Thursday, June 22, 2017

PLL Endgame Final Theory: Bethany Young is AD

Aria Montgomery 

The A.D. initials are the clue. Bethany Young is AD. There are similarities between Agatha Christie's Evil Under The Sun and PLL. There are chances that real Alison Dilaurentis was actually killed on that night. The one living as Ali is Bethany Young. But more than that it is interesting to unfold my theory about why Aria is not tortured as much as the other girls. Also, why did A.D. tell Aria that she looked good in a black hoodie and that her relationship with him/her was not over? My theory is that A.D. is Aria's sister Bethany Young. She is also Toby Cavanaugh's and Wren Kingston's sister or love interest or close friend. Let me tell you how. She might be Marion's daughter which makes her Jenna's step-sister. Or she can also be Mary's daughter and friend of Jenna probably she was also in Radley.  Wren Kingston is Bethany Young's brother/lover. She is the daughter of Marion/Mary and Scott Montgomery, She has blonde hair and looks like Aria/Spencer. That is why Aria resembles her so much. She was working with Ezra who was sponsoring her antiques. Ezra may have actually fallen in love with Aria but is afraid to confront AD. 

Why Torture Liars?

The truth is likely that Charlotte hated Alison. She secretly conspired against her and joined hands with Bethany Young and the entire NAT club. On the day of Jenna Thing, Bethany's face was injured. She decided to kill Alison. The NAT club and Charlotte conspired in the entire event but Alison was either killed and Bethany was removed or Alison fooled the NAT club and Charlotte in believing that she was actually Bethany.  So, why did this confusion happen? The two reasons are that they were wearing the same clothes and same looks. Bethany had disguised herself as Ali and so, Mrs.D protected her. Or Mrs.D actually protected Alison who wanted to get to the root of who was trying to kill her. But she participated in the game and joined in. Charlotte was also playing the game and trying to confuse Alison. 

It is possible that Alison had actually killed Marion and Bethany would have been made the scapegoat. This and the Jenna thing angered her. Charlotte was the link between Bethany and Alison. She was also working for Ezra at the same time. However, after going to radley which she went to cover up Bethany Young, she didn't want to start the game again.

Mona was in touch with Charlotte because she was working for A or A.D. Through her conversations, she had understood that Charlotte just wanted a way out and a life with Rollins. But this angered Bethany who devised a master plan to get her out of Radley and then get her killed by Mona. Yes, Mona is lying to the girls. She is still working for A,D.

Then Uber A wanted liars to take the blame for Charlotte's death because that would make them suffer. She wanted to Mona to stay out to continue the game.

Uber A either looks like Spencer or Aria, it is also a rare possibility that she looks like Alison. In either case, she is a blonde. But she is Wren's sister/lover and he will kill her in the end. May be Mary Drake is actually saving Uber A and not Spencer. Aria was probably in Radley and was friends with Bethany Young who is her cousin.

That is why, Bethany doesn't want to break up Ezria. She is also soft on Emison because, she is not entirely hateful towards Emily. It is Wren who wanted to torture Hanna because she rejected his affections. It is also likely that Wren is not Bethany's brother but her boyfriend or a friend. This is especially true since, he has been Spencer's boyfriend or lover although it was disgusting. 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Understanding Synastry and Stelliums

Synastry is the subject that deals with your relationship with the other. The other can be anyone your lover, husband, sister, brother, mother or father. Planets change their roles as per the relationship. But one thing that you need to keep in mind while you read the house overlays is that the house person is the giver. It simply means that the planet opens the lock of that particular house's energy. The planet can be a welcome key or a pestering key but it will always be the key and never the lock. Planets in your fourth house open your deepest emotional core, so a mars there will inflict a frustrating wound. Pluto would inflict deeper psychological trauma. Venus your need to have a luxurious home with the other. Moon is most comfortable here, so you both can live "happily ever after" with deep emotional bonding if other aspects permit. Saturn will be the old father Williams who will restrict your movement and will bring stagnancy along with stability. Mercury will trigger the need to travel with the loved one, considering a non-permanent dwelling. Jupiter will trigger long-term travelling with frequent changes of home. Always, buying bigger and better homes while changing locations. Sun will trigger your need to have a royal, cultured home with your significant other as you get awed by his/her authoritarian behavior. Neptune will create a fantasy of home with the other. You will imagine having the other person inside your home while escaping from the world. Uranus will make you a gypsy that breaks away from the very convention of having a home. You will be introduced with a foreign culture that will be unusual, unorthodox and unpredictable.

Understand that each house carries it's own energy and keyword. Each planet carries it's energy and keyword too. Equate the two and understand the lock and key principle to know how you will be affected. I have listed the energies and keywords of the houses and planets. 

Sun- Illumination, Success, Royalty, Pride  5th house- Fun, Creativity, Children, Sports, Fame, Ego

Sun in the 5th house in synastry will make you proud, successful, enlightened just like a royalty! Saturn will be the exact opposite. 


Stelliums in synastry tend to trigger your house energies in an almost explosive manner. For e.g  somebody's stellium in your first house will boost your ego and confidence to the tee. It will bring out your most competitive and aggressive side on the shore. You will feel like you are on the top of the world. In case of the other person's stellium being in your 5th house, your leonine traits will come on the shore. You will feel like a royalty. You will not hesitate in enjoying gambling, sports or theaters. You will plan to have kids with this person and will also love to bask in the glory all the time.  In the 7th house, you will be more focused on forming partnership with this person whose beauty/looks have captured your attention. You will become more refined in your approach and would become more serious about marriage than you were before. You would want 100% commitment guarantee from this person. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Psyche, Lust and Karma: Pure Love, Pure Lust and Pure Destiny Asteroids

asteroid lust conjunct karma, saturn, nn can be marriage aspects
asteroid karma conjunct saturn, lust, nn can be marriage aspects

Asteroid Psyche is the higher moon. She is in love with the planet person and understand his highest hidden self.

Psyche is about spiritual or innermost connection where you know the person's deepest cores. In synastry when you feel conjunction's they are almost usually spiritual in nature from the Psyche person's point of view. In fact, Psyche person can know the planet person's deepest secrets and it can be unnerving to the planet person. In your case, it can be about knowing what "works with him or what does not", may be you can even predict his move. However, I can say for you it will be profound because his Sun/Chiron mp also conjuncts your Psyche or your Psyche conjuncts his Chiron which is his Sun.  Chiron is spiritual connection and insights. He is the wounded healer. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Finding Juliet By Toffee: Review , Rating and More!

The story of Shrishti Publishers Finding Juliet By Toffee is about  Arjun- the Romeo in wonderland. He roams across the wonderland to find his Juliet. He gets tips from his friends and support too. However, he is not able to convert the comfort that girls feel with him into love. Therefore, is heart is broken not once, not twice but many times. At the end, you really feel sad for Arjun, but he is a winner and so it all ends happily.

The Highs:

The plot of Finding Juliet is pretty good. The concept is fresh although not entirely but is relieving. It breaks the mundane and introduce a new outlook to everyday life or love. Arjun is a nerd and he is well-created by the author. The author takes the reader quite convincingly through his protagonist's journey of love and life. His adventures make you happy, sad and sometimes even make you angry with him. The desperate struggle of Arjun to find love makes you feel sorry for him. However, his follies also make you laugh. The language used by Toffee is the biggest scoring point. 

The language is contemporary, modern and unadulterated. It is everyday campus language which goes well with target audience, youth aged in the 20s. It is also a book for those who are taking a look back at their college days. Arjun is a simple boy with simple needs and he is probably in every man who is of his age or has gone through that age. For me as a girl, I feel that I may have come across Arjun in real life at least once and may have hurt him accidentally. Hence, the author wins in creating a character with real flesh and blood even as he has some supernatural endurance in love. 

The Lows:

The book is catchy and good to read. However, the characters of girls and other boys are not sharply defined. They are left to the imagination of the reader. It is hard to understand why Arjun gets rejected every time. There are incidents which leave the reader completely clueless. The girls seem to be in love and they talk such stuff as well. But suddenly they are not. 

It is good book to read while travelling or when on vacation. Read it for refreshment with a cup of coffee!

Rating 4/5

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Girls, Get Ready to Spoil Yourself with this False Eyelashes Kit

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False Eyelashes
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False Eyelashes Kit

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Day Creatively Spent With My Niece Courtesy COLGATE MAGICAL STORIES


I feel it is crucial to give wings to the creative spark  hidden inside small children. That is exactly what #ColgateMagicalStories has done.  As soon as I received my New Colgate Strong Teeth Packs which had the Space concept , my little  niece  Grishma immediately began  cutting down the pictures  with a keen interest.

I think #ColgateMagicalStories have come  up with a very interesting concept that encourages creative thinking in an interesting manner  in children. Nowadays, tuitions, apps, games , cell phones and of course the IDIOT BOX keep them so busy that they have no time to fly kites or indulge in any form of creative sessions.

Besides, Colgate being my favorite toothpaste brand from Childhood and she too, is so hooked to Colgate since her childhood that , it was something that she immediately liked. So, she  started spinning stories around the space theme …

Here is the  story

In the city of dreams, lived Chota Bheem and Dora along with their old grandparents. Their Mommy and Daddy lived abroad. Chota Bheem and   Dora  were brothers and sisters . who were very bright. They were curious about the Universe and World outside our Planet. One day they  found  two  tickets to a  space plane in the Christmas Stockings.Immediately, Chota Bheem and Dora  decided to give it a try and explore  the darkest parts of the space.

They sat in the plane wearing a spacesuit  and the plane left the earth’s orbit. The plone dropped them in the space where they were happily floating on their own.  Dora  noticed that there was a large number of  Constellations and Comets  moving in and out of a  space . She also  saw a Sparkling Constellation a ,  and both Chota Bheem and Dora visited the magical castle inside the Constellation . Here, they were welcomed by the  Princesses Shiny and Sparkles.

They both   felt immense happiness to see other.They spent the entire afternoon on the Nakshatra , talking to both the beautiful Princesses with a dazzling smile and eating fruits and playing . The  Princesses asked them whether they brushed their teeth twice ,everyday.To which, Chota Bheem immediately replied that he loved brushing his teeth twice with Colgate.Dora also told them about the benefits of dental hygiene. 

  The  Princesses also shared the secret to their sparkling smile was Colgate.  The  Princesses were impressed with Chota Bheem and Dora and they also gave them parting gifts, candies and lots of good wishes.
The space world was full of magical wonders and various dazzling stars. Dora also found a planet full of Ice creams . She informed Chota Bheem about this. But in reality, it was just a snow clad , planet.

They were happy to see their favorite planets Mars, Saturn and also wished ‘GOOD MORNING’ to the SUN. Sun gave them a book informing them about the methods to fight cavities and protect gums. The Sun told them that he always brushes his teeth immediately after he wakes up and before going to bed , just like both of you.

They also waved to the Comets as they passed adjacent to them . While coming back to their home their heart was filled with happiness and the bag with lots of goodies.

After a day well spent, in the space, they came to their home sitting in the same space plane. They thanked, God and Santa Claus for this special space trip.

I believe that you must have loved the story. I will leave you with a fabulous  quote  on Children that I came across “There are no Seven Wonders in the Eyes of a Child there are are Seven Millions”

I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate. A big Thank you  to #colgatemagicalstories because of which  I was able to establish a strong bond with my niece in a creative way !

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Berger XP Event,Indibloggers Meet Et Al At Vivanta By Taj Mumbai

Wow! BergerXp event at the Taj Vivanta was Amazing! Thank you #BergerXp and #Indiblogger  had so much fun....

It doesn't get better than this,does it ?
Loved this day at Taj Vivanta with the Indiblogger team and Berger Xp and posing  for  my favorite brand #bergerXp

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And to add the most important part of all, the Home Painting Tools of Berger XP are outstanding. Yes, they are totally, faster, cleaner and better. The sanding equipment gives no more dust (good for those with allergies), painting equipment takes very less time and looks thoroughly professional!. So, I can't wait to SMS XP to 56767 and starting painting my home with amazing options.
You want illusions, they tons of designs, you want natural, so be it. Whatever, is your choice you get that done exactly the way you want. Therefore, change the way you paint your home with Berger XP!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Hey, guys I am starting it again. Every month, a horoscope article for all 12 zodiac signs. So, don't forget to subscribe and log in to my blog. Besides this, there is one more great news coming... my book Scorpio man love, lust and obsession will be out in around 2 weeks. All those who were waiting for the copy, will be able to buy it online. But for now, let's start this exciting month with your horoscopes.

Aries: Mars and Venus fire up your first house, time to take challenges head-on. You will have love and sex on your mind. Otherwise, you will put your sexual energy in your quests and will be able to successfully challenge Usain Bolt this month.  Sun brings in unusual, innovative and young contacts through electronic mediums that might help you ascend social ladder. 

Taurus: Mars and Venus in your 12th house are not such a good news. You will be putting your zeal to rest. It will be time to do some charity, visit hospitals or recharge your energy through yoga. Your finances may be in a chaotic situation. You will have to wait till next month to see things clearly. Jupiter going backwards in your sixth house may call for health issues and control on eating. Sun brings in unusual, innovative and young contacts through electronic mediums that might help you ascend social ladder. 

Gemini: Mars and Venus in your 11th house bring on some hot prospects. You will be socializing with sports stars or athletes or hot people this month. Romance will be detached, unusual or bizzare. However, there will be plenty of it.  Sun illuminates your 10th, so recognition will be there. Jupiter might make love and romance a bit lazy, but who cares!

Cancer: Mars and Venus in your 10th house of profession, makes you go the miles you want to. The speed and energy is there with you. Now, you will fire like a bullet. Jupiter moving backwards in your 4th house, asks you to step back and relax at your home. Some spiritual retreat, book reading and enjoying peaceful time with your family. You will also get time to complete your education, get good recommendation or call from a top university. Foreign travel, or adventure will also open doors for you. .

Leo: Mars and Venus in your ninth house, ask you to go for an adventure. You will be putting up your sexual energy in adventure or travel. Possibility lies that you will spend your valentines day hiking with a mate.Sun goes in your 8th house, illuminating issues of taxes, hidden wealth and buried mysteries. Neptune has been confusing you with money and hidden issues, Sun will help you see them clearly. 

Virgo: Sun will bring in influential partners in your life. You will want to bond with them and fall in love or sign big contracts. They might be from the arts, film or glamour world. Mars and Venus in your 8th house ask you to drive carefully and beware about strong sexual vibes. You will want to keep it under wraps, but it won't be easy. Jupiter moves backwards in your finance house, making you take a big look at your finances. 

Libra: Mars and Venus are in your house of partnership. You will be eager to get married this month. You can sign contracts or go on a frenzy finding new fiery partners. Be careful, Sun will keep you busy in this month. You will want to take care of your health and fitness. You might get an influential employee or may face lack of vitality. Jupiter asks you watch your waistline and curb down on fats.

Scorpio: Mars and Venus are asking you to slow down. You may face lack of vitality and strength. Alternatively, you might put your energy in health, fitness, yoga, animals or environment. You will spend your valentines day working out with your partner. Or you may hook up with a partner at work or from service sector. Sun fires up your 5th house, you will be all romantic and dramatic. Jupiter asks you to take it easy and become more charitable.

Sagittarius: Sun is in your 4th house, you will want to focus on your family. It will be time for an authoritative upgrade. You might become a father or get call from him. Mars and Venus fire up your 5th house, this month will be spend in partying, romancing and falling in love.  Jupiter makes your social life get slower.

Capricorn: Mars and Venus is sitting in your 4th house. You might have to control domestic issues. There is going to be anger. Domestic life may give you frustration and irritation. You may be looking to search for new home. Sun illuminates your 3rd house, highlighting important contacts and communication. Jupiter in your career house, slows down growth prospects.

Aquarius: Mars and Venus is sitting in your 3rd house. Your communication will get hot or you will be hitting out through talks. You are firing cylinders through talks and getting all charged up. Sun illuminates 2nd house, making money easy for you. You will get good money and saving ideas. Jupiter puts travel plans on hold.

Pisces: Mars and Venus is sitting in your 2nd house. Your money sector will be fired up this month. You may want to go overboard and buy items of luxury. You may also want to be in charge of your finances. Don't overspend. You may be looking for security in love. Sun illuminates your first house, you will be brimming with confidence and looking like a royalty. Jupiter slows down your inheritance money or checks.

That is all folks, stay tuned for new articles !!