Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scorpio Man: Love, Lust, Obsession and Insanity -2

In the previous article we spoke about Scorpio Man's Love and Lust. In this article, we'll speak about his Obsession and Insanity.

You will find many topics on Scorpio Man's love. But about his obsession and insanity there might be very less information. 

So, Let's see what is the much talked about Obsession and Insanity of  a Scorpio Man:

Obsession: He is something who will be obsessed about the one who he loves. If he is a typical Scorpio he will be passionate about everything about his lover and everyone related to her. Scorpions are known for their possessiveness. However, possessiveness is not just about control. His possessiveness is about knowing everything about his lover. He wants to control all of it. He's driven by everything that relates to his lover.

You might find it chilling and suffocating. But this is how they are. A scorpio man wants to own his lover. She is his property. He is unwilling to give any space to her. Reason? He is suspicious and insecure.  A scorpio man is vulnerable in love. Unlike he's image; he is not strong when it comes to emotions. He may pretend to be brash, harsh and cold. But his emotions run deep and dark. A good way to avoid the dark is by keeping him secure.  Keeping him secure means giving him respect and lot's of emotional support. Yet,  she should hold her ground. 

You might find your Scorpio lover dropping in without giving you the slightest hint of his coming. You might be  bugged by constant phone calls that have a frequent, "Where are you?" tag line!

There is no need to get bugged; he is the only man who can sleep with only one woman all his life. If you have gained Scorpio Man's trust and love- let him get obsessed.

If he is not obsessed about you, and takes things very casually. Then he is not interested in you. This doesn't mean that you should torture him with various questions. It simply means that if he is not stalking your phone, hacking your emails, twitter or facebook then he might not be that serious. On the other hand, it can also mean that "He trusts you". Yet, he will be suspicious and ask you questions in a sugar coated manner.

An obsessive scorpio lover will take care of you like a mother. All water sign men are women at heart. I hear Sagittarians, Leos and Arians laughing along with Cappys. Well, this doesn't imply that they are less "Masculine". In fact, they are the real men of the zodiac. They are the gentlemen and most macho of all 12 signs.

Why? A Superhero like Batman or Superman never let's a woman do any work. He does them all. He saves his love and risks his life for her. Spiderman Peter Parker has his entire life revolving around his sweetheart.

He can bring her the world's greatest treasures and still not complain. He will shower her with  a regular "thank you" and lot's of adulation. A scorpio man's woman is a superhero's girlfriend. She is the envy of all women.

So, anymore gregarious Sagittarius laughter? Where is the lion hiding ? Leos, you too, do the same but wouldn't risk your life for one women, would ya? No, I know, the King has many queens. Let alone chauvinistic Aries and Cappys.

Now, let's get back to the topic of Obsession of the Scorpio.

Scorpio does everything to the extreme. So, he'll love to the extreme. The eighth house of  Sex, Mystery and Death  is ruled by Scorpio. Therefore, they are the sexiest, mysterious and deadliest of all men.

If you don't calm his nerves on time then he might show you Scorpio Man's Insanity - are next sub-topic!

Insanity of a Scorpio - Scorpio is not known for his cute sense of humor like that of the Saggitarius. But you have heard about the poisonous sarcastic sense of humor. He will wound you with it if you have hurt him. Don't expect that an angry scorpio man finds it below dignity to hit you. He will  definitely do it.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scorpio Man: Love, Lust, Obsession and Insanity -1

You must have read many articles written on Scorpio man's love. Most articles speak about his mystery and strong determination of getting the one he desires. His dedication, perseverance and loyalty. Although all these things are true. There are many sides to this mystery man who may boost about being the most loyal of all zodiac signs. In reality, Scorpio man can be the most loyal and the most disloyal. He can be the least bothered to the most obsessed of all lovers.

Linda Goodman quotes in her Scorpio Man chapter of "Sun Signs" book about the first impression of this man as, "He has got you thinking that he is either good or extremely wicked, he is neither or maybe he is both".

The fact is that as girl in love with a Scorpio; you must know whether he is in love or is it lust. You may not find another article online that has such detailing.

Let's see how he will react in both situations:

Love: Steady gaze. However, the stare will be hypnotizing, deep, mysterious but placid. Remember Jack Dawson's eyes as he makes Rose's painting in Titanic. Leonardo has given the character a Scorpion touch. Jack is focused on his goal. But he is passionately in love; he just has the lid on; just!

When a Scorpio man is staring at you, he will never break the stare first. He will have his eyes locked with yours. This is one of the most important techniques of judging his seriousness for you. 

Less amount of words. Deadly persuasion. I mean "deadly". He'll find you even if you are hiding at one end of the Universe. Yes, but only if you have reciprocated to his feelings. A Scorpio man can either die for you or can kill you (only to repent) when he is pursuing you.  

He wants all the love and gives you all the love, money, fame and happiness. See so many things in return of  just one thing! There is no halfheartedness, no thinking and no realization of right or wrong. It is all futile. He only knows and believes that he wants you. There is no other thing on his mind. Call it madness. It is Scorpio love.  

Lust: Lot's of giggle. Lot's of cheesy talk. Dirty stares and dirty talk. Quick responses to your moves. No restriction and no control. Don't think keeping a Scorpio man means lot's of "you know what". It will only keep him tied to your bed for sometime. Then at his will, he will move on. You can't hold him. He is a strong willed person who only listens to his own will. 

At the most, you'll be his favorite friend. But nothing more than that. If you have no intelligence, no challenge and no purity of soul to offer; he has no patience to offer.  If you lack in any two of these departments and have at least one then he may be interested in you. 

Nevertheless, it will be a fragile interest. He will hold on a bit longer if you have "profit" to offer. Something that will help him attain his present goal (they have endless goals). This is Scorpio Lust!

Scorpion men are great at breaking hearts and they are the most lustful of all men. You will find him changing girlfriends like he changes his clothes. The same old story will be repeated time and on. Till the time he finds the one who fits in the three departments. She may, too, bring on the profit! But it's not at all a compulsion. Scorpio taste is high so the girl he loves is usually the "most wanted" of all. Therefore, he may soar on great seas of wealth when she comes in his life. One such example is, Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri. 

Gauri brought lots of luck in the Scorpion King's life. She was a pretty teenager when he fell in love with her. Very pretty indeed!

Let's see the next chapter: Scorpio Man: Obsession and Insanity


Sunday, January 1, 2012

How a Psychic Consultation Can Solve Your Troubles

Psychic consultations generally have been the road of self discovery.

A psychic consultation may give you the insight that you are seeking
to help you to make the right decision. You can chat live with a
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Psychic reading: Solution of your problem

Psychic reading gives the opportunity to learn if you are on the
right path or not. 

You also come to know that if you need any major or minor changes in your life. 

You come to know what you have in store for your future. When you get a psychic reading you feel safe, relaxed and less worried.

There are certain unseen factors affecting your life. Therefore, you need someone with a sixth sense to give you the insight.  

Psychics normally interpret a certain patterns of your life. Through a
psychic reading you can understand your family, your friends,
your spouse or your children.  

A psychic consultation can help you in peeking into your professional, personal, past, present and future as well. A psychic can tell you how to solve the issues without causing any damage of any sort. 

Generally you can ask some question about yourself to your consultant. There is no specific set
of question for a psychic reading. It varies from person to person.

If you  chat live with a Psychic  you can give get relieved from 
past life troubles as well. 

The psychic reading provides you a guideline that you can choose to
follow or not. This reading helps you in finding the most positive way
to move forward with your life. 

It is not intended to lead you in any certain direction, but to open you 
to the possibilities for your life. It also help you figure out the best 
way to achieve your goals.

Other Types of psychic readings

There is some common psychic readings like palm reading, tarot
reading, psychometric, astrological reading etc. Online tarot reading
is now commonly used by the people.