Thursday, September 11, 2014

5 Design Ideas Joan Rivers Left Us From Her Connecticut Home

A few days back we lost an amazing woman. A woman known for her humor, wit, smarts, quick comebacks as well as her fashion. I decided to  do a post to highlight her home, how she lived and how we can all implement a little bit of Joan River’s style in our home.

I have highlighted my favorite elements of her Victorian style home in New Milford, Connecticut.  The home has four  bedrooms, four and half  bathrooms and sits on 76 acres of land.

The home is a mix of French Country decorated with early 1900's pieces. It may not be exactly yours or my taste, but I did find a few things that I absolutely loved.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Boy or Girl?


Ok, so this is the situation. I don’t really care for a pink room for girls and blue rooms for boys. I think it’s so interesting that everyone raises their children telling them to be individuals, yet you start their life off by putting them in a box. That’s pretty funny if you ask me. It’s something that’s been done for years, but nothing wrong with changing it up a bit. It’s definitely becoming more and more popular to have a non-gender specific nursery but once in a while I get a client who wants a pink nursery and boy how it disappoints me. I am going to show you here a few non-gender specific nurseries one which I completed a few years ago and other we sourced from different blogs.

This is a non-gender specific nursery I did, and usually when I share the photo many cannot decide whether the room is for a little boy or girl. Can you take a wild guess? {Share your answer below in the comments area, and next week I will reveal the answer}  Using a mixture of coral blue allowed for the room to be suitable for a boy, girl or both. {in the  wild event of twins}

Here is the actual room! Grey and white chevron stripes were added to break up the consistency of straight lines. 

This area is directly across from the crib and I created this to allow for toy storage and organization in the bedroom. The rug will allow for an open and comfortable area to play and enjoy all of the toys and goodies stored in the toy storage.

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