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June-July Astro Predictions: Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman

The current phase of the planets suggests a love affair between the legendary cosmic lovers - Scorpio Men and Pisces Women. It might have been so that you two met few months or more than a year ago but have had an on and off relationship. The pull is from Pisces woman towards the Scorpio man. At present, Pisces are worried if their love will be reciprocated in the similar manner. My advice is to hold on, as the planets change the Scorpio will start to experience the same tug. In fact at this transitional phase, the movement has begun. This prediction is for the month of June. In the coming months, there seems to be a possibility of taking your relationship to the next level. So, good news for all Scorpio-Pisces lovers!


June is coming to an end. July scorpio-pisces lovers gear up for the exciting month. Both lovers will be busy in their work. Scorpio especially will be busy in showbiz or showcasing their talent. A month of fun, publicity and excitement for the Scorpio while pisces women wait on the edge to see their love life going to the next level. But never say die, get the complete individual  most accurate astrology report now!Click Here!


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Monday, June 11, 2012

What is Paranoia: Common signs and symptoms

by Dr. Jerry Kennard 

Paranoid thinking is more common, and more normal, than most people realize. In fact paranoia is as common as the everyday worries and anxieties that most people experience. Some estimates suggest that at any one time up to 25 percent of the population is experiencing paranoid thinking. Unlike anxiety however, our society tends to frown upon open declarations of suspicion. This helps to mask the fact that most of us, at some points in our lives, will have a sense that someone is deliberately trying to upset, harm or irritate us. In fact these are some of the most common examples of paranoid thinking. They tend to be fleeting however and, for the most part, don’t cause undue distress.
The strongest form of suspicion is often referred to as the persecutory delusion. This tends to be associated with mental health problems. Persecutory delusions can take a whole variety of forms. For example, that food is being poisoned, money stolen, malicious rumors spread. Such examples highlight two of the central features of paranoid thinking. The first is that some form of harm is occurring or is about to and the second is that a persecutor is deliberately out to cause harm and distress.
People with more extreme forms of paranoid thinking tend to be more preoccupied with their delusions. When discussing their suspicions they typically use quite assertive and forthright phrases such as, ‘I know she’s out to get me’, or ‘he’s always causing trouble for me’. It’s no surprise perhaps that people who experience high levels of anxiety also tend to have more suspicious natures. Although this may appear an entirely negative situation, there is also a case for such characteristics to be considered adaptive. In times of potential danger or conflict, the increased vigilance and sensitivity of such individuals can act as a protective mechanism. Suspicions may make them less inclined to take risks and to avoid situations that appear potentially harmful.
Persecutory delusions are fixed false beliefs, so-called because even in the face of evidence to the contrary, they remain unshakable. Certain characteristics underpin such delusions. For example, the belief tends not to be shared by other people and seems to lack credibility. Persecutory delusions are nearly always self-referencing in the sense that an impending disaster or harmful situation is about to happen only to that person. The delusion itself becomes a major preoccupation and to the outside observer, is completely embedded with no attempt made to resist it.
Paranoia tends to occur within a context of emotional upset. Stressful events or life circumstances are known to trigger and help maintain paranoid thinking. As people begin to feel isolated they also feel more vulnerable and threatened. It is often the case that paranoia has at least some basis in reality. For example, being bullied, or living on the street and under constant threat of assault.
Paranoia can be treated. The process is broadly similar to that used for negative thinking that reinforces depression. The therapist offers alternatives to paranoid thoughts and in turn encourages the person to do likewise rather than automatically assuming every scenario is negative. Therapy is unlikely to stop the thoughts occurring but it may help to offer some insights into where they come from. Such insights are thought to help make thoughts less threatening and give the person some mastery over their environment.


How to deal with perfectionist tendencies-1

by A. Saafir 

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a perfectionist is someone that has a propensity for setting extremely high standards and being displeased with anything less. Many of us know people like this who may seem to be driven beyond reason. You yourself may very well be someone like this! When perfectionism gets out of hand, stress can result. This article offers tips for dealing with perfectionist tendencies in self and others.

The Perfectionist Child

Have you ever met a child who cannot seem to enjoy himself unless whatever he is doing is just so. Some children are so hard on themselves that if their drawing doesn't look exactly the way that they want each and every time they throw it away and get upset. Some older children feel miserable if they get anything less than an A in school. These types of children can create great stress for themselves as well as for those who care about them.

If you have a perfectionist child, you should gently remind them that the end product is not as important as what they did to get there. Let them know that what matters the most is that they do their best. Let them know that everyone makes mistakes and that mistakes exist to teach us lessons. Praise them for their efforts rather than simply for getting good grades. Let them know that your love for them is unconditional and that even if they fail at something you will always love them. Striving for perfection is not a bad thing in and of itself. It only becomes a problem when things get out of balance.

The Perfectionist Parent

Sometimes the reverse situation can occur. Parents can have such high expectations for their children that they stress their children out. Even parents of adult children can negatively impact the lives of their family members when they send a message that nothing is good enough if it is not absolutely perfect. They may be highly critical of everything that the child does and push them to excel in areas that they themselves (rather than the child) are passionate about. Although they may very well love you, having a perfectionist parent who goes to the extreme can be quite stressful experience for almost anyone.

If you have a perfectionist parent, try not to take their criticisms personally. Realize that they are probably just as hard on themselves (if not more) as they are on those around them. NEXT>

How to deal with perfectionist tendencies

If you are happy with your life the way that it is then don't worry about trying to live up to any unrealistic expectations of anyone else. Love yourparent for who they are and try to focus on the positive parts of the relationship. If you have a friend who shows signs of being an out of balance perfectionist parent, pull them to the side and let them know your concerns in a gentle manner. Maybe your words of caution can help them to alter how they have been relating to their own child.

The Perfectionist Boss or Co-Worker

Have you ever worked for or with someone who never seemed pleased with your efforts or their own? Have you turned in reports and projects only to have them rejected for what seem like insignificant reasons? This can be very frustrating and create a stressful environment at work. There are some things that you can do to deal with perfectionist tendencies in your boss or co-workers.

The first and most important thing that you can do in this type of situation is to set clear boundaries for what you will and will not do. Set limits for yourself and the next time that your boss unjustifiably asks you to re-do something that you have been working on for weeks you will be more likely to stand up for yourself. A perfectionist boss or co-worker may be difficult to be around at times, but if you set your own personal goals then you will be better prepared to resist any unrealistic expectations that they have for you.

Yourself as the Perfectionist

What if you are the perfectionist that is driving everyone around you crazy with all your high expectations and refusal to accept anything less than the absolute best! Try to remember that the whole world does not operate on your particular principles and sometimes it is okay to relax. Being a perfectionist can serve to keep you in a highly stressed state because nothing you do or anyone else does ever seems to be good enough. Give yourself permission to be a little less than the best sometimes. Take a vacation from the difficult task of re-doing things over and over again until they finally arrive at a state that is acceptable to you. Try not to be overly critical of the people around you. Be willing to learn from others. There is nothing wrong with having a love of excellence. It is however, important to remain humble and realize that no one is perfect at everything. We all have our individual strengths and weaknesses and it really is okay! <PREV

American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition, Houghton Mifflin, 1985

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Editorial: Love a Divine Gift or a Devil's Curse? -2

My first feeling after looking at him was that he seems to be very "gullible". Second feeling was that he is very emotional and third one was that he is "hot". This guy can die for his love. How many women see such a specimen in real life? I saw one! I was overjoyed and overwhelmed. Why is he so non-famous? He can move mountains with his one hand. For everyone who is wondering about the profession of this guy; all I can reveal is that he is a public figure. This cute guy has puppy looks and most determined face. I was already flipped the time I saw him. But I was not in love, I know that well, because I am in it at present. He made me fall in love. All the while when my thoughts ran across my mind, as I blushed. He was looking at me. There was confidence, courage, ambition, passion, determination packed with sexiness in his looks.

I was in a cab as he drove his car close to my cab. Moving from one side to another on one of the main roads of my city. He drove closer trying to cut my cab off at regular intervals looking at me. Driving the car by fixing your eyes on the girl in the next cab was a amazing thing to watch. He meant to do no stunts. He only meant that he would miss an opportunity to look at me. When I looked at him in the beginning with a smile, he looked shell shocked. Then again when our cars met, I looked at him once again the reaction stayed the same. Then he matched his car's pace with my cab. It was a roller coaster ride.

This fun game turned into a crazy chase that freaked me out or would say gave me a wake up call. He tried to stop my cab. He gave me insane looks. Sort of hunted me down till (I guess) I disappeared in my lane. "What a freak" I said to myself. He chased me as if I was a hunt and that he would die out of hunger if didn't get his prey. Sounds YUCKY!! YES and also like a teenager's dream man (delusional teenager actually)

But then I remembered the only time he had taken-off his sunglasses to look into the rare view mirror. I saw his eyes, they were deep, placid but pure. During my acting classes, whenever I was asked to enact romantic scenes the biggest turn-off for me were the eyes of my co-actors. They were usually desperate, full of greed and never pure. They were and were going to remain clueless about the pious feeling of "love".

Nevertheless, his eyes were different. They were oceanic and peaceful covering deep emotions that refused to show on the surface. A secretive heart that was afraid of getting exposed and being vulnerable. Through his silence he spoke a million words. Through his astonishment I learnt that there were not many pleasant love encounters that he had in his past. He was aware that a brattish boy like himself would be of no use to a  intellectually inclined girl like me.  At the same time, he was willing to accept my interest if I was willing to take the "risk". Risk he was, risk he is but it is worth the gamble.

So, on getting back home and narrating the story to my sister. She seemed bewildered and amazed to learn that a non-entity like him has a great caliber to make it big. In a short period of time, she learnt that I was right. He rose like a phoenix from ashes to great heights.

To my surprise, I saw him again some months back. I thought that I was imagining. Then my sister saw him the next day near my lane. What purpose did he have? That was a question that came to my mind. It has happened several times from then. I know he comes here for work but there is nothing in my lane that "works" for him.

While the original affair has been more than a year old now, these pacifying incidents don't really lead to any concrete conclusions. So, the thought of breaking "the chain" that the devil seems to have tied me with comes very often in my mind. I feel the pull, the need to forgive him for not noticing me twice. Although the distance was too much between us the wait has taken a toll on my emotional health.

The beauty and sheer joy that the lovers card offered no longer seems to be working for me. I think of excuses of cutting him off from my life still the thoughts stay. I wish, I pray that he doesn't meet anyone else or not even look at anyone other than me. But is this actually possible? Why not, if it works for me then why not for him? Then I rethink about the definition of "love". The ace of cups comes to my mind.

If you give love freely then the love comes back 3 times to you. But when you give, do so selflessly. There is a pure joy in loving someone. Feeling happy for someone comes with its own benefits. First, it flushes out negativity from your body. Second, it fills your heart with happiness and third makes your approach positive towards life. The last being the most wonderful, it invites success as a reward to your kindness.

So, loving someone who  may not be conventionally my dream boy. He might be a mix of the knight of swords with wands and water. Blazing air with blazing emotions, however, he is somebody worthy of my love. I am grateful to god that I have the capacity to love someone by breaking the devils chains of obsession and inviting the positive qualities of the angel from the lovers card.

Therefore, love is actually a divine gift not a devil's curse!

Editorial: Love a Divine Gift or a Devil's Curse?

It makes me wonder whether Love is a Divine Gift or a Devil's Curse? Tarot has two cards to define love in the major arcana first being the "Lovers" while the second being the "Devil". In the prior, you will see an angel blessing the couple in love. While the latter has two lovers tied by chains and the devil sitting between them.

The first one shows that love is a divine gift of god where there is sunshine and beauty. While, the other shows that love when turned to negativity is a chain or burden that ties two people. This makes the life of the two a hell. 

Today, I think about the cards and now I thought that the best way to analyze them would be by writing this article. Being a career-oriented person never made me delve into these two cards too seriously. They were almost non-existent and useless for me. I preferred a reading where the Emperor, The Empress or The Chariot, The Judgement and The World card would feature.  But lately, my readings have these two cards along with my other favorites as frequent visitors.  Well, I have the answer, it is because of love. Although, I feel it awkward to accept that I am in love. Suddenly, you feel the shift. Something that was so important to you has a another shareholder. You get caught between the duty and the voice of your heart. My dream of getting into the  media industry and starting my own firm was once that made me move mountains.

I love my career and never loved anything more than it. I left my childhood early and started with my writing chasing my dreams. Then came a moment in my life just a year back when I felt the "heat". A gap in my stomach an experience that was never felt before. It was like an earthquake, shaking me off from my usual self and exposing be to a unknown world. I had experienced a massive earthquake in 2001 on republic day. But that was a real one yet less effective. However, this one was huge something that hit my heart straight and pierced my soul out of my body. It was love and suddenly all Bollywood songs of romance became a reality for me.

Love does give one a lifted feeling. It drifts one away from the routines into a world of drunken emotions and happiness. The feeling of melting with the another like the Lovers card shows is indeed the most ecstatic and truthful. There is nothing more rewarding than loving that person, being there for the person and caring for the significant other. It is eternal bliss.

But what if one loves for one whole big moment and then both parties return to their lives? Hmmm... sounds unusual. Also, sounds a bit crazy. Yet, this elongated moment of about 15 minutes had a deep impact on my soul. He hit me like a comet and then disappeared in the big cosmic universe.

For,  almost a year, I sent him love through my heart and made predictions for him. Surprisingly, he acted, reacted and behaved on my lines. It seemed he was listening to my cosmic advise. His rise to success from a person of no identity made me feel much better about myself. After all, I had put my money on him.

I felt the need to be connected to him. Almost like a twin soul attached feeling of being chained "The Devil" card impact. There is no escape. Although, I am seeing the finest days of my existence with my writing company rising everyday. I still feel that I need him by my side. I cannot imagine letting him go of my mind.

I think for some people this might be an experience of crazy rather foolish unrequited love incidence. I cannot or do not wish to change their willful thoughts. Having said that, for those who wish to know the truth; everyone gets admirers in life. Some of them admire you for a longer time than the rest. Yet, their duration doesn't impress you. They want your love, other's forget about you or give up on you. My life is full of such people. Lately, had a tsunami of frustrated admirers who refuse to give up and so perhaps, find the grapes to be "sour". Again believers can believe rest can leave it. I am above average in looks and hence, have the option of being "choosy". I exercise it, honestly, to a huge extent. I go to the extent of being extremely critical and thus, get a lot of frustration in return. Despite of my visible pride and extreme prejudice (unknown was it to me) I feel for a guy who is neither the conventional good boy (of my dreams) nor the business oriented gentleman (repeat: of my dreams). All the more, he is not conventionally good looking (doesn't have Tom Cruise's chiseled features).

Still, he makes women weak in their knees. Even a slight news of him having a GF freaks them out. Perhaps, the answer is that he has a powerful magnetic personality and visible go-getter attitude. He looks like Hercules no exaggeration meant- PERIOD!

But before this Hercules had any idea that he would be termed as one and before the other girls became as crazy as they are today; I judged him. Yes, I am bragging! I can shout from the roof tops that I made a "excellent choice" by liking him!

Okay, bragging is over. Now, coming back to the point. I met this guy a year back.  Contd>>

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Budding Actress Dipty Gharat Opens her Heart

Dipty Gharat: Poolside Beauty
Dipty Gharat, a budding marathi actress who is presently seen in a popular TV series that is aired on the national channel. "Nanda Prem Bhare" is a series in which Veteran Actor Mr.Vikram Gokhale and his wife Vaishali Gokhale play a lovely couple who advise young married couples about how to sail beautifully through highs and lows of their relationship. Dipty Gharat plays a young wife's part in the series. 

She has come a long way to bag this prestigious role with such an honourable actor. Her episodes have started being aired. She shares her experience, likes and dislikes with us.