Monday, August 15, 2016

How to attract Boys Like a Magnet

So, my suggestion to ladies is to put your foot down and settle only for your choice of a man. Don't wait for any suggested right-types. Go for the man of your dreams and make him stick to you like a glue.  On the contrary, like the old Indian tradition, let the girl become the princess and select the best male prince for herself. Now, the tips that I will share with you are princess makeover tips that will teach you for free how to be a guy magnet.

1. Be Feminine: In terms of astrology, I would suggest reading Linda Goodman’s Pisces Woman to get terms about what being feminine is all about. Don’t just get envious of a Pisces girl or offended because your zodiac sign is not the ultrafeminine one. Nobody is perfect, but perfectionism is art and so can be mastered. You can try being feminine by adopting certain behavioural patterns.

2. Don’t Run after Men: The first rule of being a boy magnet is not running after every man you find to be a on your “attractive list”. Boys tend to use their popularity among girls as a test against other males to prove their machoism. Sometimes they go to an extent of using you as a guinea pig to show how much a girl can crave for their attention. So, you just have to be the opposite of such a girl if you wish the guy to remain curious about what “ticks” you on.

3.  Dress up in a Cute Way: Most men prefer dating cute girls. They make them feel more masculine.  Cute girls bring out the protective instincts of men and therefore, they are more likely to like them. So, what exactly is cute? The word is pretty simple but the meaning  can be complicated for the new age women. However, it is extremely easy to look cute. You just have to have a curvy figure and prefer pink.  Wearing accessories and pink make-up  will get big hot guys drooling after you. This doesn't mean that you should become a bimbette. It simply means that you can be yourself inside but what's the harm in getting the attention? In fact, it's quite cool to be the popular girl.

I hope this article finally resolves the entire fuss about getting the guy back or getting the right man etc. You can become a guy magnet and get any guy you want. Turn the table girls and let me know!
It is every girl's dream to become the princess of her man's dreams. But most girls are left figuring out the loyalty of their men. This sets a lot of girls into deep depression.Most of us lose out on our self-esteem and confidence while pursuing the so-called man of our dreams.
Even when it is considered to be an alright thing to wait for the right type of a guy who understands your real person. The truth, however, hard to accept is that such men rarely exist.

In fact, most women pass through their lives without even witnessing a single man of this sort.
These idealistic men are in the books and waiting for them is like waiting for the rain to come in a drought hit area. Another misleading fact, is that women may find sheer opportunists in the garb of "right-type soul to soul connection men".
These men might be way too old, ugly or downright undesirable and yet dream to get a much better girl (deal) for themselves. They also pass through as "kind-hearted" men in this hypocritical society.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Short Kurti top with Short denim skirt ? Why not

Hi Lovelies,

Today, I will show you how to pair up your short kurti tops with your  short denim skirts for a blend of modern and desi (Indian) look . Kurti tops are a big trend world over, right from Shay Mitchell to Goldie Hawn everyone has donned them. But , in this post , I will show you how to style your kurti top with short denim skirt and give it  a new twist. After all, today’s India is a blend of contemporary  living with a  dash of traditional outlook. You can oomph your style quotient with a hairband and a modest bracelet .
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