Monday, June 22, 2015


There are many takes on abusive asteroids. There is a scare about Nessus that if conjuncts your natal planet, angle or node then the person becomes abusive. When you think of abuse it can be plain abuse which is either physical, mental or emotional nature. Abuse is for the sake of abuse. It has no feelings or emotions attached to it.  It is pure abuse. You can never glorify or think about it in any positive way. Planets tell you about the real picture of the nature and intensity of abuse. House placements and angles tell you about the place where it will take place. Nodes tell you the motivation behind abuse.

But asteroids tell you exactly who will abuse and how. No matter how strange it sounds but asteroids can actually nail the thing. There are two asteroids namely Nessus and Nemesis who are known as "abusive". But there is a significant difference in their nature. Most of the times the confusion between their natures can lead to a wrong conclusion. You can stay in a relationship plagued with Nemesis assuming that it is the "possessive streak". At other times, you can reject the advances of "Nessus" considering it to be direct abuse. So, what is the difference? Who is better? To speak so, none. However, you need to know the difference to handle the energy of each.


My observation led me to research on Nessus who is the evil man who raped Dejanira who was the lover of Hercules. Nessus was obsessed by the desire to have Dejanira and he couldn't control himself. He manipulated Dejanira when Hercules attacked him to put his bloody clothes on him so that he could love her forever. However, when she put his clothes on Hercules, it led to his death. Therefore, Nessus in your chart is the "incessant desire". It is obsession of willing to have things at all costs. Nessus won't give the person he desires to anyone else even if he cannot have her himself. In fact, Nessus is anything that we want beyond control and are willing to go to any lengths to get it. So, wherever he is in your chart, it is your lowest point. The sign he falls in shows how you desire incessantly and the house tells you what exactly is your incessant desire. When he conjuncts your personal planets, he highlights your incessant qualities pertaining to that planet. It is same for the house rulers and angles. In synastry, when he conjuncts/opposes the other person's personal planets and house rulers he is activating himself. Nessus will want the moon, sun, mars, venus, saturn, jupiter, pluto, uranus, neptune incessantly. His conjunctions to the angles will show his deep obsession and interest of the angle person concerning the quality of the angle.

If he conjuncts Dejanira then he will want her incessantly. She will be his victim. A person who has a strong nessus in his chart is not necessary an incessant person. He becomes when it is touched.


I was confused as I have mentioned above who was the real abuser. I understood that Nessus was our deepest and uncontrolled incessant desire. So, he is an abuser with a motivation. Therefore, that is actually more of a captivational abuse and not a plain abuse. Although, it doesn't glorify him but Nemesis more the enemy than what I would accuse Nessus of being. I will cite an example for it. I know somebody was regularly beaten'up in school right from the tender age of 6 to 10 yrs. The boy who hit her was a bully. He was the friend of the grandson of the man who was one of the owners of the school. You can take example of Draco Malfoy to Hermoine Granger. I tried to search for Nessus aspects from his side to check for the "Abuse" coming from him to her. She has dejanira conjunct moon natally. So, you can see that "victim" part is very much there.

However, he had no Nessus aspect other than a "Nessus trine Dejanira" aspect. Both of them were born the same year and Nessus moves very slowly. So, she has Nessus trine Dejanira natally as well. Now, here, comes the interesting part. She has her Nemesis in Capricorn and the boy was a Sun in Capricorn. She never has a good relationship with Capricorns (men) and finds it problematic as she is a Capricorn descendant.

Nevertheless, the most interesting part is that Capricorn boy has his Nemesis in Sag which conjuncts her Moon/Dejanira. Now, you see "pure abuse". Draco Malfoy does not have incessant desire for Hermoine. He purely hates her out of a feeling of superiority. Therefore, he is Nemesis and not Nessus.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Horoscopes for Month of June - Nikita Gharat


The month of June will bring questions for the Aries. You will be trying to end the war but just on a temporary basis. You will be confused about the path to choose. You have to keep your mind calm and balanced. Losing your cool will not get you anywhere in June. allowing your heart to rule your head. Arians are asked to keep their head cool at work. Money inflow will be restricted but stable.

ASTRO-TIP: See the situations with an unbiased point of view.

Lucky Colour: White.

Lucky number: 2


Temptations will surround Taureans in the month of June. You will be living in a world of fantasy where you will have everything. However, make sure that you don’t fly too high as your expectations be may be just too unrealistic. Things that look like a reality or gold are not always that. At workplace, if you are tempted to work extra hours for a promotion check if the offer is genuine. Be careful in financial transactions.

ASTRO-TIP: Don’t make investments in schemes that look too tempting.

Lucky Colour: brown

Lucky number: 8


The mercurial Geminis will get an invitation from the person they want. This is of course an invitation to party or to love. But you have to make your choices without getting hyper-sensitive. Keep your head in place and verify the intentions of the person before you plunge. You have been fighting and now its time to call truce and spend some time out with your friends. June will bring you peace and enjoyment.

ASTRO-TIP: Don’t overindulge yourself.

Lucky Colour: Lime green

Lucky number: 14


The moon blessed Cancerians will have a sombre month of June. Your intuition will not be supportive in this month and old wise people may not give you the advise that you are seeking. The month of June will keep you risk free and that can be taken as the only advantage. So, if you are looking for help from your seniors then you must wait for just one more month.

ASTRO-TIP: Try to do things on your own. Keep out of risks.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky number: 5

The wait that began last month is now over for the royalty of the zodiac. Leos will be having all their wishes fulfilled in the month of June. In fact, they will have their own private wish granting tree that will give them whatever they ask for. It can be money, career, love or just about anything. However, over indulgence is not healthy. So, as much as you love rich food and drinks, keep a check on this tendency.

ASTRO-TIP: Spending in a limit is a good thing but going overboard is not good.

Lucky Colour: Golden.

Lucky number: 15.


In the previous month, Virgos had to wait for their wishes to get fulfilled. However, the month of June promises good luck especially on the monetary front. Wedding season, home construction and ancestral wealth is in store for the earthy Virgos. Finally, you will have the treasure you deserve and life will get the stability you want. It is the right time to lay the foundation of a new business venture.

ASTRO-TIP: You can also start your own office in this month.  

Lucky Colour: Metallic Green

Lucky number: 23


The peacemakers of the zodiac Librans will continue their success run in June. After having their dream run started in the previous month, the confident libra will march ahead in wild frenzy in this month. They will receive special help from women and will be celebrating their success with their colleagues. Enjoy your time and keep marching ahead as the stars are shining bright on you. Creative people will get more work.   

ASTRO-TIP:  Extravaganza should be avoided at all costs.

Lucky Colour: Golden Yellow.

Lucky number: 1


The red-blooded plutonians of the zodiac will have a troublesome first half of June. They will appear to be stuck and struggling to find their way out. It can get really frustrating as all of their paths seem to blocked. But the latter half of the month promises great joy and wealth. If you are looking for ancestral property wealth then you will get it after 15th June.

ASTRO-TIP: Continue with meditation. Allow your intuition to guide you.

Lucky Colour: Silver

Lucky number: 11


A month to find a way from their troubles is ahead for the Sagittarians. Their intuition will guide them to the right path and slowly work will start to pick up. Hard work will pave the way for success and promotion. A Leo, Aries or Sagittarius man will prove to be lucky for the fun loving Jupiterians of the zodiac.  First week of June will be a bit slow but god will shower his blessings from the second week.

ASTRO-TIP: Pray to god.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky number: 6


The month of June promises good luck on the creative and financial front for the Saturnians. Capricorns will be able to get their cards moving in the right direction. They will be turning their projects into reality and getting new business offers. Women who are looking to conceive can finally get their prayers answered. Big breaks are on the way and the money inflow will keep you busy in June.

ASTRO-TIP: Use your best negotiation skills to win support.

Lucky Colour: Champagne Gold

Lucky number: 24.


The hot and tiresome May days are over and June brings in good luck for the Uranians. The water bearers of the zodiac will get help from a charitable organization in the first half of the month. A wealthy friend may also come to their rescue. In the latter half of the month, they will get all their  9 wishes granted and money will come in abundance. Property, business, luxury and everything will just pour in.

ASTRO-TIP: Keep a check on your budget and don’t overspend.

Lucky Colour: Metallic Red

Lucky number: 18


The trouble continues for the neptunians even in the month of June. Carrying ailing or not earning relatives on your back will give monetary problems. Your intuition will be blocked and there will be reducing bank balance in the month. It will be an extremely hectic month without much earning. However, keeping your cool and being tough with those who are increasing your financial burdens is the way out.

ASTRO-TIP: Don’t let anybody take you for granted.

Lucky Colour: Artichoke Green

Lucky number: 19