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Juno and Apollo: Commitment and Worship in Astrology

I write about asteroids but only about those who seem to be relevant. I personally do not agree with the huge number of asteroids and their relevance in astrology. So, there are few as per observation that actually work. Juno and Apollo are two of them. Many people associate Juno with marriage. I believe marriage is not the word. The word is commitment. Juno represents the 7th house of relationships and contracts. It represents the zodiac sign of Libra of partnerships and contracts. It is a balancing asteroid. Juno in the zodiac sign of Libra is most comfortable and 7th house is the own house of this asteroid.

However, it doesn't become irrelevant in other houses or signs. Just like other planets and signs. People start assuming Juno represents marriage and start calculating synastry based on it. Actually, Juno only stands for commitment and partnership. It only strives for balance and harmony as it did in Greek mythology. Therefore, let's take a look at the combination of Juno and the house/signs.
Juno is also known as Hera

Juno in the first house or Aries will show commitment to self, looks, body, drive and ego. 

Juno in the second house or Taurus will show commitment to self-worth, financial security and wealth. 

Juno in the third house or Gemini will show commitment to siblings and writing, short-travel, communication. 

Juno in the fourth house or Cancer will show commitment to mother, family, home and emotions. 

Juno in the fifth house or Leo will show commitment to fame, stage, creativity, fun, children and grandeur. 

Juno in the sixth house or Virgo will show commitment to work, animals, environment, analysis and health, routine. 

Juno in the seventh house or Libra will show commitment to commitment, partnerships, marriage, contracts and peace-making, justice, equality and rights.

Juno in the eight house or Scorpio will show commitment to sex, occult, spying endeavors, psychology, parapsychology, accumulation of wealth, addictions, deep research, strategy, other people's money, deep psychological bonds and inheritance.

Juno in the ninth house or Sagittarius will show commitment to religion, travel, education, teaching, father, teacher, adventure and god.

Juno in the tenth house or Capricorn will show commitment to career, reputation, public position, building business, leadership, traditions and success.

Juno in the eleventh house or Aquarius will show commitment to a cause, team, innovations, activism and breaking the norms, rebellion, research, uniqueness.

Juno in the twelfth house or Pisces will show commitment to spirituality, higher-consciousness, psychic abilities, elderly people, humanity, universe, sacrifice, morals, ethics and charity, fantasy, imaginations along with the image of the "Ideal".

Juno doesn't show us the qualities of our spouse, it shows us the qualities that are our own and to which we feel "committed". Therefore, when we see these qualities in the other person, we have our commitment to that person. We seek companions who will share our "commitment" to our cause. Hence, Juno makes the ideal wife or partner to the person who vibrates on the same wavelength. For a man, Juno is the commitment he has for his cause and what he seeks from his wife. For a woman, Juno is the commitment that she has and what she would admire in her husband.  For example, a man with Juno in Pisces would be highly committed to the qualities mentioned above in the article and he would expect his wife to be his partner or support system. On the other hand, a woman with Juno in Pisces would admire a man who displays commitment to higher consciousness, humanity etc. and would be willing to support him in these endeavors.

In synastry, Juno conjunctions mean, commitment to the cause of the planet and house. For example, if Juno conjuncts Venus in the fourth, then the Juno person will show relentless commitment to the Venus persons dream of building a luxurious "Venusian Home". Juno doesn't get along with Mars, partnership against self issues. In case, of other planets consider their qualities coming on the floor along with the house and sign.

A composite Juno represents real partnership and commitment. Therefore, it should be ideally in 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 11th house. The 1st, 3rd, 8th and 12th are not recommended.  The couple with Juno in the first is more focused on their own-selves than the partnership.

Apollo- The Sun God of The Greeks

Apollo means the light or the pure. In Greek mythology, Apollo is the son of Jupiter or Zeus. He has a very dark side where his prophecies and wrath come true and a bright side which shows his love for music. Coming to astrology, my observation has shown people with Apollo in the first house tend to be good looking with a bright aura. They also possess talent of poetry, music, dancing and acting. Apollo gives refinement, class, dignity and intelligence along with talents. But he also gives a lot of pride and to some extent vanity. People with a first house Apollo like to obeyed. They are often head-turners and look like a royalty.
The Charming and Powerful Apollo

Apollo in the fourth or conjunct IC or in the sign of Cancer are the star of the family, homeland, mother, maternal family or rule the real-estate business. They can be local musicians, actors who are famous in their homeland.

Apollo in the Seventh, conjunct Desc, or in the sign of Libra are the popular heartthrob or babe. These people are the experts of romance and charm any individual they want. Besides, this they are lucky in relationships and attract partners with the star quality.

Apollo in the 10th, conjunct MC, or in the sign of Capricorn are the popular stars or leaders. They either have many academy awards or Golden globes to their credit or will run the best music, film company in the world. If not today, then with sensible aspects to Apollo they will get there. These people are thoroughly professional and build professional empires. An example would be Walt Disney.

Apollo in the second house/taurus means talents used for getting money and security. These people are artists for money and gain reputation for being "wealthy artists".

Apollo in the third house/gemini is quite comfortable, such people become "eminent poets". They are famous bloggers who blog mostly about music, theater and other performing arts. They are famous lyrics writers as well.

Apollo in the fifth house/Leo is one of the best placements if you are looking for a career in acting and music. This Apollo sets stage on fire through a legendary performance. People born with this placement have the flair, flamboyance, pompousness and absolute drama plus vanity. They are famous and a royalty with no doubt.

Apollo in the sixth house/virgo is the uncomfortable Apollo. In this house, the royalty is more charitable, works with the people and sings in the office. These are bathroom singers, office poets and writers. They work as singers, poets and writers for charity organizations. Their work is for the needy.  Apollo is not exactly happy here.

Apollo in the eight house/scorpiohe intense singer, poet and writer. People with these placements rise to fame through their passionate singing, poems and writing. This Apollo also displays the negative side which is of terror, death and evil prophecies.

Apollo in the ninth/Sagittarius is the one who sings devotional songs. He composes poems and writes books related to God and religion. He travels to understand foreign culture, literature and religions. He shines in foreign lands and becomes a known writer or philosopher.

Apollo in the eleventh/Aquarius is the one who is unconventional singer, sportsman, actor or writer who creates his own empire. He is bohemian, hippie or the initiator of a rebellious movement who inspires people through his works.

Apollo in the 12th/pisces is the artist who never takes money. He is the one who looks divine and runs charitable organization. He sings, acts, writes solely for the purpose of helping the old and needy. He shines with divine wisdom, connecting to the other world. 

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Saturn in the Fourth House: Home Shattered, Strained or Structured?

Saturn in the Fourth House
Overcoming: Feeling unloved, lack of family feeling, burdens as kid, emotional neglect, divorce, frequent moving/no roots, overly strict upbringing, over-scheduled - no downtime, legacy of family pain, harsh history of nation/tribe/race.

Encouragement: Routines of self-care, valuing ancestral heritage, solid with family, structure in the home, drawn to the timeless and enduring, gaining strength from the past, sense of place, authority as parent, self-sufficiency, affinity for land, finding universal through personal story, force of imagination, emotional substance, soulful.

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So, I was flipping though AD {Architectural Digest} and I fell in love with a few of the cool elements in the House of Ellen D. & Portia. I know it was old issue, but who cares good design is timeless. Anyhow, a bunch of ideas started running through my head and I started planning and implementing some of these ideas in my design plans for my current projects. It’s funny how inspiration is ever where and when we stop, look & pay attention there is truly so much to learn. I broke down what I liked and how the everyday {yet fabulous} person can implement these ideas in their home.

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Astrological Natal 5th House and 7th House: Know Your Most Romantic Mate and Life Partner!

Astrological 5th House in Scorpio: Love Passion and deep love that encourages your creativity and romantic nature. These are the all-consuming lovers who want to create "ultimate love stories" that include drama, emotions and legends. Anything less than deep, passionate and dramatic simply doesn't work for these lovers. Your lovers and affairs will be of the same kind. They will inspire your creativity, passion for sports and pamper your vanity to the extreme. However, a love of the Scorpio can be fatal and dangerous, like a passionate romantic novel.

However, it is essential to note that your house of romance doesn't guarantee your marriage. In fact, many times people say love stories are fake is because house of marriage is the 7th house and not the 5th. Unless, you have strong love planets and 5th and 7th rulers along with Venus and Saturn in harmony, love is good in books. This doesn't mean you will never find love. It means, you may not recognize it. Now, let's take the example, if you have 5th house in Scorpio and 7th house in Capricorn then? Let's check it out!

Astrological 7th House in Capricorn:  Marriage partner will be a family man/woman who is extremely undemonstrative about his/her solid inclination towards you. Expect a Capricorn person to earn wealth and earn a lot of it. But never expect him/her to brag about it or even flaunt it to say the least. The goat works all his/her life to climb mountains of enormous wealth and it struggles the entire life to make you learn the significance of each dime. Your entire lifespan may pass out while you gather this knowledge from a cranky, seemingly routine yet unpredictable man/woman. However, one thing you will never notice is that they leave you and your coming 7-10 generations with enough money to afford a luxury holiday each summer. This is the Cappy's way of demonstrating love for you and he/she might bug you with his/her OCD everyday but the love is like a diamond-forever!

But since, this article is about the difference between love and marriage, those who have fighting planets will find it very difficult to adjust to their marriage partners.

There will be an inner conflict to accept your husband as your ultimate romantic mate as the difference between the signs of 5th and 7th house will pull you apart. In case of harmonies, it is possible that you marry your most romantic partner who afterwards becomes your 7th house person. 

People whose Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars falls in your 5th house want a romantic puppy love from you. But whose Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars falls in your 7th house want to marry you. An ideal person can be who balances both houses, meaning someone who has his/her Sun/Moon in your 5th/7th  and Venus/Mars in your 5th/7th while sharing harmonious bonds with your Saturn and Jupiter. 

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5 Design Ideas Joan Rivers Left Us From Her Connecticut Home

A few days back we lost an amazing woman. A woman known for her humor, wit, smarts, quick comebacks as well as her fashion. I decided to  do a post to highlight her home, how she lived and how we can all implement a little bit of Joan River’s style in our home.

I have highlighted my favorite elements of her Victorian style home in New Milford, Connecticut.  The home has four  bedrooms, four and half  bathrooms and sits on 76 acres of land.

The home is a mix of French Country decorated with early 1900's pieces. It may not be exactly yours or my taste, but I did find a few things that I absolutely loved.

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Boy or Girl?


Ok, so this is the situation. I don’t really care for a pink room for girls and blue rooms for boys. I think it’s so interesting that everyone raises their children telling them to be individuals, yet you start their life off by putting them in a box. That’s pretty funny if you ask me. It’s something that’s been done for years, but nothing wrong with changing it up a bit. It’s definitely becoming more and more popular to have a non-gender specific nursery but once in a while I get a client who wants a pink nursery and boy how it disappoints me. I am going to show you here a few non-gender specific nurseries one which I completed a few years ago and other we sourced from different blogs.

This is a non-gender specific nursery I did, and usually when I share the photo many cannot decide whether the room is for a little boy or girl. Can you take a wild guess? {Share your answer below in the comments area, and next week I will reveal the answer}  Using a mixture of coral blue allowed for the room to be suitable for a boy, girl or both. {in the  wild event of twins}

Here is the actual room! Grey and white chevron stripes were added to break up the consistency of straight lines. 

This area is directly across from the crib and I created this to allow for toy storage and organization in the bedroom. The rug will allow for an open and comfortable area to play and enjoy all of the toys and goodies stored in the toy storage.

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Hey, Fashionistas, Check Out These Top 5 Hair and Make-Up Styles of Spring 2014

Taylor Swift Displays Metallic Make-up of Spring 2014

Sorry, winter, we’re way over you. It’s time to refresh your look for spring with bold lippies, fun nail art and major brows—here's how to rock the hottest new trends, just like these stylish celebs!


Bold Brows

Big, full brows are still having a major moment! This season, it's more about emphasizing your natural shape than overly filling them in, so just use a little brow powder to amp up sparse spots, then brush through.

Smudged Liner

Don't worry about getting your eyeliner perfectly in place! This spring, the look is meant to look like you slept with your eye makeup on. To get the look, use a makeup sponge to smudge your pencil formula out just slightly past the lashline. We love Rita's purple take on the trend!

Low Ponytail

Trade the top knot in for a low ponytail this spring. These ponies are super easy to style, and look great on every texture, from stick straight to super kinky-curls. Try it with a side part, like Emma, or switch it to the center for an even sleeker vibe.

Messy Waves Hairstyle

Messy Waves

Warmer weather generally means wanting to spend a little less time with your blowdryer and embracing your natural texture instead. To get Emma's perfectly tousled waves, spritz some beach texturizing spray all over your strands and let air dry, and use a small curling iron to add extra waves if you want!

Metallic Eye Makeup

While lips and nails are going matte this season, it's all about sparkly shadows for spring! To keep the look from feeling over the top, pair a silver or gold eye look with peachy-pink lips and a breezy topknot.

Article Source: Seventeen

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Look, Don't Miss, The 5 Hottest Spring Fashion Trends of 2014 Are Here!

Bright Dresses

First springtime mode of action: trade in your bulky sweaters for bright, flirty sundresses! Go for ones in a vintage cut, like Ariel's, for the ultimate girly vibe.
Bright Girly Dresses Are for Spring 2014

Graphic Leggings

Diamond White shone bright on The X Factor in these major galaxy leggings! When rocking such a wild print, it's best to limit the rest of your ensemble to one or two solid colors

Flouncy Skirt

Bye-bye mini-skirts! This spring it's all about above-the-knee lengths and plenty of volume to twirl in. We love ChloĆ«'s pretty pleats!

Crossbody Bags

This season's bag is bright and functional! The long, crossbody strap makes for easy carrying, and the medium-sized purse means there's plenty of room for your stuff, but still forces you to stay organized.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees have quickly gone from "schlumpy" to "chic!" They're a great way to show off your own personality, and can easily be dressed up for school with a high-waisted skirt and blazer. Layer them with tons of prints, like Willow, for a super-edgy vibe!

Source: Seventeen

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Scorpio Man: Up, Close and Personal!

A Scorpio man is very fine man, no doubt, he owns very elite qualities. Remember! Before getting in relationship with him, you really need to know about him completely. Let's read here what traits he possesses, what nature he has, or what behaviour he exposes.

All captivating qualities like exquisite, abstemious, fashionable, and well-dressed features you can notice in a modern Scorpio man. But one thing certainly identify him is his high attitude. He behaves like a prince. He shows his higher demands and less satisfaction. You can find him unsympathetic or detached. Making money and maintaining huge bank balance is his passion. However his expending is also high.
A Scorpio man owns an awesome personality. With his enthralling beauty he can mesmerize any one. A very sharp quality in him that he can read your face what is going in your mind. You really can't hide your emotions or intentions from him. A Scorpio man is strong-minded a brilliant person. He will catch what is your point of talk in just a fraction of second.
A powerful personality you can notice in a Scorpio man. He is very fond of making fine social network and healthy friendships.
His taste is standard and selective. He likes to go with a complete woman. He does not prefer even a little immaturity in his lady. His charisma is captivating that you can't ignore him. Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces lady is most suitable for him. But there is no compromise word for him. He merely sacrifices anything to sustain his relationship. He can't easily forgive any mistake committed by you. So it is you only who can truly understand him, and put efforts to maintain harmony in relationship. You can't stop his demands but yes can suggest him to be in control.
He doesn't know what the compromise is, because when things are not good for him he leaves it. He is also very jealous. A Scorpio man is considered to be the most profound, intense and forceful person among all gentle men of other zodiac signs. He is intuitive too. His potential to see deep insight supports him to deeply understand any person in a minute. This of his ability can make him successful in the field of psychology.
You can't easily judge his good and bad qualities. A Scorpio man is also a mysterious person. Or you can say he is completely a man whom you can't understand easily. He is always inclined towards achieving the grand success. His intense wish of achieving success often make him a profit-oriented man or selfish who only focuses on his selfishness rather valuing other person in life. He has a breathtaking potential to penetrate the fire. And he shows it. But his nature of not to comprise the things often pull him from success.
Remember! He will never accept your tiniest fault at any case. He likes perfection in his lady.
But when he is in love he will express his boundless feelings. While he hates someone he has unlimited aggressiveness too. You can know him as a hard-hearted person when he dislikes you. And at this time you can't expect his sympathy.
A Scorpio man makes a good difference between love and flirt. And he mostly likes flirting with girls. Remember! He is a very sharp minded guy so you can't easily fool him. He is a likes a highly impressive girl not only by her beauty but by her deeds also. He presents his work in such an impressive manner that his dignity is enhanced.
However, he has no satisfaction even if he earns millions of pounds. He, in fact, wants more and more in life. He feels something is short in life. In relationship also, he has higher desires or demands as his gratification is low and expectations are high.

Article Source: AstroSage

My take on the article above: Well, it is not written by me! However, I can say that I agree with some points while with the rest I don't. Scorpio man is not a nitpicker, he can be blind to your flaws. He is not a Libra to constantly judge you by everything you do. He is not passing any judgments on you regarding your social status or family background until unless you show shady traits yourself. He is not weighing pros and cons of being with you. He doesn't intend to charm you and then waste your time by not committing to you. He is not moved by superficiality. What the above article, fails to capture is the soul of the pluto man! 

A typical Scorpio Man is a POWERHOUSE, he seeks power in love and in the world. He seeks power in a mate, YES! He does!! He will look down at those who become his easy prey, fall at his feet just as easily. Now, how is he different than the Libra then? Libra will judge your behavior by your status, family background, intellect and may be your beauty alone. If you have any of the two things overpowering the third then you pass the "Libra Test" of admiration. Whether you will sustain long enough to pass the commitment phase will depend upon your future ranking. Librans always put their choices in competition with each other to weigh their pros and cons. Why am I dragging the Libra in this Scorpio article? Because the article from astrosage, speaks more of Libra man than of a Scorpio man.  "His taste is standard and selective. He likes to go with a complete woman. He does not prefer even a little immaturity in his lady. His charisma is captivating that you can't ignore him. Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces lady is most suitable for him. But there is no compromise word for him. He merely sacrifices anything to sustain his relationship. He can't easily forgive any mistake committed by you. " 

The Pluto man,  will judge you by your character alone! This is a finest human trait. He likes you for yourself and not because you are etc etc. He knows why he likes you, he admires you and he wants you. He alone is the law unto himself and he alone will be the judge. If you are innocent, pure, spiritual and selfless in love he will give you the world. He likes immaturity, but doesn't like disrespect. He cannot suffer fools and stupidity is prohibited. He admires power to stand alone. Despite of his control freak nature, he admires an independent woman. He will give you all the three worlds and expect nothing other than your love in return. He will give you his soul which  he never gives to anything or anyone other than his most priced possessions.

A Pluto man is always attracted to Persephone women.  Just like the myth, she is Hades's only desire and soul-mate. She is his dream girl.  He seeks an adventurous naive beauty who shines with enthusiasm. Hades did not pin-point Persephone's flaws, he was forgiving and loving towards her. He loved her innocence and made her the queen of the underworld. He wooed her with the treasures of his Kingdom. His only condition was that she never must leave him! 

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Transiting Pluto Conjunct Your Descendant: Evil Partners or Passionate Relationships?

So, Cancer ascendants you have either faced  this or are about to face this condition in your life. This something that will happen to you sooner or later. A plutonic person will walk in your life and it will never be the same after that incident. It can be a male for female and female for a male but he/she will leave you with unanswered questions. These questions shake the earth underneath you and ask you to "transform" your perspective of "relationships". 
Pluto's deep (scorpionic) stare at Persephone

Whether you are in a marriage or considering to marry, this man/woman will snatch the rose colored glasses of your eyes. Pluto is deep, earthshaking force that creates the strongest of tornadoes and leaves you eroded once it passes you. It changes the scene drastically and permanently for better or for worse. When this planet conjuncts your descendant by +- 4 degree orb, you may meet a partner with a heavy Scorpio or Pluto in his/her chart. In a moment's time, you will be magnetically drawn towards this person and will think of loving them from the innermost depths of your heart. The funny and strange thing is that this transit makes you aware of the hidden depths of your soul that you didn't know before. 

The more information I tried to gather around this transit over the internet, the less satisfied I grew about it. This transit is not about breaking laws, divorcing your existing partners or loving the violent types. Whether the fair world that claims righteousness accepts it or not, Pluto is the unparalleled lover of the cosmic world. Known as Shiva in India, the god of destruction is the most loving husband. His affection towards his better half "Shakti" translated in English as the "Strength" better known as the Divine Feminine is unsurpassed. Shiva said that without "Shakti" he was "Shava" meaning dead body. 

In Greek and roman mythology, both Hades and Persephone were ultimate lovers. Zeus who was the "good" god was bad with women and troubled his wife "Juno" to a great extent due to his adulterous activities. This puts things in perspective and we can conclude that this transit is not dreadful as it seems. 

On the contrary, this transit is a reality check and perhaps, that's why it is dreaded the most. Nobody wants to know that their marriage partner of many years actually has no real feelings towards them. They have been believing it till Pluto hit their descendant and now suddenly the "nasty" planet changes things for "worse" - as per them! It makes them believe that their husband/wife would have a ready option if they decide to separate or if something happens to them. They realize it in a hard-hitting way, a way that rips them apart and turns them upside down. While they are learning about their partner's secret, a new partner with plutonic intensity storms into their life without any notice. In fact, this person enters rather silently just like the silence before a deadly storm. He/she forces you to compare and analyze whether or not your existing partner is worth your affection. He/she compels you to change your very perception of true love and true relationship by piercing a deep dagger in your heart. The dagger reaches your soul and bleeds out the old dead relationships or perceptions. 

Why most astrologers consider Pluto bad on the descendant is because of this "pain" that he causes mercilessly. But as per my observation, this deep pain sets you on the right path if you understand what Pluto is trying to tell you. He isn't asking you to do an extramarital affair or to  have a parallel relationship with an evil person. He is not trying to tell you to cheat on your husband or wife. He is trying to tell you that love is not platonic or ideal. He is trying to tell you that relationships are not contracts. They are written in blood. He is trying to tell you that  marriage wows are not agreements but soulful acceptance of your innermost integrity. 

He is trying to tell you that in a relationship you must completely accept the other from your heart, body, soul and mind. There is no place for superficiality in life and anything superficial must die. Only the real and the deep rooted must stay. Not vanity but honesty must stay. Only the truth must remain and the false must die. 

But truth is bitter and so is this transit bitter. If you are not in a love relationship, you will get into one very soon. Of course, this person will be Pluto and he/she will bring out your most plutonic traits. Don't obsess over things, people or anything that you cannot control. Pluto is asking you to let go of things or people. Let it be and you will see a new dawn. This dawn will either strengthen your bonds or will create stronger bonds with new partners. 

How will Your Partners Be?

Pluto in the 7th house Transit: A date with Hades
Both men and women with a Cancer Ascendant need to be alert considering this transit. Pluto is in Capricorn and opposing Jupiter in Cancer.  This adds to the mythology between Zeus (Jupiter) and Hades (Pluto) the two brothers on the opposite sides of the coin. Zeus tells you to feel good and live a merry life that is considered right as per the world. While Pluto will pull you towards your deepest needs and will compel you to touch the "taboo".  People introduced by Jupiter will be good, religious, rich, spiritual, graceful, travel loving and joyful. But one thing they will be not, "loyal and deep".  On the other hand, people introduced by Pluto will be bad, atheist, violent, sexually charged, taboo loving, greedy, power hungry, tormenting but one thing they will be not, "disloyal and detached". Pluto in Capricorn will bring in ambitious lovers that will work their way on the top by using your love as their weapon. Pluto here is stern, undemonstrative but the one that builds long-lasting foundations rather Sky-scraping castles. He will bring in money that will grow everyday and will build your professional future. Otherwise, he will bring such partners in your life. 

It is the Pluto person that can die for love. It is a Pluto person that will conquer the world and put it at the feet of his/her lover. It is the Pluto person that can rise from the ashes of lowest sexual promiscuity to highest spiritual love.  

- Kiss from a Rose Song (above) by Seal from Batman Movie describes Pluto on the 7th Partnership

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Aonach Mor Guest House Edinburgh (+playlist)

New Age Astrology v/s Traditional Astrology

I am a new age astrologer. I am also a traditional Vedic astrologer. This is because my saturn and uranus are in harmony with each other. It works similarly in astrology as well. You cannot ignore Uranus for Saturn and so you cannot ignore new theories for old. 

So, any new aspect like the Quindecile, quintile, sesi-quandrante, semi-sextile, semi-square even the novile does count. Another argument that I would like to put forward is that speaking in terms of physics spectrum works as per gradation. It simply means a rainbow is not 7 colors with each having a distinctive border but there is a transition phase of one color from another and to another as well. Aspecting planets are like these transition phases. They are sending out their electromagnetic rays. The planets that are conjunct are the ones which are in the inner electromagnetic field but a planet that is 13 degrees apart doesn't "skip" the energy field. If it does how does a planet that is 60 degrees apart come in the energy field of the same planet?
Therefore, it is funny to say that a planet follows only traditional aspects.

New aspects or minor aspects lost their place in traditional astrology because of two reasons sometimes they were not greatly impactful or they were not researched thoroughly. Too many minor aspects in a synastry without traditional aspects don't indicate strong ties. New aspects like quindecile or sesi- quiquandrante or the quintile don't have many books written about them to verify their functioning in detail.

Traditional astrology, speaks only about personal planets and sometimes reluctantly accepts outer planets. Having gone through charts of many married couples, I beg to differ. I believe asteroids have a role to play.

Especially Eros and Psyche. You can pay attention to the transits of these two soul-mate asteroids to tell if you are going to be hit by love or not. Progressions of these two also make you meet the one. Eros-psyche contacts in synastry are deep profound soul connections that go beyond mundane existence.

When Eros meets psyche they immediately "realize their hearts calling".  In charts, where there are no Eros
Eros-Psyche are eternal Soulmates
-psyche contacts the "soulful connection" is usually absent. This relationship is pretty platonic and mundane.

On the contrary, Eros-psyche relationship might not be a real, structure based (saturnian) relationship but it will always be a profoundly deep one.

Find Out if You are with your Soulmate by Your Eros and Psyche Signs.  Visit the Link Below:

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Edinburgh, Capital of Scotland Becoming the Hottest Tourism Destination

Edinburgh Guest HouseAs per the tourism industry sources, Edinburgh tourism is  about to break all records and targets that are assigned by the global tourism industry experts in 2012. In the year 2013, the Scotland capital saw an unmatched in flow of tourists. This has made the target for the year 2020 look like a piece of cake.  The capital boasts of ancient churches, cathedrals and the unforgettably exotic Edinburgh castle. Along with these, tourists are also finding the lush gardens, undulating beaches, scenic river, wildlife and unique European landscapes to be other major attractions. A visit to the Royal Palace in Edinburgh puts you back in the times of magic and fairy-tales.  Scotland  is not large in terms of land mass. But in terms of the cultural heritage and warmheartedness of its residents , one can be assured that it is  certainly large.
Scotland is a  country well-known for its imperial grandeur. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. The capital city offers both pristine locations and a sophisticated urban center. It is a country where nature and technological  advances collide amicably. Most of the time Urban families and couples wish to spend  holidays at a place that has historical, environmental and cultural importance. Edinburgh holidays are becoming the most attractive vacation destinations even for the young couples.
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Predictive Astrology: Timing of Meeting the "Special One" and Marriage

I have seen and studied various charts to learn about the time of meeting that "special person". My findings have told me that in such meetings most important point is the "vertex". 

When your vertex is conjunct or opposed by any personal planet like the Sun, Moon you get a special person in your life.

I don't feel vertex contacts to Venus or mars have much do to with meeting the significant other. Especially not if the mars or Venus of the concerned person happens to fall in his/her 10th house. They might try to bring in professional energy, vanity or public recognition in your life. But they might not be able to touch your hearts. However, they might consider you to be a valuable love interest if your vertex falls in your 5th house.

On the contrary, they might be interested in speaking with you but you may not express interest since they may be in your professional sphere or appear to be more corporate to you.  However, they might be somehow enchanted to see you. Vertex is about a bolt out of the blue. It shakes you up when it gets activated. It makes the impossible happen.

So, getting back to the topic Sun for a woman is the husband while moon for the man is wife.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

How to Check Mens Dress Shoes Leather Quality

When buying shoes made of patent leather, look for silky finish. Other leather shoes must be uniformly dyed and grainy in texture. Another thing to look for is heels, high-quality shoes will have stacked leather heels. High-heel footwear usually has first-class plastic that is covered with leather or other materials. So, whether you are going for shopping for mens dress shoes in Montreal, New York or Canada, the above tip will come in as handy.

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