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Transiting Pluto Conjunct Your Descendant: Evil Partners or Passionate Relationships?

So, Cancer ascendants you have either faced  this or are about to face this condition in your life. This something that will happen to you sooner or later. A plutonic person will walk in your life and it will never be the same after that incident. It can be a male for female and female for a male but he/she will leave you with unanswered questions. These questions shake the earth underneath you and ask you to "transform" your perspective of "relationships". 
Pluto's deep (scorpionic) stare at Persephone

Whether you are in a marriage or considering to marry, this man/woman will snatch the rose colored glasses of your eyes. Pluto is deep, earthshaking force that creates the strongest of tornadoes and leaves you eroded once it passes you. It changes the scene drastically and permanently for better or for worse. When this planet conjuncts your descendant by +- 4 degree orb, you may meet a partner with a heavy Scorpio or Pluto in his/her chart. In a moment's time, you will be magnetically drawn towards this person and will think of loving them from the innermost depths of your heart. The funny and strange thing is that this transit makes you aware of the hidden depths of your soul that you didn't know before. 

The more information I tried to gather around this transit over the internet, the less satisfied I grew about it. This transit is not about breaking laws, divorcing your existing partners or loving the violent types. Whether the fair world that claims righteousness accepts it or not, Pluto is the unparalleled lover of the cosmic world. Known as Shiva in India, the god of destruction is the most loving husband. His affection towards his better half "Shakti" translated in English as the "Strength" better known as the Divine Feminine is unsurpassed. Shiva said that without "Shakti" he was "Shava" meaning dead body. 

In Greek and roman mythology, both Hades and Persephone were ultimate lovers. Zeus who was the "good" god was bad with women and troubled his wife "Juno" to a great extent due to his adulterous activities. This puts things in perspective and we can conclude that this transit is not dreadful as it seems. 

On the contrary, this transit is a reality check and perhaps, that's why it is dreaded the most. Nobody wants to know that their marriage partner of many years actually has no real feelings towards them. They have been believing it till Pluto hit their descendant and now suddenly the "nasty" planet changes things for "worse" - as per them! It makes them believe that their husband/wife would have a ready option if they decide to separate or if something happens to them. They realize it in a hard-hitting way, a way that rips them apart and turns them upside down. While they are learning about their partner's secret, a new partner with plutonic intensity storms into their life without any notice. In fact, this person enters rather silently just like the silence before a deadly storm. He/she forces you to compare and analyze whether or not your existing partner is worth your affection. He/she compels you to change your very perception of true love and true relationship by piercing a deep dagger in your heart. The dagger reaches your soul and bleeds out the old dead relationships or perceptions. 

Why most astrologers consider Pluto bad on the descendant is because of this "pain" that he causes mercilessly. But as per my observation, this deep pain sets you on the right path if you understand what Pluto is trying to tell you. He isn't asking you to do an extramarital affair or to  have a parallel relationship with an evil person. He is not trying to tell you to cheat on your husband or wife. He is trying to tell you that love is not platonic or ideal. He is trying to tell you that relationships are not contracts. They are written in blood. He is trying to tell you that  marriage wows are not agreements but soulful acceptance of your innermost integrity. 

He is trying to tell you that in a relationship you must completely accept the other from your heart, body, soul and mind. There is no place for superficiality in life and anything superficial must die. Only the real and the deep rooted must stay. Not vanity but honesty must stay. Only the truth must remain and the false must die. 

But truth is bitter and so is this transit bitter. If you are not in a love relationship, you will get into one very soon. Of course, this person will be Pluto and he/she will bring out your most plutonic traits. Don't obsess over things, people or anything that you cannot control. Pluto is asking you to let go of things or people. Let it be and you will see a new dawn. This dawn will either strengthen your bonds or will create stronger bonds with new partners. 

How will Your Partners Be?

Pluto in the 7th house Transit: A date with Hades
Both men and women with a Cancer Ascendant need to be alert considering this transit. Pluto is in Capricorn and opposing Jupiter in Cancer.  This adds to the mythology between Zeus (Jupiter) and Hades (Pluto) the two brothers on the opposite sides of the coin. Zeus tells you to feel good and live a merry life that is considered right as per the world. While Pluto will pull you towards your deepest needs and will compel you to touch the "taboo".  People introduced by Jupiter will be good, religious, rich, spiritual, graceful, travel loving and joyful. But one thing they will be not, "loyal and deep".  On the other hand, people introduced by Pluto will be bad, atheist, violent, sexually charged, taboo loving, greedy, power hungry, tormenting but one thing they will be not, "disloyal and detached". Pluto in Capricorn will bring in ambitious lovers that will work their way on the top by using your love as their weapon. Pluto here is stern, undemonstrative but the one that builds long-lasting foundations rather Sky-scraping castles. He will bring in money that will grow everyday and will build your professional future. Otherwise, he will bring such partners in your life. 

It is the Pluto person that can die for love. It is a Pluto person that will conquer the world and put it at the feet of his/her lover. It is the Pluto person that can rise from the ashes of lowest sexual promiscuity to highest spiritual love.  

- Kiss from a Rose Song (above) by Seal from Batman Movie describes Pluto on the 7th Partnership

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Aonach Mor Guest House Edinburgh (+playlist)

New Age Astrology v/s Traditional Astrology

I am a new age astrologer. I am also a traditional Vedic astrologer. This is because my saturn and uranus are in harmony with each other. It works similarly in astrology as well. You cannot ignore Uranus for Saturn and so you cannot ignore new theories for old. 

So, any new aspect like the Quindecile, quintile, sesi-quandrante, semi-sextile, semi-square even the novile does count. Another argument that I would like to put forward is that speaking in terms of physics spectrum works as per gradation. It simply means a rainbow is not 7 colors with each having a distinctive border but there is a transition phase of one color from another and to another as well. Aspecting planets are like these transition phases. They are sending out their electromagnetic rays. The planets that are conjunct are the ones which are in the inner electromagnetic field but a planet that is 13 degrees apart doesn't "skip" the energy field. If it does how does a planet that is 60 degrees apart come in the energy field of the same planet?
Therefore, it is funny to say that a planet follows only traditional aspects.

New aspects or minor aspects lost their place in traditional astrology because of two reasons sometimes they were not greatly impactful or they were not researched thoroughly. Too many minor aspects in a synastry without traditional aspects don't indicate strong ties. New aspects like quindecile or sesi- quiquandrante or the quintile don't have many books written about them to verify their functioning in detail.

Traditional astrology, speaks only about personal planets and sometimes reluctantly accepts outer planets. Having gone through charts of many married couples, I beg to differ. I believe asteroids have a role to play.

Especially Eros and Psyche. You can pay attention to the transits of these two soul-mate asteroids to tell if you are going to be hit by love or not. Progressions of these two also make you meet the one. Eros-psyche contacts in synastry are deep profound soul connections that go beyond mundane existence.

When Eros meets psyche they immediately "realize their hearts calling".  In charts, where there are no Eros
Eros-Psyche are eternal Soulmates
-psyche contacts the "soulful connection" is usually absent. This relationship is pretty platonic and mundane.

On the contrary, Eros-psyche relationship might not be a real, structure based (saturnian) relationship but it will always be a profoundly deep one.

Find Out if You are with your Soulmate by Your Eros and Psyche Signs.  Visit the Link Below: