Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to get your ex-girlfriend back

Getting back someone whom you love so dearly is definitely a dream come true. So, How to get your ex-girlfriend back ? Maybe it was a mere misunderstanding or something else that caused the separation. However, you can always try once to win her back. Let's take a look at what can get your ex-girlfriend back in your arms

Tip # 1

The 1st thing you can do is go back and give her a hug. Maybe she has been waiting for this since very long. It may melt her.  

Tip # 2
If not possible you can send her emails with beautiful pictures, or even a simple note. It will make her understand you really care for her though you are not in a relationship now. 

Tip # 3
Girls have a firm believe in the word integrity, so don’t start frequenting other girls as soon as you break up. She may have a bad impression on you and assume that you are a flirt. 

Tip # 4
Another point to remember is never forget her birthday. Every girl wants to be the centre of attraction and treated as a princess on their birthdays. 

Tip # 5
Uncertainity is another thing that should be avoided. Instead of assuming you with another woman when you are unavailable let her know what you were actually up to. 

Tip # 6
Call her now and then, if not possible keep in touch with her by texts and emails. You may also analyze her by listening attentively to what she says. 

Tip # 7
Do keep an eye on how she acts with other guys, if she stands up for you when they make fun of you, do understand that she has a feeling for you. 

Tip # 8
Be careful of not playing any sort of games with her, whatever it is you don’t want to mess her life at all. 

Remember despite of whoever has done the break up, try to take care of the things she complained. In the long run you may win her back or at least improve yourself for your own good.

How to do shrimp farming?

Shrimp farming is a vital part of the coastal farmers. This can earn you profit as shrimp has quite a great value in the market. It suits well in all kinds of cuisine and is a real delicacy. You will find that most coastal countries have a special place for “Shrimps” for almost all of their menus. So, if you are about to start a sea-food restaurant or are just interested in making money then these tips will come in as handy. Let’s see to how to do shrimp farming

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to Raise a Girl Child to Get the Right Groom

Well, while this article may sound to be too weird for some readers. It is actually something that can put the first step in raising your girls in the right manner. A lot of times I've come across women who have a certain rules about how a real man should behave. It starts right from my home. My mom has this rule book as well. For her and many women or even girls come across with these common ideologies about "real men". I have listed some of these common points below. Let's take a look at them.

1. He should never carry the weight of his woman's belongings. To make it precise that includes, her shopping bags, purse, suitcases and even children!

2. He must never go for shopping alone in the market to buy fruits or vegetables.

3. He must never help his wife in house hold chores. A man who doesn't know how to cook is apparently "cute". Rather, the man who says he can never learn to cook is the cutest on the planet.

4. If he abuses or beats up his wife then that is "adjustable".

5. If he speaks about the beauty of other women then it is harmless but a wife not supposed to do the same.

6. He is not expected to prioritze her over work, his friends and his family or anything that interests him.

7. He must never cry. A man whose eyes turn moist over death of his beloved is "weak or not a real man".

8. He must never confide in a woman. He must confide in to his friends.

9. He always needs his own space.

10. He will never change baby's diapers.

11. He will never bother even if you are asleep to continue his work. For example, he can open the curtains even when you are sleeping after a long tired day.

12. His needs should be always prioritized.

13. He can feel insecure if his woman starts moving ahead in her career.

14. He is the man in the house even if you are the bread winner.

15. A man always lacks emotions.

16. The list is on...

17. You are not supposed to look like an "item" but he can look at others. This is because a man is always protective about his own "property".

18. The list is too big to be listed here

Phew, so this is something that most of you must have agreed with.

I grew up listening to this all my life uptill now and I guess will continue in the future as well. Most women I know, I come across and even those whom I don't know in person follow these rules. It is not their entire fault. They all, globally, are brought to believe these rules. Their only major fault is that they never question or learn with experience. This is where I differ from most women. It is innate in me to question, I cannot curb my curiosity or accept contradictions as if they never existed.

So, what is the big deal about these rules? As far as you get laid, (yeah!), you get a guy (yeah!!) and get married (a bigger Yeah!). But is getting a guy and getting married the end of it?

I know fairytales end on that note with a line "...and they lived happily everafter". But "happily everafter" is a very important line. Are you happy with your life? Well, not really since you are reading this article. Don't get me wrong, but happiness of the heroine of the fairytale and prince is because both value each other. The man respects the woman. He totally adores her and so they live happily everafter. It is not one-sided affair. Cinderella didn't go back to her dishwashing days at the Castle. She was the princess and later became the queen. She was treated like a royalty and loved wholeheartedly. Don't discard this as there are no fairytales in real life.

They can become heroines of fairytales and live happily everafter if you raise them to be one.
It doesn't just mean that you have to buy fairy costumes or doll houses (only). All fairytale heroines know one secret that most women don't know in real life. They know "the right guy" who will take care of them, a very good care! They pledge with love to give their beloved ones all the happiness in the world. That is why live happily ever after.  So, how do you bring this to your daughters?

These heroines are intuitive and know what they need to be happy in life. They don't have rules for "real or macho men". They just take the vibes.  They just feel it. There is no need for them to actually carry a checklist.