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Nessus in Houses, Signs and Synastry: Obsession Out of Control

For most people Nessus symbolizes abuse, excessive lust and manipulation. Although, it cannot be denied that it is associated with these qualities, it is unnatural to associate it solely with these things. I have read excessively disturbing interpretations of Nessus on the internet. I really cannot understand why some astrologers have a prejudice against some asteroids and planets.

In this article, I will try to clear the air about Nessus and will give an insight about reading him in your chart and synastry. To begin with, Nessus is a centaur of Pluto. So, associating him with darkness, manipulation, obsession, possessiveness and excessive lust is understandable. Nessus is an uncontrolled unevolved Pluto. When he has hard aspects natally, then he shows his dark side but when he has good aspects then he can be a problem solver. Good aspects are aspects from Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron. Most astrologers over the internet want to paint a gruesome picture of Nessus. However, I believe through my observation Nessus is the place where we "let go" ourselves.

Nessus in the houses and signs:

In the 1st house/Aries:

This is the scary Nessus. If he is not controlled by good aspects from Chiron or Saturn then this Nessus is an uncontrolled, indolent child who wants to fight to get things his way. He is the bully who won't let you have it your way. He is the control freak in a relationship. Somebody who also suffers from absolute obsession over "my way of highway policy". In a good sense, he is the leader of the pack, moving in the direction with absolute passion. Using all possible methods to reach his goal. He can be the match winner in sports needing lot of Physical energy. In love, he is the alpha male even when in a woman's chart!

If someone's Nessus falls in your first house, he will appear to you as a control freak, actually he will be the control freak for you. This is especially true if there are conjunctions.

In the 2nd house/Taurus:

This Nessus is the one who suffers from an OCD of earning wealth and looking beautiful. This will be the Nessus who will buy all the top cosmetics to beautify the face. A broke condition even if temporary does not go well with this Nessus. Beg, borrow or steal is the motto of this Nessus. When positively expressed, will be an ambitious individual who will go from rags to riches. Using his genius as an example for others. In love this Nessus seeks a rich partner who can buy best perfumes, cosmetics, garments for him. In a woman's chart such women can make excellent fashion models. However, if such a woman marries below her status then husband will suffer from constant abuse.

In the 3rd house/Gemini:

This is the verbal Nessus that may use his communication abilities to manipulate. A compulsive, opinionated journalist with an "uncontrolled pen or tongue" is this Nessus. He can be the bully in the house who manipulates his siblings by gossiping to get things his way. Blackmailing by using his writing skills, investigative journalist, crime journalist using pen for fulfilling his desire is this Nessus. When controlled positively by Saturn and Chiron, this Nessus can bring in much desired change in the society through their passionate verbal and writing skills. In love, this Nessus is a creative manipulator who talks his way through arguments. He doesn't fight, he negotiates smartly but compulsively to earn his partner's faith.

In the 4th house/Cancer:

This is the mothering Nessus who can get more than obsessive with her nurturing. The person with this Nessus has OCD about his family, country, culture and anyone whom he takes under his wings. A person having this Nessus is the most feared/respected person in the family and is the den mother. His word is the final word and anyone who tries to go against this person is immediately brought down. He is the bully in the family that may prey on any weakness shown by anyone. In fact, anyone who tries to go against this Nessus will be cut to size with his sheer emotional force. When positively expressed, this is the most nurturing Nessus who can take care and protect those who seek his protection. In love relationships, this Nessus can smother the partner by being over protective, possessive and patronizing. He may try to instill his fear in the partner for gaining control over partner's emotions.

In the 5th house/Leo:

This is the self-obsessed Nessus that wants to be on the center stage at all times. A politician that can kill, murder or do almost anything to win the coveted chair. An actor who wants to have the spotlight always on him and who go to any length to get it. This is a self-centered Nessus who wants to be worshiped at all costs. He manipulates followers can even buy them to promote his superiority. An actor who commands attention, has a powerful personality. Known for his ego and pride, this Nessus is insanely generous to his followers and yes-men. When this Nessus is positively influenced by Saturn and Chiron, he can be the hero of dreams. He can be a great King for his subjects. Win Oscars, take his country to the top most position in the world as the leader. In love, this Nessus wants to be treated as royalty and will not tolerate a partner who does anything less than that. May always want partner to behave "up to the mark" and have high expectations from him/her.

In the 6th house/Virgo:

This is the cleanliness and neatness obsessed Nessus, the one who cares too much for hygiene. Nessus is this place is a doctor that washes his hands till the time real color fades away. A person with this Nessus is fanatically obsessed with his diet, health and work. This Nessus works too much and expects the same from everyone else. This can also be the Nessus that as a doctor can manipulate patients to get things his way. He can prey on the fear of his patients and employers. When positively expressed this Nessus can create most dedicated healers, doctors and employees who go to extra lengths to please. In love, this Nessus will obsess about their partner's health and well-being. They can be extra critical regarding hygiene and following diet and exercise routines. People with this Nessus have a tendency to nag uncontrollably if their partner does not adhere to their "guidelines".

In the 7th house/Libra:

This is the peace loving Nessus who is obsessed about maintaining peace, harmony and equilibrium at costs. This Nessus suffers from OCD when it comes justice and playing it fair. Justice is obviously on the side in which he is, a person with this placement will go to any extent for getting it. Using manipulation and preying on the weakness of the opposition, this Nessus gets it his way. A passionate lawyer who gets wins at all costs for his client. He is the most "dreaded" lawyer and deploys any method to win. When expressed positively, this person can win battles for those without a voice. He can restore faith in the judiciary. He can be the best peace ambassador for the country. Resolve conflicts and create harmony. In love, this is the Nessus that will strive to maintain peace at all costs and expect the same response from his partner. If the partner does not support him in this approach then there will obsessive arguments that can go out of control. He can manipulate partner to get things his way, preying on the weakness. Commitment is an issue with this Nessus but once commitment break-up can become a big one.

This Nessus is also the abuser or obssessive partner in the relationship. He will want absolute control of the relationship and may excessively bully his/her partner. If someones Nessus falls in your 7th house then that person will show the above qualities.

In the 8th house/Scorpio:

This is the Nessus at home. Being centaur of Pluto, Nessus shows the dark side of the god of the underworld. But even then this Nessus has the biggest potential of becoming a healer. In fact, the most powerful healer. Some of the astrologers on the internet have this Nessus and they keep "propagating" that Nessus is about being sexually abused in childhood. I can only say to them that they suffer from "OCD" which is a peculiar Nessus quality and they are "astrologers" or "occultists" which is the Nessus in the 8th house/Scorpio theme. Having Nessus with this placement does not mean that you are "abused". Remember, Nessus is the aggressor and not a victim. Victim is Dejanira who shows are biggest weakness and struggle for support. So, abuse can apply to Deja in 8th/Scorpio and it need not be childhood abuse, it can be a victimization within the theme of the placement. Whereas, Nessus here, is the mafia, drug dealer, tantric yogi, black magician who uses spirits to bring him power. He is the "bad magician" from Aladdin's story who is running after the lamp for power. This Nessus has an obsessive and uncontrolled desire to gain power. He wants wealth at all costs and use darkest themes to get it. His greed is endless be it for sex, power or money. He holds his victim captive like the Devil card in tarot. When positively expressed, he is powerful yogi like Lord Shiva who heals victims of various ailments. He is the one who gives life to the dying through power obtained by controlling the kundalini energy.  In love this is most manipulative Nessus who can do anything to gain control of the relationship. He will use all methods to hold his lover captive.

In the 9th house/Sagittarius:

This again a real manifestation of the Nessus theme as he was also a centaur. Nessus, here, has an obsessive desire for traveling, adventure, spirituality and learning. This is also the Nessus who has an uncontrolled desire to teach and be a know-it-all. He uses his sense of humor, knowledge and experience for manipulation. A person with this Nessus can never sit still and will always be on a move. Stillness or stagnancy of any kind frustrates him and turns him into his abusive best. He wants to go hiking, mountaineering and running in all possible directions. He is the car racer, fast bowler, biker or horse rider who wants to win at all costs. He is feared by the opponents and preys on their weakness. He uses his knowledge, experience and sense of humor to demoralize his victims. When controlled by Saturn and Chiron, this Nessus opens you up for a breath of fresh air. He amazes with his vast treasure chest of knowledge and takes you on a adventure of a lifetime with him. In love, he is the lover on the move, always riding in his camper-van for fulfilling his zest for life. He wants a partner who can come with him with the same gusto. A partner who can learn from him "how to live an adventure".

On the other side, he may forget to take you on an adventure if you appear to be stuck in a rut. He is riding to his own rhythm and lacks patience, In synastry, if someone places his Nessus in your ninth house expect the above behavior.

In the 10th house/Capricorn:

This is the corporate Nessus who will do anything to keep his reputation. He has a OCD for maintaining his high status and public image. This Nessus can never "compromise" on that. In fact, his hunger to keep growing that reputation never stops. For that purpose, he will make everyone work and no excuses will work for this "boss". He manipulates his employees by sheer power of his disciplined approach. He has obsession for discipline, order and structure and will use all tactics to get it from those under him. In fact, anybody whom he knows and who knows his ambitions become his employees who must work in tandem to help him reach his goals. This is a slave driving Nessus who gets annoyed and abusive if his word is not adhered to. He will cut anyone to size who tries to play with his reputation and will take more than extra care to maintain a sparkling white reputation. When controlled by Saturn and Chiron, this is the most respected person in the family who is the father figure. He has an extended family and provides shelter to the frightened eyes and old people. In love, he is the provider and you better be "AWARE". Nobody other than him will provide and he will expect you to be his support system, even if you are a man and Nessus is a woman. It will always be about his public image and his reputation.

In the 11th house/Aquarius:

This is the Nessus who is always "active", he can't live without having  a cause to fight for. He will be the initiator of an innovative NGO and will start  movements against those in authority. He is a social media freak who starts movements by making use of the latest gadgets. In fact, some of them might be his own inventions in public interest. This Nessus has an OCD for innovation, activism, groupism, breaking laws and traditions. He uses his social skills and friends for manipulation. Preys on the weakness of the authorities, traditions, laws and old technology. When expressed positively, he can be a leader whom the world will thank for centuries to come. He will be the scientist that will come up with a breakthrough for deadly diseases, energy shortage and climate change. A friend who stand by a weak friend and start a successful campaign for him to give him his rights. In love, this is the most erratic and eccentric Nessus who is like a gypsy with a OCD with "hippism". He would expect his partner to have similar traits or he will disappear in thin air after turning on his abusive best that is.

In the 12th house/Pisces:

This is the Nessus who is obsessed with spirituality, oldage homes, hospitals, photography, painting, art, nomadic lifestyle, dreams, healing, reiki and being a mystic living on mountain. This Nessus will be excessively fond of water and living besides it. Like the Nessus in Sag/9th house, he also is a compulsive traveler but of a mystic sort. He is a compulsive painter, photographer that is obsessive about capturing every single detail. He runs behind the mysteries of the Cosmos and keeps himself occupied with it. He has a compulsive desire to learn healing crafts like pranic healing and reiki. He can use these to manipulate his disciples, patients and followers. A guru who talks to spirits of the ancestors. He prefers living life his way avoiding bondage of any kind, slipping out of the hands like a fish. A person who avoids responsibility of any kind. When expressed positively, this is the "Adi Yogi" avatar of Lord Shiva who can cure with compassion, the world's first reiki master who can heal and turn "prana or chi" in the positive channels. He is also the alchemist. A dream interpreter, spirit medium, spiritual guru and master artist like Leonardo Da Vinci, is this Nessus. In love, he is detached, free from bondage and a nomad moving from place to place discovering the secrets of cosmos. He is intuitive, magician, mystic and tuned to the spirit world. He will need
plenty of space.

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Going Through Pluto Conjunct Descendant Transit? Watch this Video!

Many of my clients who come for consultation to me are sick of this transit. They hate Pluto on their descendant. They simply want to pass through it without the gut-wrenching process this planet of transformation puts them through. Of course the stakes are high, but Pluto transiting through your 7th house especially now being in Capricorn is for strengthening you. He means you open yourself to universal energy, allow free flow of your best abilities and let the Karma do the rest. Reiki is the energy of Pluto known as Lord Shiva or Mahadev in India.  Reiki is the universal energy endless which cannot be phantomed. It is neither born nor can die. It is that energy that resides in the 7 chakras of your body and connects you to the universe. For many this may not seem connected to the transit. How is a planet actually god? What exactly is this? I have reason to connect Pluto to Lord Shiva and Reiki. A few years ago, I was going through a different type of Pluto transit. I am a considerable plutonian and water person. When the transit hit the iceberg and the ship started to sink, I saw a blue male figure in a broken temple with long hair. This male figure had at least 7-8 layers of white aura which seemed to pleasant to my tired eyes. He asked me through a light gesture to come inside the inner part of the temple which is called the "gabhara". He took my hand in his and moved his hand 7-8 times over it. I woke up feeling healthy and rejuvenated in the morning. It was a dream but I was healed. The bottom line- LET YOURSELF GET HEALED, OPEN YOURSELF AND KARMA WILL OPEN CHANNELS FOR HAPPINESS, SUCCESS AND WELL-BEING! Check out this video, and leave your comments.

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Nodes of The Moon: Your Past Life Talents, Love And Present Life's Duty

Most people wonder why the nodes of the moon are considered to be so important in natal, synastry and composite charts. There is an argument that nodes are imaginary points and not real bodies. Still, in a natal chart they can be the biggest players. They carry more information than personal planets or points at times. The nodal axis is the axis of your life path. It actually is your road map, a script of your motivations, existence and goals along with your yearnings. In many cultures, both the South Node and North Node are considered to be bad or evil. However, if you read ancient texts written by some of the astrologers belonging to the same culture, you may find real answers.

In western astrology, North Node is your destiny of the current life or future while South Node is the past life or early life full of presumptions and safety needs. In a way, NN is more adventurous while SN is the safe home that dreads adventure. But NN is the adventure you must undertake to move forward from the insecurities caused by SN patterns. Therefore, SN relationships are usually negative while NN ones are those that take you forward. 

However, this is an incomplete explanation. This rides the SN out of any positivity. No planet or point is ever negative. It is just a perception, the effects caused due to the circumstances. In this article I would like to point out the gifts of SN and the destiny path of NN. 

South Node in your chart is the root of past life. It denotes the talents you are born with. It also denotes the "kula" or the family designation and/or caste you were born in. It may be the one of your past life or early part of your current life. It also tells you about your past life's love and marriage. Your biggest comfort zone is your South Node and it is also your treasure chest. The house and sign placement of the South Node tell you where your roots, talents and love lies. 

Yet, to realize these things, you have to take the help of the North Node. The key to open the treasure chest is the NN. Once you figure out how the key works, you can easily unlock the treasure chest and lead a successful and happy life.

To make the process easy, I have listed the functions of the nodal axis below as per the sign/house (h) placement. 

SN Aries/h1 and NN Libra/h7: Your talents carried from the past life are that of warfare, fighting, boxing, military, sports and leadership. You are/were born in a family with a similar background. To complete your victories, you have to come to a successful agreement of truce. A war is not won in the battlefield but in the court of justice or on a piece of paper. Your challenge may be a peaceful resolution. However, try to get it your way by fighting a successful legal battle. 

SN Taurus/h2 and NN Scorpio/h8: Your talents carried from the past life are that of banking, finance, stock market agency, agriculture industry and growth. Wealth building has been your passion and skill. You were/are born in a wealthy family. You need to build wealth by keeping it hidden. You can use your talents to make money by handling other people's money and assets. Using occult methods, tantra vidya, grey methods are also the keys to realize your SN ambitions.

SN Gemini/h3 and NN Sagittarius/h9: Your talents carried from the past life are in writing, media, communication, poetry, music and short travels. You are/were a media anchor, manager or PR agent in the previous birth. You are/were born in a family with the same background. You can realize your dreams by making foreign connections, learning foreign languages and embracing new cultures. Traveling to foreign lands can open the doors of your destiny. Shedding a nervous temperament and allowing a lighthearted universal approach is what you need in this birth.

SN Cancer/h4 and NN Capricorn/h10: Your talents lie in building a home, nurturing, being a home-maker and a mother figure, healing, raising children and protecting them. Your other talents lie in carrying forward your ancestral property, traditions and culture. You are/were born in a family with the same background. A matriarchal family with more women. Your success in this life in balancing the act by allowing the patriarch. Being practical, strict, materialistic and securing future generations through wealth. Doing real-estate business, giving up the old when necessary to lay a solid foundation of the future. Using your skills commercially to create corporations.  

SN Leo/h5 and NN Aquarius/h11: Your talents carried from the past life are in acting, theater, direction, music, opera, gambling, dancing and circus. Your other talents are in politics, ruling and being a star and royalty. You are/were born in a royal lineage. You can realize your goals by being less eccentric and a team player. Internet, group of friends, social media, social networking, activism, benevolence can help you get success in life.

SN Virgo/h6 and NN Pisces/h12:  Your talents lie in precision, using surgical equipment, cleaning, hygiene, medicine, analysis, veterinarian, alternative medicines and being a workaholic. Accountancy, health, exercise and devoted service are some of your biggest skills. Money and data management are another. You are/were born in the same background. Your family had/has animals, doctors and healers. Your future lies in escaping the mundane and taking a day off from work. Living a life like a monk and offering your services for a period of time with selflessness. Don't get caught up in duty, take rest and provide your services keeping your health in mind. Spas, sea shores and relaxing professions are best for you.

SN Libra/h7 and NN Aries/h1: Your talents carried from the past life are in law, justice, peace-making, aesthetics, fashion, partnerships, balancing, contracts and counseling. You are/were born in the same background. You can realize your dreams by shedding passivity and embracing action. Partnerships, relationships can be won by taking action. Leading from the front will bring justice to cause.

SN Scorpio/h8 and NN Taurus/h2: Your talents lie in the hidden, psychology, crime investigation, forensics, dark arts, occult, handling other people's money, sex, tantric sex, kundalini yoga, deep passionate mystic, dark priest, black marketer and mafia. You are/were born in the same background. You can realize your goals by accumulating wealth through fair means. Going for banking, finance, stock broking, real estate agency and venture capitalism can help you. Agriculture, architecture, botany- herb magic, scents, beauty essentials, wine, bodily arts and artistic ventures. Prioritize stable income.

SN Sagittarius/h9 and NN Gemini/h3:  Your talents carried from past life are in religion, spirituality, education, foreign travels, foreign culture and languages. You have jovial temperament with great sense of humor. You have carried a charitable, universal and lively attitude from your past life. You are/were born in the same background. Communication, multi-tasking, writing, media and advertising can help you realize your dreams.

SN Capricorn/h10 and NN Cancer/h4: Your talents lie in running a corporation, shrewd business, conventions, orthodox establishment, multiplying your business income and establishing business houses. You have carried a zest for building professional reputation and expertise. You can create a business face for the world to see. You are practical, pragmatic and precise. You were a father figure. You are/were born in the same background. Your family has more men than women. Embracing a nurturing attitude, emotional empathy, healing and family will gain you the success you need.

SN Aquarius/h11 and NN Leo/h5: Your talents carried from the past life are in distance, group activities, team sports, social media, connecting people from distances, science, inventions and forward thinking. You are born with talents in electronics, technology and breaking the convention. You need to think about self at first, get on the center stage to win your revolt. Fighting elections, winning social media music/talent contests.

SN Pisces/h12 and NN Virgo/h6: Your talents lie in dream interpretation, imagination, artistic pursuits, psychic visions, clairvoyance, knowing God. You were a Saint or Monk in the previous birth. An evolved soul, meditative, away from the world. You can realize the talents by connecting with the world. Performing your duties and using your vision for healing. Getting down to business, Ayurveda, alternative medicine and a lot more.

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How to Know If Your Scorpio Man Is Serious About You?

Most people come to my blog asking about the traits of a Scorpio man in love. I am writing a book on Scorpio man love, lust and obsession to give a better insight. Actually, the mystery is the reason why Scorpio men can be so hard to understand. It is the 8th sign symbolizing the underworld and not the one that we can see. Therefore, Scorpio is dark and hidden. It can be confusing to know a Scorpio and further confusing to know his feelings. 

Like all men, there is a chance of getting your time wasted with a Scorpio too. But it can be more painful with him. In case of Libra man, it can be frustrating. However, Scorpios always inflict a very deep wound that lasts longer sometimes even for your next births. If you cheated on him you will crave for his love when things seem to get lame with other "lukewarm" lovers. He will never return. 

Losing opportunity with a Scorpio man is a loss of a lifetime especially if he was the one. Yes, the pain and loss will feel immense. It will be equally painful if he has taken you for a ride. Like a tornado, he will leave you destroyed. 

So, here are some a snippet from my forthcoming book about knowing if your Scorpio man is serious about you or not. 

Initial Phase:

When he realizes that he is love, the first thing he would want to do it is chase you away. No, it may sound funny but the force will be so strong that you will want to run for life. 

Reason: Scorpio man knows that a lightning has struck him and so he has to take control by teaching the lightning a lesson. Okay, you should know, he is almost "invincible" and anything that threatens that thought should be destroyed immediately. 

Middle Phase:

After he has been assured by his own soul that the lightning is for a harmless purpose, he will begin to relax. This will be the time when in his heart, he starts seeing his future with you. But don't expect the declaration. Try to stay away from the temptation of making him declare his feelings. Play it cool. You will get drunk dialing, drunk declarations or even sometimes casual curious questions. Then it will all be, "Okay, I never said such things". He will hint you sometimes. Show you the picture of his family members, pets and share some memories with you. Again, he will keep his distance. 

Reason: He has yet to recover from the stroke of the lightning. He has to accept his feelings. He is checking the surface. He is checking if his investment of "deep feelings" will get the desired response or not.

Now, I am not revealing the final phase, most Scorpio men will hate me for revealing too much information about them. So, I will take it slowly. You must also take it slow as a woman in love with a Scorpio. One big hint: The two phases are not necessarily chronological. They can simultaneous and to and fro. But in all these phases, the stare that says "I was hit by the bus big time" will be a common factor. Look out for it!

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Transiting Pluto Conjunct Descendant Part-2

Pluto looking at Persephone

Last post on the same topic was about who will enter your life and how it will be. This one will be about how your life will be once this person is in your life. Also, about what if you have "Plutonians" coming and going out of life? Will it be good or bad or ugly or a mix of all? Pluto is in Capricorn and I must say it is the most brutal Pluto. It is also the most rewarding for those who want to do that "big transformation". When it hits your descendant, he will bring those opportunities. However, what most of the time, we don't note is Pluto is a name of god. He may be evil as per some. But god is not evil. Evil is not god. Transformation is the ultimate truth. It is a law of the universe. Change is constant and only "change is permanent".

While some of you, may suffer an intense heartbreak. Others will use this power to climb up the ladder. Pluto will bring only plutonic partners and only these partners will help you.

Whether positively or negatively look out for men/women with a strong Pluto in their charts.  Those with Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus conjunct Pluto will prove to be trans-formative for you. They will be the partners that transform you either by helping you or provoking you. They will be the forces which will drive you towards your goals and relationships. You will find them play a pivotal role.

Of course, mutual synastry will play a major role. But these people will be the anchors in a way that will mold you towards a better tomorrow.
Daksha/Khnum/Baphomet with Lord Shiva

As a Cancer ascendant, you might be finding it hard to let go your family. However, Pluto on descendant in Capricorn is the most practical Pluto. You will want to break away from your immediate family. Financially, if it is not possible, don't sulk. It is time to be shrewd and set your foot on the ground. Coming  11 years will transform you into a worldly power.

The god of the underworld will present you with two options, rise or fall. I have mentioned in the previous article that Lord Shiva is Pluto. He is also known as the "Adi-Yogi" or the first Yogi. It means the one who first knew Yoga. Almost all of us know today that meditation is an integral part of Yoga. So, when you are facing this heavy transit, Pluto asks you to increase your inner light.

This transit is for allowing the white light inside you to guide you. You can meditate on the Tarot's "The Star" card. You can see it is appropriately numbered at "17". The numerological total of this number is 8 which is the number of the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Thus, it is the number of Pluto, symbolizing change that is inevitable and permanent.

To explain more profoundly, I would like to quote a sentence from Debashis Chatterjee's book, "Timeless Leadership: 18 Leadership Sutras from the Bhagavad Gita". The quote goes like this, "Old habits die hard. A leader has to destabilize existing forms of thought and action."

This is what this transit is about, establishing your leadership. You will have to take charge of your life. Be the leader. Lead from the front. Kill the old and dead patterns. If a relationship is weighing too heavily on you then leave it behind. Transform yourself and move forward. Pluto will guide you. He is asking you to understand the Capricornian or Saturnian laws of life which mean that only the tangible stays. He is asking you to understand the significance of power and passion in your life. How these qualities can help you reach a stable future with a dependable partner.

The other tarot card for you to meditate is the "Chariot" card. You see the prince is holding the reins of two horses running in different directions. One is positivity and other is negativity. One new and other those old things that hold you back.

If there is a relationship that is holding you back or you are holding to it out of emotional insecurity (Cancer) then it is a bad idea says Pluto. He is telling you that a passionate partner who supports your ambitions and walks with you towards a successful future is the right one. Anyone less than such a man is not for you. If you are a man then the same is applicable.

A real love relationship will go miles and miles with you supporting your dreams and forgiving your mistakes. Here, is one more beautiful song that I feel describes transiting Pluto conjunct Descendant in Capricorn

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There are many takes on abusive asteroids. There is a scare about Nessus that if conjuncts your natal planet, angle or node then the person becomes abusive. When you think of abuse it can be plain abuse which is either physical, mental or emotional nature. Abuse is for the sake of abuse. It has no feelings or emotions attached to it.  It is pure abuse. You can never glorify or think about it in any positive way. Planets tell you about the real picture of the nature and intensity of abuse. House placements and angles tell you about the place where it will take place. Nodes tell you the motivation behind abuse.

But asteroids tell you exactly who will abuse and how. No matter how strange it sounds but asteroids can actually nail the thing. There are two asteroids namely Nessus and Nemesis who are known as "abusive". But there is a significant difference in their nature. Most of the times the confusion between their natures can lead to a wrong conclusion. You can stay in a relationship plagued with Nemesis assuming that it is the "possessive streak". At other times, you can reject the advances of "Nessus" considering it to be direct abuse. So, what is the difference? Who is better? To speak so, none. However, you need to know the difference to handle the energy of each.


My observation led me to research on Nessus who is the evil man who raped Dejanira who was the lover of Hercules. Nessus was obsessed by the desire to have Dejanira and he couldn't control himself. He manipulated Dejanira when Hercules attacked him to put his bloody clothes on him so that he could love her forever. However, when she put his clothes on Hercules, it led to his death. Therefore, Nessus in your chart is the "incessant desire". It is obsession of willing to have things at all costs. Nessus won't give the person he desires to anyone else even if he cannot have her himself. In fact, Nessus is anything that we want beyond control and are willing to go to any lengths to get it. So, wherever he is in your chart, it is your lowest point. The sign he falls in shows how you desire incessantly and the house tells you what exactly is your incessant desire. When he conjuncts your personal planets, he highlights your incessant qualities pertaining to that planet. It is same for the house rulers and angles. In synastry, when he conjuncts/opposes the other person's personal planets and house rulers he is activating himself. Nessus will want the moon, sun, mars, venus, saturn, jupiter, pluto, uranus, neptune incessantly. His conjunctions to the angles will show his deep obsession and interest of the angle person concerning the quality of the angle.

If he conjuncts Dejanira then he will want her incessantly. She will be his victim. A person who has a strong nessus in his chart is not necessary an incessant person. He becomes when it is touched.


I was confused as I have mentioned above who was the real abuser. I understood that Nessus was our deepest and uncontrolled incessant desire. So, he is an abuser with a motivation. Therefore, that is actually more of a captivational abuse and not a plain abuse. Although, it doesn't glorify him but Nemesis more the enemy than what I would accuse Nessus of being. I will cite an example for it. I know somebody was regularly beaten'up in school right from the tender age of 6 to 10 yrs. The boy who hit her was a bully. He was the friend of the grandson of the man who was one of the owners of the school. You can take example of Draco Malfoy to Hermoine Granger. I tried to search for Nessus aspects from his side to check for the "Abuse" coming from him to her. She has dejanira conjunct moon natally. So, you can see that "victim" part is very much there.

However, he had no Nessus aspect other than a "Nessus trine Dejanira" aspect. Both of them were born the same year and Nessus moves very slowly. So, she has Nessus trine Dejanira natally as well. Now, here, comes the interesting part. She has her Nemesis in Capricorn and the boy was a Sun in Capricorn. She never has a good relationship with Capricorns (men) and finds it problematic as she is a Capricorn descendant.

Nevertheless, the most interesting part is that Capricorn boy has his Nemesis in Sag which conjuncts her Moon/Dejanira. Now, you see "pure abuse". Draco Malfoy does not have incessant desire for Hermoine. He purely hates her out of a feeling of superiority. Therefore, he is Nemesis and not Nessus.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Horoscopes for Month of June - Nikita Gharat


The month of June will bring questions for the Aries. You will be trying to end the war but just on a temporary basis. You will be confused about the path to choose. You have to keep your mind calm and balanced. Losing your cool will not get you anywhere in June. allowing your heart to rule your head. Arians are asked to keep their head cool at work. Money inflow will be restricted but stable.

ASTRO-TIP: See the situations with an unbiased point of view.

Lucky Colour: White.

Lucky number: 2


Temptations will surround Taureans in the month of June. You will be living in a world of fantasy where you will have everything. However, make sure that you don’t fly too high as your expectations be may be just too unrealistic. Things that look like a reality or gold are not always that. At workplace, if you are tempted to work extra hours for a promotion check if the offer is genuine. Be careful in financial transactions.

ASTRO-TIP: Don’t make investments in schemes that look too tempting.

Lucky Colour: brown

Lucky number: 8


The mercurial Geminis will get an invitation from the person they want. This is of course an invitation to party or to love. But you have to make your choices without getting hyper-sensitive. Keep your head in place and verify the intentions of the person before you plunge. You have been fighting and now its time to call truce and spend some time out with your friends. June will bring you peace and enjoyment.

ASTRO-TIP: Don’t overindulge yourself.

Lucky Colour: Lime green

Lucky number: 14


The moon blessed Cancerians will have a sombre month of June. Your intuition will not be supportive in this month and old wise people may not give you the advise that you are seeking. The month of June will keep you risk free and that can be taken as the only advantage. So, if you are looking for help from your seniors then you must wait for just one more month.

ASTRO-TIP: Try to do things on your own. Keep out of risks.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky number: 5

The wait that began last month is now over for the royalty of the zodiac. Leos will be having all their wishes fulfilled in the month of June. In fact, they will have their own private wish granting tree that will give them whatever they ask for. It can be money, career, love or just about anything. However, over indulgence is not healthy. So, as much as you love rich food and drinks, keep a check on this tendency.

ASTRO-TIP: Spending in a limit is a good thing but going overboard is not good.

Lucky Colour: Golden.

Lucky number: 15.


In the previous month, Virgos had to wait for their wishes to get fulfilled. However, the month of June promises good luck especially on the monetary front. Wedding season, home construction and ancestral wealth is in store for the earthy Virgos. Finally, you will have the treasure you deserve and life will get the stability you want. It is the right time to lay the foundation of a new business venture.

ASTRO-TIP: You can also start your own office in this month.  

Lucky Colour: Metallic Green

Lucky number: 23


The peacemakers of the zodiac Librans will continue their success run in June. After having their dream run started in the previous month, the confident libra will march ahead in wild frenzy in this month. They will receive special help from women and will be celebrating their success with their colleagues. Enjoy your time and keep marching ahead as the stars are shining bright on you. Creative people will get more work.   

ASTRO-TIP:  Extravaganza should be avoided at all costs.

Lucky Colour: Golden Yellow.

Lucky number: 1


The red-blooded plutonians of the zodiac will have a troublesome first half of June. They will appear to be stuck and struggling to find their way out. It can get really frustrating as all of their paths seem to blocked. But the latter half of the month promises great joy and wealth. If you are looking for ancestral property wealth then you will get it after 15th June.

ASTRO-TIP: Continue with meditation. Allow your intuition to guide you.

Lucky Colour: Silver

Lucky number: 11


A month to find a way from their troubles is ahead for the Sagittarians. Their intuition will guide them to the right path and slowly work will start to pick up. Hard work will pave the way for success and promotion. A Leo, Aries or Sagittarius man will prove to be lucky for the fun loving Jupiterians of the zodiac.  First week of June will be a bit slow but god will shower his blessings from the second week.

ASTRO-TIP: Pray to god.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky number: 6


The month of June promises good luck on the creative and financial front for the Saturnians. Capricorns will be able to get their cards moving in the right direction. They will be turning their projects into reality and getting new business offers. Women who are looking to conceive can finally get their prayers answered. Big breaks are on the way and the money inflow will keep you busy in June.

ASTRO-TIP: Use your best negotiation skills to win support.

Lucky Colour: Champagne Gold

Lucky number: 24.


The hot and tiresome May days are over and June brings in good luck for the Uranians. The water bearers of the zodiac will get help from a charitable organization in the first half of the month. A wealthy friend may also come to their rescue. In the latter half of the month, they will get all their  9 wishes granted and money will come in abundance. Property, business, luxury and everything will just pour in.

ASTRO-TIP: Keep a check on your budget and don’t overspend.

Lucky Colour: Metallic Red

Lucky number: 18


The trouble continues for the neptunians even in the month of June. Carrying ailing or not earning relatives on your back will give monetary problems. Your intuition will be blocked and there will be reducing bank balance in the month. It will be an extremely hectic month without much earning. However, keeping your cool and being tough with those who are increasing your financial burdens is the way out.

ASTRO-TIP: Don’t let anybody take you for granted.

Lucky Colour: Artichoke Green

Lucky number: 19

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Relationships and Marriage Astrology: Significance of Venus, Mars, Moon and Sun signs Part 1

If you are confused or tired looking for the right partners and relationships. Then astrology can help you out. This article will help you understand basic ideas with which you will know the type of men or women you attract and the ones you are attracted to. You will also know if your synastry would work or it won't.
Look at the pic given. Here, is an explanation given by me about the type of men you attract and are attracted as per your Sun, Mars, Venus and Moon sign. For women, they must know that moon is their motherly or protective instinct so in love and relationships it will come after attraction that is Venus. However, marriage may be more about Moon followed by Venus.

The example in the first picture is about how you get attracted to men belonging to the same element in which your Sun and Mars falls. The second thing is the house in which your Sun and Mars falls as well. But most importantly, it is your Sun and Mars elements. Some astrologers consider that trines are only with degrees and not by signs. I will explain some myths exercised by modern astrologers who are usually jumping the gun in writing off a relationship. My astrological experience and education is based on both Vedic and Western astrology. Therefore, elements have their say and so do signs. First and foremost you must know that astrology follows rules but rules vary. It doesn't mean that people with no personal planet synastry can be a happily everafter couple. However, it doesn't mean that a couple with a few bad aspects will "break-off" and hence, should never enter into a relationship. Relationships no matter how bad they are, come with a purpose. You have to understand the greater meaning than just the literal one. Degrees tell you how close you two can be. But degrees will have an effect depending upon the strength of the planet in your chart. The rulership of that planet also matters. At first, you have to know what makes you click and who clicks with you. This article is all about making you aware 

Relationship and Attraction Astrology Pointers for Women:

Sun: The man you marry is what Sun represents in your chart. The one who he is the illuminating factor, father figure and reliable person who brings an "identity" to your life. Therefore, the sign in which Sun falls will be the kind of man you would want to marry. This is especially true if your moon is conjunct, trine, sextile your Sun. It is also true if your Ven and Mars is sextile, conjunct, trine your Sun. But keep in mind the trine or conjunction should be by sign. A sextile is a less stronger aspect depicting that "it will work" but conjunction and trine are stronger aspects telling you that it will work for sure. I know it must have confused you how a Sun sign can be trine by sign with your mars and venus sign. The answer is simple, by sign trines and conjunctions mean that you belong to the same element. It matters more than you think it does. Most modern astrologers count conjunctions and trines by degrees, to say, mathematically. But astrology is an occult science and not all is maths. Therefore, it follows it's own caste system whether you agree or don't, the people who are in your "element" are your immediate friends, pals and partners. In love, you are attracted to people who belong to your element and if your Venus sign is compatible with your Sun and Mars signs then you will attract people belonging to your element. This is the basic makeup of finding the right man and the right relationship.

Let's take an example, just view the first picture. In the picture you can see, that the Sun is in fire element. I have mentioned that Mars should also be in either fire or air sign followed by Venus. Less emphasis is been put on moon unless it rules your Asc, Desc or 5th house. If all the three are in congruence then you be assured that you love fire and enthusiasm in men. You should also portray your fiery and independent streak to attract the man of your dreams.

Mars: The lover of the zodiac, mars is the first boyfriend you lose your heart, body and mind to. He makes you do stupid things. He makes you look like a love struck dove. His passion and aggression strikes you hard. It may work or not, but he will always be the first love of your life. So, if you have a mars in fire sign then you should look for the athletic go-getters, party lovers and macho men. Those with mars in water sign love sensitivity, creativity and emotions in men. If you have mars in earth signs then money and stability matter to you. For those with mars in air signs, love intellect and communication along with complete independence in men. Now, here is an interesting fact, this is the description of your boyfriend personality but if your Sun is not in "element" with your mars then you will marry a man who will be contradicting your choice of lovers. Most of the time if your Sun and Mars are in hard aspects with each other then your boyfriend is not your husband and your husband can never be your boyfriend. But if the person you are dating has a mars in the same element as your sun and vice versa, then you may found your match. Having Sun Mars hard aspects are frustrating for your love and married life because you may never feel fulfilled. This will especially be true if your moon, 5th house ruler and Venus get along with your mars more than your Sun. This may mean that your marriage will be with a person whom you thought was good for your "identity" but not good for your emotions, sexuality and beauty.

Venus: When mars appeals to your Venus, you can't resist the temptation. You want to jump the gun and just rebel against the world for him.When Sun appeals to your Venus, your creativity and comfort is triggered. You imagine your life with that man and think about having children with him. It is a feel good aspect. However, if your Venus is not compatible with your Sun and Mars then you attract the "wrong types". For example, if your Sun and Mars are both in air signs and your Venus is in a water sign then you attract sensitive, emotional and creative mates. These people give more importance to feelings and bonding than intellect. Therefore, you will find it frustrating when your partner although he or she may be in "element" with your Venus do not live up to your "Mars and Sun" expectations. This man may trigger your sexuality but he will not be your "dream boyfriend or husband" because he will give more significance to feelings while you want detachment.  Assume the man who is attracted to you has Sun in an earth sign and mars is in the water sign then neither your Sun and Mars are in "element" with him. Hence, you will not get along with him after the "boyfriend" phase is over. Perhaps, he will be a very short-term boyfriend. On the contrary, if your Mars and Venus are in the same element or same sign then you will have a deep affair with the man having the same mars sign or element. If your Sun, Mars and Venus are in same or compatible signs or elements then the man with mars in same or compatible signs or elements will be the "ideal man". In case, rest of the mathematics of synastry goes right except for a few bad aspects then you can have a good relationship that can culminate in marriage with this man.

I will be posting the Part -2 of this article that will be about Relationship and Attraction Astrology Pointers for Men. So, keep visiting the blog and become a member - It's free! You can ask your questions in the comments section given below.

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How to Get Your Valentine Through Astrology!

So, are you in love? You must be either too happy with your partner or want to get him/her seriously hooked. In either case, there is no harm to learn a few more things that can increase your chemistry.  Who knows may be this Valentine’s Day can build the foundation of your love relationship and take you to new heights!

So, Let’s take a look at Attraction and Compatibility for 12 Zodiac Signs:


Aries Men:

What Attracts them - An Aries man is a fiery, dreamy and dominating. His raring mars energy will get attracted to someone who has the same fiery passion. Aries men tend to fall for the sexy and seductive Leo woman. He is also attracted to flirty, breezy and excited types of girls. If you like an Aries Man then start loving adventure, parties and living life on the “EDGE”. It is most likely than not that you will get him buy you an engagement ring.

Aries Women:

What Attracts them- An Aries woman is an independent, adventurous, outgoing, fiery lady like her male counterpart. So, if you wish to date this macho woman then you must have the guts to match. She likes brave men who, too, live the life on “Edge”. Aries women love to spend; so make sure that you allow her to do it. Putting monetary restrictions on her will put her off. However, she loves to earn big sums as well. So, there is not much to worry about if you are of the conservative type!

Most Compatible with - Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius and Libra.


Taurus Men:

What Attracts them- A Taurus man loves earthy passion and financial security. This Venusian man will never marry only for love. He needs to know that you are well-versed with practical economics. You can dress up seductively to trigger his earthy passion. He likes curvy girls and a charming smile. Warm mars colours and sexy Venus figure will get him hooked!

Taurus Women:

What Attracts them: A Taurus woman is extremely sexy and seductive. So, if you need to get her attention then you need to match her sexiness. She will not stay with a man who doesn’t supply her with enough of it. She wants someone to love her day and night. If you can supply her with it then she can be your slave. Yes, it means that! But that doesn’t mean you should take adverse advantage. However, this is the reason why most Scorpio men can have Taurus women attracted to them.  Nevertheless, this lady is also a  Venusian. Therefore, she knows the power of money. If you can give her luxurious financial security then you will have her forever.

Most Compatible with: Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio


Gemini Man:

What Attracts them- The fun loving and witty Gemini man loves a woman who listens and enjoys his jokes. Gemini men are turned on by flirty girls who love to wear short skirts in pastel colours. He likes to discuss with this mate about everything under the sun. She can be a fashion writer, a colourful girl who enjoys beach volley ball and reading books equally. If you are in love with a Gemini Man get your communication skills polished. He loves women with great sense of humour. Those who have love for  learning languages and who look “pretty” not hot!

Gemini Women:

What Attracts them-  A bubbly Gemini girl will fall for an intelligent man who is a “know-it-all”. He should have varied interests and love for life. Just like her male counterpart she falls for smart men and not hot men. Or should I put it this way, that a Gemini girl will fall for a smart hot man and not just a hot and sexy man. He also should have a balanced attitude about money. Gemini girls like to spend money but they are also economical in nature. So, have fun but keep your bank in check if you want a Gemini woman to be yours.

Most Compatible with: Libra, Aquarius,Leo, Aries and Sagittarius


Cancer Men:

Well, the sweet orthodox cancer man loves a cute cuddly girl. She should be good in cooking and must supply tons of emotional support to soothe his feminine heart. You have to love his mother and better be patriotic. He may not show. But every Cancerian is patriotic, conservative and orthodox at heart. He loves women who love culture and tradition. That doesn’t mean he likes “boring” women. It only means even if you are hip n happening outside be conservative inside.

Cancer Women:

The lunar lady is fond of anything that is sweet, serene and sexy. She loves a man of class who promises her a lot of financial - oh sorry- emotional security. Yes, emotional security is the word!

A cancer woman will stay with you even if you are without money. The only thing she seeks is loyalty and lot’s of emotional support. So, make sure that you don’t wink at other women when she’s with you otherwise you might see “Cancerian Obsession”.

Most Compatible with: Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn


Leo Men:

What Attracts them-  This man is a bit complicated. He is the beast from the beauty and beast story. So, if you want to get a lion hooked. Accentuate your curves, learn to dance gracefully and be  a complete extrovert. However, you need to let him dominate and learn cooking. If you’ve got the blend of opposites then your the queen of the this Lion King!

Leo Women:

What Attracts them-  This woman is about fire, boldness and sexiness wrapped up in a dominating personality. She has got best of both worlds. A Leo woman can be a sexy seductress and a staunch bossy career woman. So, boldness, courage and extravagance attracts her. She will fall for the hot and dominating type of male who has an adventurous streak. Her man has to have power and money. She settles for men with a royal attitude. Therefore, to catch a lioness in the trap get regal and luxurious!

Most Compatible with: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.


Virgo Men:

What Attracts them-  One thing that you should note that Virgo Men are usually flirts. However, if you want to get a Virgo man hooked then you should become a traditional girl. Virgos are attracted to ethnic, grounded beauties who are well-versed with economics. A typical Virgo  will fall for a girl who has no or less track record of boyfriends. He likes shy, introverted girls with a good financial background. Even if you are not rich you should “save money for a raining day” and the Virgo Man is yours forever!

Virgo Women:

What Attracts them-  Delicate, fragile or totally stern and studious. Whichever type of Virgo Woman is yours she is always shy and conservative. So, the types that attract them are those who are dutiful, economical, hard-working and introverted men. She hates frivolous behaviour. Hence, to get your Virgo woman “become a rock” on which she can lay her delicate but nervous mind and body!

Most Compatible with:  Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces


Libra Men:

What Attracts them-  Well, Charming Libra Man is attracted to the “barbie dolls with brains” types. Many astrologers make a mistake in quoting this highly attractive Venusian man’s choices. That is because Librans are confusing and confused. But to ease your confusion, I’ll tell you their secret. A Libra man will never settle for a brainless plastic doll. He might flirt with her and have a long affair. However, the girl needs to “measure up” in his balancing machine to tilt it in her favour. The goldsmith or jeweler of the zodiac weighs both brains and beauty together. He commits only when both are in balance. So, if you want your Libra man then get updates about current affairs, history, literature and fashion. Develop your conversational skills and dress like an elegant beauty queen.

Libra Women:

What Attracts them-  Hmm... caught by the prettiest beauty queen? Her grace and elegance can’t let you sleep at night? But what attracts a Libra woman? This woman is attracted to sexy hot men with sharp intelligence. She will not settle down for a man who has the brawn but no intelligence to support it. She thrives on conversations, debates and wants to get awed by her mate. He has to be from the dream world. A prince in a shining armour who is skilled in everything.
I know it is difficult to be a fantasy character. But you can at least be brave by standing for the right cause and not changing with the tide. You can give her perfect gifts like cosmetics, flowers, perfumes and a beautifully decorated house or allow her to decorate it. This will do the trick for you!

Most Compatible with:  Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Aries


Scorpio Men:

What Attracts them-  The smouldering, passionate and sexy Scorpio man is the fantasy of almost every woman. He is the man who can “die” for his lady love. He can fulfill all her impossible dreams and treat her like a “Queen” all his life. But to gain his love, you need to gain his “trust” and that he doesn’t give away easily. This mysterious man is attracted to a complicated, mysterious and introverted girl. The bigger the mystery, greater are the chances of hooking this elusive man. Never reveal everything in the first meeting, allow him to chase. Be an unsolved puzzle for him and he will try to solve you all his life. You must always believe in him and in his dreams. Scorpions are never delusional and they can turn a rock into gold. He never gives up and will respect you for being so difficult to crack. A Seductive, pretty, sexy, secretive and emotional yet determined girl gets the Scorpion King in her net!

Scorpio Women:

What Attracts them- So, you are in love with the passionate, seductive woman who gets any man at her will? Well, you would want to be her “will” then. It is difficult to gain her confidence and admiration. It is even more difficult to gain love of a Scorpio Woman. She settles only, I mean only for the ones with power, supreme confidence, bravado and oozing sexiness. Loving a Scorpio woman means spending a lot of money on luxurious branded gifts. If you can fulfill all her fantasies and dreams. Be a man that she can always be proud of then you will have her displaying your wedding ring till the end. Also, be loyal to her. She can’t stand disloyalty.  Scorpio women marry for power. Therefore, if you can give her power (position + money +fame+ name) then you can have her. Even if you don’t have the looks or the sexiness and brawn she looks for.

Most Compatible with:  Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus and Libra


Sagittarius Men:

What Attracts them-

A funny, mischievous and cute Sagittarius man is attracted to a freedom loving girl who accepts his adventurous streak. His woman is the one who won’t change him for anything. He likes to have fun, live life on the edge and have no responsibilities. So, she must appreciate all this and not tie him up with a thick rope. Also, she must take all the responsibility even financial one if time calls. Life can be fun with a Sag if you let him be himself or else you will never see him “tying the knot” with you.

Sagittarius Women:

What Attracts them-  Bold, beautiful, daring and adventurous are the words to describe this wonderful lady. She is attracted to the intelligent and adventurous types. Her man is supposed to be an extravagant, extroverted and strong person. She likes the brawny types and the one who will fly with her centaur personality. To get her booked, hold her rope tightly but gracefully. Promise her that you will never kill her independence and freedom loving attitude.

Most Compatible with: Leo, Aries, Libra, Aquarius and Gemini


Capricorn Men:

What Attracts them-  An orthodox, chauvinistic, traditional minded Capricorn man is attracted to a lady like docile beauty.  She needs to love his family no matter how large it is and she has to love kids. She should love to cook and be a man’s woman. He will not like a career woman with an independent thinking. So, say no to your career if you want him to be yours for eternity. Also, be a “fair lady”- fair and proper like a lady.

Capricorn Women:

What Attracts them-  A shy, confused, feminine, economical and traditional minded Capricorn woman is attracted to the one of her own types. She prefers earthy, strong and traditional minded men who love to make money. She will willingly support her husband when it comes to earning. She wants lots of emotional, physical and financial security. He should be a balanced man. The one who is above average in all three principle departments then you will get her love.

Most Compatible with: Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer


What Attracts them-  An electrifying absent-minded scientific Aquarius man is attracted to an independent woman. She needs to be intelligent, a travel enthusiast and must love to gather knowledge. She has to be colourful, vibrant and different from the rest. She should have patience and must support his unique mind. If you can do this, then you will get an Aquarius Man admire you for life!

Aquarius Women:

What Attracts them-  A tom-boyish bubbly Aquarius girl is attracted to the “Prince Charming” types. This might be a rare thing to know. But Aquarius women are extremely class-biased. They settle for the “rich classy strong boys”. They like sophistication and good sense humour. An Aquarius woman’s dream man will always have a good ability to communicate. He should be well-educated. He must also have a good lineage. So, it’s okay if you don’t completely fit in. You can always try becoming her kind. See you can get education, sense of humour and a classy personality. If you get these three attainable goals then you’ll still get her.

Most Compatible with:   Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries, Leo and Pisces


Pisces Men:

What Attracts them-  An intelligent, highly elusive and flirtatious Pisces man is attracted to a mysterious, complicated, independent and strong-willed woman. His lady love is supposed to be highly intelligent, sensitive, evolved, seductive but emotional and spiritual. She must have excellent communication skills or something extra than the rest to offer. That “extra” may not be sex appeal but it should be “mind appeal”. If you want him, then start developing your mental skills and emotional awareness.

Pisces Women:

What Attracts them-  Pisces Women are 100% Venusian.This mysterious, dreamy, ultra-feminine Venus lady  is attracted to a strong-willed, intelligent and ambitious man.  Pisces being the favourite sign of Venus she falls for a typical “Mars” personality. Her dream man is  the god of war who believes in his abilities and is highly-goal oriented. He need not be conventionally handsome but must have a commanding personality. Hercules and Alexander types can dream of marrying this heroine of the fairy-tales.

Most Compatible with: Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo and Aquarius