking him!

Okay, bragging is over. Now, coming back to the point. I met this guy a year back.  Contd>>

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Budding Actress Dipty Gharat Opens her Heart

Dipty Gharat: Poolside Beauty
Dipty Gharat, a budding marathi actress who is presently seen in a popular TV series that is aired on the national channel. "Nanda Prem Bhare" is a series in which Veteran Actor Mr.Vikram Gokhale and his wife Vaishali Gokhale play a lovely couple who advise young married couples about how to sail beautifully through highs and lows of their relationship. Dipty Gharat plays a young wife's part in the series. 

She has come a long way to bag this prestigious role with such an honourable actor. Her episodes have started being aired. She shares her experience, likes and dislikes with us.

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Leo-Scorpio Horoscope Compatibility

Leo Scorpio sun signs are Fixed in nature, and have a secret desire to dominate. Well, at least with Scorpio it’s a secret desire; with the Lion, it’s more or less obvious unless the latter is a Leo who is submerging the natural Leonine ego, a very unhealthy thing to do. To casual observers of this pair it appears that Leo must eventually win control, the Lion or Lioness being so transparent about his or her goal as ruler of the relationship.

Compatibility of Leo Man and Scorpio Woman

Beauty with a Strong Mind: Scorpio Woman
The sexual relationship between a Leo and a female Scorpion can be somewhat intermittent. It can blow hot and cold, by turns. She finds his warm strength erotic, in a cozy, affectionate way. He finds her secret, silent intensity of passion a sensuous challenge to his impulsive romantic nature. With some mutual consideration, like a little more verbal expression from her, and a little more sensitive consideration from him, the yearning thy felt when they first met and loved will remain. But too many silences from her, too much arrogance from him, and the initial powerful chemistry between them may trickle into a mild, bored affection, with true mating occurring less and less frequently all the way to frigidity in her and impotence in him. The Scorpio woman already knows what every Leo man needs to learn that fulfilling sex does not initiate in the body’s fleeting urges. It begins in the mind and heart, then gradually grows into the kind of physical desire which results in emotional peace and contentment.

My Take on The Compatibility of Leo Man and Scorpio Woman

I believe what has been written in this article is extremely true. As an Astrologer, I've observed this behaviour from a Scorpio Woman and from a Leo Man as well. Scorpio resents Leo's extroversion, highly boastful and out-going nature. Leos love being the leaders in a party, Scorpio prefers quite surroundings and family. There is suffering; but the scorpio woman and leo man both find it difficult to break the chord. They separate many times, silently from a scorpio woman's part while arrogantly from a leo man's part. However, despite of the surfacial coldness, the heat and emotions remain in the depths of the heart. Scorpio hates the lion's need to control and dominate to the level of aggression. For a Scorpio woman, would do exactly the opposite of the expected if she is challenged.

My advice to both these lovers would be stop playing games and establish fluent communication to ease out pain. Although most astrologers don't agree, the lion and lady scorp form a long lasting pair. Scorpio reads the Lion like an open book and that bewilders him. She boldly pries his secrets on his face which his taken as sexy contempt by a Lion. Thus, he tries to establish his supremacy through bold aggression. A typical Scorpio loves it but resents it to show the lion that she cannot be "controlled". This is main cause of the friction that this red hot and violently emotional pair face. When pushed far a Scorpio Woman can go the extent of purposefully hurting the Lion's pride while the Lion can put his worst aggression to control this independent rebellious woman.

Nikita Gharat
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Compatibility of Leo Woman and Scorpio Man 

Scorpio man and  Leo woman really try, despite the obstacle of their squared 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern, they can create a beautiful scene together. They have a lot going against them from the beginning, yet they do have their mutual free will going for them. Imagine a calm, clear lake in the moonlight, a thousand bright flames adrift on its surface shooting sparks of brilliant color toward the velvet midnight sky. To the Leo Fire Sign and Scorpio Water Sign, those floating logs can symbolize a mutual goal.